Federal abortion task force rolled out

| July 16, 2022

Team Biden has set up the Reproductive Rights Task Force. They are tasked to do things like examine state abortion laws that potentially violate federal law. For example, state laws that would penalize women for seeking abortions in other states could come under this task force’s review. According to Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General, the Supreme Court took away a constitutional right, with a fifty-year precedent, when they overturned Roe v Wade.

From the Daily Wire:

“As Attorney General Garland has said, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision is a devastating blow to reproductive freedom in the United States,” Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said. “The Court abandoned 50 years of precedent and took away the constitutional right to abortion, preventing women all over the country from being able to make critical decisions about our bodies, our health, and our futures.”

Gupta added that the new initiative was part of the department’s commitment to “protecting” abortion.

Part of the task force will be to look at whether various state and local laws are in conflict with federal law. One of the issues the DOJ said it would challenge would be if a state penalizes a woman who leaves a state where abortion is illegal to go get an abortion in a state where it is legal.

The DOJ also said it would challenge states who ban the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone, which the agency claims would constrast with the Food and Drug Administration’s “expert judgement about its safety and efficacy.”

Pro-life advocates say that, aside from the obvious danger to the unborn child, there also could be dangers to the mother from the drug.

“[Even] though mifepristone-induced abortions have been used in the United States for over 20 years, there have still been no randomized trials to systematically investigate the immediate, short-, mid-, and long-term risks. Indeed, what literature has been published has nearly always been funded and conducted by groups and organizations committed to expanding abortion access, often with a history of advocacy for population control,” an article written by several doctors for the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute argued in December.

The Daily Wire has the article here.

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Interesting how the Moloch worshipers always start their argument with a lie, that abortion is / was a Constitutional right, instead of the truth, that the SCOTUS in 1972 made a terrible decision, based on lies and terrible reasoning to INVENT a supposed Constitutional right that others for nearly 200 years had failed to notice, and that the Dobbs ruling is just recognizing that mistake, and sending the decisions back to the states where the ACTUAL Constitution says very clearly that such things should be decided.
If only the left had such fervor in supporting an actual enumerated Constitutionally protected right, as detailed in the 2nd Amendment. But of course, that one stands in their way of destroying the nation, and remaking it as some fictional socialist paradise..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

How would anyone know if a person went to another state for an abortion, only the shadow would know. and the person getting the job done wouldn’t know if that person couldn’t define what a woman is.


Sadly, the Episcopal Church, at their recent annual meeting, came out supporting abortion, and condemning Pregnancy Care centers who help care for women and children.

I am very glad my Episcopal cousin has already gone on to be with Jesus – he would be ticked off to the nth. To put it mildly.

History repeats itself. In our case the times of I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles are repeating themselves.


Just a matter of time before the Catholic Church follows suit, what with the current pretender sitting as Pope


Stalin knew the score, too bad His Progressiveness don’t.
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A Proud Infidel®™

I felt that the Episcopal Church abandoned ME when they went full throttle pushing the LGBTQWERT agenda in the early 2000s, thus I knocked the dirt off of my sandals as I left.


Amen, API.

Cousin went to St. John the Divine’s in Houston, which is rich enough to hire their own priests and tell the bishop what-for, to a degree. They are about as near to Baptist in theology as an Anglican church can be.

Diocese of Texas is pretty conservative, overall. I’m surprised they haven’t left and joined the Anglican Church of North America yet.

They left us a long time ago, sadly.

USMC Steve

We went to an episcopal church a few times. The outright idolization for any and all sexual deviancy, and this crap with abortion, and several other things convinced us that we didn’t want anything further to do with those people, in or out of church. Real oddballs.


“According to Vanita Gupta, Associate Attorney General, the Supreme Court took away a constitutional right.”


That C-word is no honest lawer with a nickel’s worth of reading comprehension if she can find anything in the Constitution which can be read to give females a right to abortions.


They are happy to kill the kids, so they seem to use Life, Liberty and the “Pursuit of Happiness”, their happiness for the deeds. Remove any Divine Providence and what’s left is all me, me and me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

To all those that decry the loss of the abortion “Constitutional right” ……I want you to show me, section, paragraph, and line, where the Constitution gives women (if you can define what a woman is) abortion rights. Go ahead, I’ll wait…….

I wonder how these same DildoCrats feel about the SCOTUS “Dred Scott v Sandford” (1857) decision saying that blacks were NOT US citizens? Hmmmmm?????

I researched Dred and the socialist dems of the time applauded and celebrated the ruling. Since even back before the Civil War, the socialist democrats were fucked up and untrustworthy people.


The DOJ should maybe ask why so many women are carless and run through so much dick. I know women will tell you they hate having to worry about birth control and how unfair birth control is except…you know the science…biology. You could just make your man wears a condom/rubber/jimmy hat. It’s the oldest form of contraception and they cost about $5.99 for a 3-pack. It must difficult after 2 bottles of Chardonnay or a number of Double Skyy-on-the-rocks to make sure your man is “suiting up” when your ‘Gina is tingling. They just want to ride the cock carousel with the abortion safety net.

Us guys need to be conscious when women say ‘don’t worry’ or ‘I got the B/C’ covered. I believed a few women and went it raw, but luckily nothing unfortunate happened. We have to better than because nobody wants to be on Maury for “Who’s My Baby’s Daddy?” segment.

Last edited 1 year ago by HT3
A Proud Infidel®™

I have read the United States Constitution and NOWHERE in it have I found any part saying a damned thing about abortion!


Abort the aborters.


All this effort to preserve the unbridled “right” to murder, but not one bit of effort to secure our borders.

Say it with me: Biden is a burden!

Fuck Joe Biden, and fuck everyone who agrees with his bullshit.

Hack Stone

Every day Joe Biden is pushing to “restore a woman’s right to health care”, all the while claiming to be a devout Catholic. Why can’t the Pope kick this guy to the curb? He can find any mainstream religion that propagates abortion.


Because the current pretender to the papacy is far more socialist than Catholic.. Birds of a feather with biden you might say


Fk me…:

[P]reventing women all over the country from being able to make critical decisions about our bodies, our health, and our futures…

Moloch, Satan, WEF, “Doctor” Anthony ‘Dr Beagle-a’ Fauxi, the whole of the evil medical/military/eugenics-complex is wringing its MFing hands to get at those tenderest of vittles.

Bill Gates’ fathers are looking up from The Depths:

Lt Aldo is Huns greee.gif
Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Vanita Gupta was an ACLU attorney who was appointed as a Deputy AG by none other than Barack the Great in 2014.

USMC Steve

Homie da Klown strikes again.

Old tanker

If birth control had been outlawed, or the opposite made sterilization mandatory, I could understand the claim that women’s “reproductive rights” have been abrogated. That has not happened from what I see.

USMC Steve

That incompetent leftard cunt apparently knows no more than old crooked leftist Merrick. There is not now and never has been any constitutional right to abortion. And she is also incorrect about making decisions about women’s bodies. There are several options available to them to prevent pregnancy, from condoms/female contracteptives to swallowing.