Update on sex trafficking Navy O-5 select

| June 27, 2022

Lt Comm Charles Cranston Jr

We talked about this guy, Lieutenant Commander Charles Cranston, back in March. Since then, he’s been found guilty of sex trafficking. You’ll remember he’s the one that talked to an undercover cop who he believed was a prostitute, and became the woman’s pimp. He is/was an active duty Navy O-4 with a line number for O-5. No word in the article as to what the service will do with him.

From WTKR;

Local Naval officer sentenced to 2 years in prison for sex trafficking charge in Henrico Co

A Hampton Roads-based Naval officer was sentenced after pleading guilty to sex trafficking with intent to receive money.

Authorities arrested Lt. Cmdr. Charles Cranston Jr. last November at a Norfolk base and charged him with commercial sex trafficking. At the time of his arrest, Navy officials told News 3 that Cranston, 47, was assigned to U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

At a sentencing hearing Friday in Henrico Circuit Court, Cranston received a ten-year sentence with eight years suspended, leaving two years to serve. Cranston will receive credit for time served since his arrest in November 2021.

A ten-year period of supervised probation will begin upon his release.

Prosecutors said it all started on November 2, 2021, when Henrico County Police’s VICE team posted an ad targeting potential sex trafficking.

A detective got a response from Cranston after the ad was posted.

Prosecutors went on to say there were texts from Cranston, using an alias of “Tony,” agreeing to split the costs of a hotel room with the prostitute, and discussing what would take place.

Cranston, according to prosecutors, also told the undercover detective posing as a prostitute he had a studio and OnlyFans website to help make money.

Prosecutors added that Cranston, in a phone call, expressed wanting to help further the prostitute’s career, and eventually posted an ad on behalf of the prostitute which got more than a dozen responses.

Prosecutors said during the hearing Cranston was arrested with the help of Chesapeake Police and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

Cranston was with the Navy for 27 years and has lived in Virginia since September 2019. He’s been in Chesapeake since April 2020 with his family.

Cranston remains behind bars at Henrico County Jail, with a listed release date of November 7, 2023.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Who is Cranston, only the Shadow knows.


Slight correction, Jeff. That should be “Lamont Cranston”. / smile

But, Hey, he does have a good set of grab handles on each side of his head. Those Dumbo ears/flippers will come in handy while he’s being pimped out in the slammer.



We NEEDED that laugh today….😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂😆😅🤣😂 Thank You!

27 years…27 YEARS!! It’s gonna be interesting to find out what is gonna happen to him in Nov 2023 via his promotion/retirement…

The Army O5 Reservist in SD was selected for O6, but after that incident where he “thought”, he hit a deer, the Army quickly took him off that O6 list. Am speculating that will get Army Retirement when he turns 60 with other benefits.

Perhaps the same may happen with this guy. We don’t know the ROE for Active Duty Navy, but am speculating the Navy and DoD are still carrying him on the books for pay/longitivity purposes…and that he will retire as an O4 with benefits.

rgr769 and Hondo and others: Your take on this guy’s future past November 2023? Additionally, do you think he physically will do the 2 years (total 10 years) or will be released early?

Juicy Smollett Weeps.


Keelhauling is recommended. Off the USS Ronald Reagan.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Keelhauling on the Reagan, now that would be a long haul compared to a Navy sailship of the day.


Bow to Stern instead of Port to Starboard.


Several runs of it. In shark infested waters.


I don’t have any experience with military justice as a lawer, cuz I was an infantry/special forces officer when I had occassion to deal with the military justice system. But I would think the Navy will take administrative action against him. He is clearly guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer. But even with a reduction in rank, I’ll bet he gets to keep most of his retired pay.


There may or may not have been certain supplies issued by a USAF supply clerk in Zagreb Croatia to a Soldier named Lamont Cranston. Had his signature right there on the hand receipt.

As always, I admit nothing. Call my lawer.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thats why I only mentioned the last name and should have mentioned if that was Lamont’s brother. Have a 20 CD set of Shadow radio programs.


The Shadow. Now there was a real crime fighter. I loved the part where he could “cloud men’s minds” so the criminals couldn’t see him.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone could cloud men’s minds” by busting an MRE fart.


Wonder if they’ll make him welfare and recreation officer somewhere?


He’ll be making pruno for the boys in Cell Block “C”

John Seabee

O-5 to Oh Shit.


And he wasn’t ‘all that’…
comment image


Here’s hoping he gets a CM with a dismissal, meaning he won’t get squat.


“No word…on what the service will do with him.” Easy peasy. In todays new navy (sic) he’ll become the OIC of diversity and inclusivness training.

Too bad Navy Ships no longer have yardarms. Do they still have a goodly supply of hemp line?

A Proud Infidel®™️

Here’s hoping that Bubba, Thor and the rest of the cell block have straightened his ass out if yaknowhutimean!

Last edited 7 months ago by A Proud Infidel®™️

Gator needed some walkin’ around money.

Mustang Major

Nitwits always fall for dopy police stings. What was this guy thinking by agreeing to go into business with a prostitute?

As an aside, did the guy pimp other women? No mention of an ongoing pimping operation. Maybe he got carried away talking with the cop and thought he could get laid, and the sting sucked him into a series of dumb decisions, boastful talk, or agreeing to what the cop proposed.

He took a plea deal instead of the endless expense of going to court and fighting. He might have thought sitting in jail for two years may be more pleasant than living at home with his wife.


More proof that there is virus loose making people stupid and/or crazy