French President gives Biden a reality check regarding Middle East oil output

| June 28, 2022

Middle East oil producing countries appear to be among Joe Biden’s “turn to” for hopes to address oil prices. However, his French counterpart reminded him that the United Arab Emirates is at capacity, and that Saudi Arabia has some room to increase capacity. Increasing the capacity would take six months at a minimum.

From Reuters:

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been perceived as the only two countries in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) with spare capacity to boost global deliveries that could reduce prices.

“I had a call with MbZ,” Macron was heard telling U.S. President Joe Biden on the sidelines of the G7 summit, using shorthand for UAE leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. “He told me two things. I’m at a maximum, maximum (production capacity). This is what he claims.”

“And then he said (the) Saudis can increase by 150 (thousands barrels per day). Maybe a little bit more, but they don’t have huge capacities before six months’ time,” Macron said.

A statement from the UAE’s top energy official late on Monday said that his country is producing its assigned OPEC+ quota of 3.168 million barrels per day (bpd). read more

“In light of recent media reports, I would like to clarify that the UAE is producing near to our maximum production capacity based on its current OPEC+ production baseline,” said Energy Minister Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei.

Reuters has the article here.

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Drill baby, drill!

George V

Remember back about 2012 when oil was running over $100/barrel and gas was $4-something a gallon that the wise heads would chirp “You can’t drill your way out of an energy shortage!”

Amazing what making a bunch of holes in the ground did a few years later, wasn’t it?


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🙁 aww


When some broke fks get strung out they do exactly what the dealer says.

Our energy companies ain’t building refineries because this love affair with chicomm solar panels.

chad france wtf.jpg

Have a feeling the Germans may rethink that by the end of the year. (Plutonium’s useful for other things, too… )

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Every day is another staggering reminder that stupid people handle the President of the United States. “We need to end drilling for dirty American oil.” But, “We really need that clean oil from the Arabian Peninsula.”


“West Virginia vs. the EPA asks whether important policies that impact the lives of all Americans should be made by unelected D.C. bureaucrats or by Congress. This SCOTUS could well decide that ruling by executive agency fiat is no longer acceptable.”

“The case involves the Clean Power Plan, which was adopted under President Barack Obama to fight climate change; the program was estimated to cost as much as $33 billion per year and would have completely reordered our nation’s power grid. The state of West Virginia, joined by two coal companies and others, sued the EPA, arguing the plan was an abuse of power.”


“By deciding in favor of West Virginia, the court could begin to rein in the vast powers of the alphabet agencies in D.C. that run our lives and return it to legislators whom we elect to create…legislation. Just as the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that abortion laws are more appropriately left up to the people’s elected representatives, it may decide in West Virginia vs. EPA that Congress, and not federal agencies, should write our laws.”

“A decision that puts Congress in charge would stall environmental rules intended to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy. Legislators, back in the driver’s seat, would have to debate and go public with the consequences – and costs — of regulations that are now adopted with little buy-in from the public.”


“To further their climate agenda, Democrats have been able to hide the full-in price tag of abandoning oil and gas as our main energy sources by creating tax subsidies for renewables. If consumers had to pay the real cost of wind and solar power, they might not be so enthusiastic about what President Joe Biden calls the great “transition.” 

“But the case goes beyond environmental regulations.”

“A ruling in favor of West Virginia would reverse a decades-long trend in which Congress has handed off to federal agencies decisions our legislators refuse or are unable to make. The usurping of authority by D.C. bureaucracies began with the New Deal in the 1930s, when an ambitious President Franklin D. Roosevelt led the way by creating the TVA, the WPA and a total of 69 other offices and executive branch agencies to do his bidding. The process occasioned Democrat Al Smith to complain that he was “submerged in a bowl of alphabet soup.”


Now what, Joe?


Don’t worry Ed, Joe says Sid uhBiker, uh, Ted Striker can land the door cane, nawnawnotdoor, co caine, the the the airplane.

airglue joeplane.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

I’m betting that joe Biden’s handlers now give him a daily enema so he doesn’t shit his pants in front of other World Leaders like he did in the Vatican.


Those handlers must be the busiest motherfuckers on the planet trying to get ahead of Joe’s fuckups.


YOU will enter.

YOU will take YOUR chair.

YOU will greet everyone.

YOU will pretend to listen.

YOU will leave.

YOU WILL NOT say anything other than a polite nod and smile.

RGR 4-78

Joe’s updated cheat sheet at press conferences will now blame OPEC, Putin, Oil companies, Trump, wasteful deplorables in fly over country for high fuel prices/inflation.

If Joe’s schtick wasn’t so dangerous for our Country, it would almost be funny.


You know, we can make a strong comparision between Emperor Poopy Pants, SCROTUS ie prezzy sniffy gropey and Emperor Bao Dai of Viet Nam. Both were/are puppets, fronting for their controllers and can be described as follows;

“…the man is a dilettante and a fool…only noticeable duties are ceremonies we can do without…a leech and a traitor. He debaunches in wastefull undeserved luxury while the people are enslaved, starved, arrested and killed. All he does is play tennis and golf, go hunting and wenching (sniffing) and drive expensive cars.”

Wonder what we’ll call joe’s Dien Bien Phu? It’s coming. I paid $4.39 a gallon for 87 Octane Unleaded fuel today during my escort duty. Two years ago it was $1.79.


Wind sure is doing something. Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the US. It now produces more than hydro and solar combined. Cost is second cheapest of all sources which accounts for the massive growth. It will likely account for 20% of US electricity by 2030 and 40-50% by 2040.

“In 2019, electric power generation from wind power was 10 percent or more in fourteen U.S. states: Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Texas. Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Kansas each had more than 20 percent of their electric power generation come from wind.”

Most of the heavy growth is in red states. The idea that Wind power is a Biden/ Harris/ Leftist thing is stupid and has always been stupid. If you look at the leadership of the above states you will find the biggest supporters are all red.


Here locally they just opened a 700 acre solar field. It will help the grid in the summer daylight with peak demand from air conditioning.
they also plan on running a herd of 700 sheep to keep the undergrowth cut back and provide wool and meat for the market.

since it was also recently announced that Jack Links Jerky was going to open a plant that employs 800 folks locally.
will mutton jerky become a thing.


Ironically France is the 7th largest producer of coastal wind power in the world. Macron signed a bill in 2019 that will provide that half of French power come from wind by 2050. They are building 1GW of capacity per year. This will allow them to shift some of their heavy dependence from Nuclear power and eliminate fossil fuels entirely.


“…eliminate fossil fuels entirely” in 2250.

If they get rid of nukes? A whole lot sooner… as their society goes back to the 1800’s.


I don’t think anyone here has a problem with supplemental electron generation, but the idea of subsidizing these projects and reliance on supplemental forms of generation thereby weakening the supply side of the equation, is abhorrent to many.

You must have a base power supply. If not nukes, the throttling of carbon-based gen can be more inefficient than just running them at a constant.

If nukes, a flux in base demand has implications.

Then you have the absolute waste of input and decoming these things. You think environmental impact of any other form of gen is bad? The road building alone to bring those fragile blades in is hudgly damaging to ecosystems.

I say let the Free Market figure it out, reduce red tape, stop paying people to build/not build gen systems, stop the bullshit with tariffs or incentives.

I won’t even get into the quality of power that come from scammills, out of my wheelhouse.