House plan gives troops $90/mo to counter inflation

| June 24, 2022

Remember when Pelosi said that the Trump tax cut, which gave many taxpayers a $1000 check, gave people “crumbs?” Well, her House has come up with a plan to help offset inflation, high gas prices, and food and baby formula shortages with an “up to $90” a month allowance. This is surely more than “crumbs,” right?

From Military Times;

Troops could receive monthly bonuses to counter rising inflation costs under a proposal adopted by House lawmakers on Wednesday, but a separate plan to guarantee service members a $15-an-hour minimum wage was rejected by chamber appropriators.

The moves signal further congressional support for keeping the military pay raise at 4.6% for next year while lawmakers look for other ways to help boost military families finances amid increasing gas and grocery prices.

The bonuses were included in an amendment by the House Armed Services Committee’s annual authorization bill adding $37 billion to the president’s $773 billion defense spending proposal.

That total includes about $7.4 billion to counter inflation, with $1.4 billion for personnel issues like housing stipend boosts, commissary support, and the monthly bonuses proposal.

Under the plan, troops who receive less than $45,000 in basic pay would be eligible for monthly payouts of 2.4% of their salary. That would mean up to $90 extra each month for those service members.

Interestingly enough, Trump’s $1000 of crumbs is a tad less than this. If you qualify for the full $90, you’ll get $1,080 crumbs from Congress. At the same time though, AOC is complaining that she’s not making enough with her $174,000 a year compensation package.

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Thank you kind sir may I have another?


Boil the frog.


Term limits on the legislative branch.

Anyone else remember the Carter gimmick of the pay raise where he shifted part to Quarters allowance. Those living on the academy got the full amount but it reduced Base Pay (and subsequent retired pay)



BlueCord Dad

It’s a great idea. However I can’t see the congresscritters term limiting themselves. That would break too many rice bowls…


This one works also.

R (3).jpg

Donks dorking the Military in the squeakhole… AGAIN!


Here’s a novel idea. Put Kongress Klowne Kritters on the same pay/housing/benefits schedule as Service Members. Health care thru the VA. Reset them all to E-1 status and they get promotion (raises) when they have a good EER filled out by We, The People.

This proposal, like much of Kongress, is a joke.


Just a lame attempt at pandering to the troops before the elections.


Are they afraid of martial law?
If I was they, I’d be too.

Side note/interrogative; have they funded the DoD Abortion (read: babymurder) Tourism & Dickontome/Dickoffofme Account?

Maybe ‘The They’ should be afraiderer of God’s Law.

RGR 4-78

This administration screwed up the economy and this allowance is nothing more than an attempt to by votes.

I am sure there is some wet behind the ears private that will buy their schtick.


Oh, gee. I’m impressed… not!


I would settle for my portion of the Piglosi household’s alcohol budget.

Hard money when?

Prior Service

Crumbs? Yes. But for those that need it, I’m not complaining. That’s a full tank of gas if you hurry up and pump it this week…. But it would sure be nice if they’d cut spending somewhere else to make this money available.


This is a joke right?

A Proud Infidel®™

those crumbs are given thinking she is currying favor while she still makes multiple millions off of trading deals that her job gives insider info on.


And her husband will likely beat his DUI rap from an alcohol related MVA. Cuz D-rat politicos and their spouses are practically untouchable. (The only reason I say “practically” is because he might not have talked his way out of jail if they found a dead hooker or twelve-year old boy in his trunk.)


$7.4B to counter inflation while $40B gets sent to the kickback boondoggle called Ukraine. And they think no one is watching.

As for AOC, we already know how bad her math is. She’s just mad she has to pay for someone to explain everything to her.


Well, considering Occasional-Cortex graduated cum laude [no comment] from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both international relations and economics, her whole damned existence is an indictment of a failing system.

The only thing I want to know from her is what’s on tap.

Make Sandy A Bartender Again!

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget that Malig-Nancy Pelosi visited Ukraine which tells me she made deals where she and her family members are getting kickbacks like Hunter Biden did with Burisma when his father was VPOTUS.

Skivvy Stacker

I think that’s how much my uncle Jim was making per month as a Combat Medic in WWII.