USS Carl Vinson Sailor found dead

| July 12, 2022

A Sailor was found unresponsive onboard USS Carl Vinson. The Federal Fire Department, Navy Region Southwest, responded to the call related to the unresponsive Sailor. While at the scene, the fire department announced the Sailor as deceased. The Navy is investigating the death and does not suspect foul play or suicide as of the Navy’s press release on this incident.

From Newsmax:

Navy Region Southwest Federal Fire Department responded to the scene and pronounced dead the sailor, whose identity had not been announced due to notification of next of kin.

The Navy said it was investigating the circumstances of the sailor’s death and there were no indications of suicide or foul play.

The USS Carl Vinson, lead ship of the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group, returned to the California area on Feb. 14 after an eight-month deployment, according to USNI News’ Fleet Tracker.

During the deployment, an F-35C Lightning II combat jet suffered a ramp strike on Jan. 24 resulting in injuries for seven sailors. A photo and video of the stealth fighter crashing into the South China Sea later surfaced on social media.

Newsmax has the article here. Here is the link to the Navy press release on the incident.

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Sadly, in any population that size random deaths can occur quite apart from the hazards of flight operations and military training. Prayers for him.


May God’s Peace bring His Comfort to this Sailor’s Family and Shipmates.

Training for the war is as dangerous as the war itself.


While we have sympathy for the family, we do not understand why this made the news…

The Sailor’s gender was not identified as well…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž

Had some Soldiers in our Chain of Command who were found deceased on military installations. Their deaths never made the news. We did 15-6s…some were suicides. Some were “natural causes”. One was homicide.

Same with Air Force and Navy when working in a Joint environment. No Marines.

Perhaps this might have generated “some” interest after the fact if the Sailors death involved drugs, gangs, love triangle gone wrong…

Gee Whiz. We always thought “It’s Not Just A Job, It’s An Adventure.”

not going to go there with those four letters.


Hey, just like Ft Hood!


Or Fort Bragg…


Or on deployments where a Soldier/Soldiers committed suicide…

Don’t remember Army PAO “gettting involved” or relaying that type of early information to The Army Times, The Early Bird, local news, in respect for the deceased family member.

So sad that NEWSMAX and the Navy used this Sailors Death as a “news story”.

Please never forget LT Michael Patrick Murphy, a Navy SEAL who was KIA in 2005 in Afghanistan and awarded the Medal of Honor.

The USS MICHAEL MURPHY was named in his honor.


…”sudden” and “unexplained”…

When the truth is found there will be no escape.


Do they have to eat ice cream to make room in the freezer?