UK troops banned from NATO over barracks orgy

| June 20, 2022

Breitbart is reporting that hundreds of British troops from the 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment will be banned from participating in a NATO exercise in the Balkans. From Breitbart;

Hundreds of British paratroopers have been barred from being deployed on a NATO mission after video evidence emerged of orgies with a civilian woman being held at a military barracks.

One of the first official acts of General Sir Patrick Sanders, who became the head of the British Army this month, will be to ban hundreds of soldiers from the 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment from a NATO mission to the Balkans after they were found to have been involved in a series of sexual orgies at the Merville Barracks in Colchester, Essex.

According to a report from The Times of London, a civilian woman had been smuggled onto the base 31 times over the course of five months to engage in sexual intercourse with multiple soldiers at a time.

Earlier this month, eight paratroopers of the 16 Air Assault Brigade had been placed under military police investigation after sex tapes emerged of them participating in orgies with the unnamed woman as dozens more looked on.

Although police determined that the woman had consented to the sexual liaisons, the soldiers involved have been banned from the upcoming military deployment, meaning they will lose out on opportunities to win medals as well as having their pay docked.

In a letter to their commanding generals and officers, the newly installed Chief of the General Staff (CGS) of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders said that while no crime had been committed, the actions of the soldiers could be seen as to “denigrate women” and failed to uphold the standards and values of the armed forces.

“Such behaviour is unacceptable, corrosive and detrimental to the army’s reputation,” General Sir Patrick wrote, adding: “Recent events indicated that 3 Para is not demonstrating the levels of discipline and respect for others expected of one of our battalions.

“I am not prepared to risk the Nato [sic] mission or the reputation of the British army by deploying 3 Para at this time.”

The move from the Army chief comes as he warned British troops that they should be preparing for a potential land war in Europe in order to confront the threat posed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

“We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,” Sanders said. “There is now a burning imperative to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle.”

Deploy troops for saber-rattling on Putin’s doorstep while the man is waging was on Ukraine and they don’t expect there to be some *ahem* steam blown off?

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Refer to Patton’s comment on such.

But you can certainly say they gave piece a chance.


Got a chance at a piece maybe. One woman? Who’s been there 31 times? Sounds like a garden variety gang bang with the local professional. This is what they call an orgy?


People in progressive Europe’s tiny uber-peacetime curated (Perfumed Prince, perhaps?) militaries have gotten out so little– or even been in so much as a fistfight as kids, if they’re good people fit to serve– in life today. Alien, unheard of in years.

Return of large standing militaries that Cold War-style (or, God forbid, World War 2-style) peer competition requires will be a shock.

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Seriously, Europe (western, especially) is an over-regulated, politically-correct and antiseptic place that would make “woke” Blue State soy boys erect. Their militaries (even the Brits’) today are undersized for their populations and don’t get out a whole lot.

Europe ain’t seen war like in Ukraine since ’45 and sure ain’t thought about it since ’89 or maybe ’91.

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USMC Steve

That sounds more like pulling a train.


As some say:


This just in… Yet another strain of drug-resistant Super Gonorrhea worse than the “black clap” you were told would keep you in Korea for life only for real:

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He wouldn’t like much of the HHB folk at my unit in Germany in the late ’90s then.

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General Sir Patrick Sanders is making quite a public display of his ignorance of troop behavior. This kind of thing happened all the time at Fort Campbell back in the early ’60’s.

What a dick… 🙄 

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

More like, “What a dickless…..”


Wow, this is all they’re upset about? She was a prostitute who brought her own kit. What’s the problem?


And the address of the barracks in question?

22 Acacia Avenue.

That’s the place where we all goooOOOooo!!!!


My, the world has changed. I remember back in the 80s at Clark AB, there was a service wittily called “Dial a Hook”. Call up your favorite bar in Angeles and get them to send your favorite honey-ko to your barracks room. Yes, times have changed.


Gnrl just mad that he wasn’t invited. B(imbos)L(ove)M(ore)


“I am not prepared to risk the Nato mission or the reputation of the British army by deploying 3 Para at this time.”

Talk about a general officer not having his priorities straight. Deny one of his elite battalions some valuable training time because a few of them dipped their wicks in a willing woman?

This woke stuffed shirt has made himself the laughingstock of military forces around the word… 🙄  😜  🙄 


Or….the General could be disappointed in the fact that his troops let themselves get video’d and caught. OPSEC, don’t you know…. 😉

Kind of like the time that Gen Curtis LeMay, then commander of SAC, decided to test the security procedures at one of his facilities by blowing the gate, which resulted in his car being shot at – and then LeMay scolded the Air Policeman for missing his target.

The Stranger

Bombs Away LeMay…they don’t make them like that anymore.


And the address of the place in question?

22 Acacia Avenue.

That’s the place where we all GOOOOooooOOOO!!!!


Ill bet some of them were smokin fags.

Hack Stone

They called her Second Leftenant, because she was always edging the troops.

Hack Stone

she was always effing the troops.” Stupid iPhone.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All the young lady has to do is identify as a vacumme cleaner.

RGR 4-78



Maybe she is a Ruskie honey trap. The Paras are near the tip of the spear in the British Army.


To quote our Provost Marshal when CID busted an MP for sexual assault of a minor, “Damn, soldier, why didn’t you go downtown and buy yourself a whore?” This was back in the 60s. Today he (the PM) would probably be forced to retire.


Betcha Sir Patrick had his days…and is projecting his shortcomings to deal with his “guilt”..

Anyone remember J Edgar Hoover and his strict policies about being with the FBI? The truth came out about him after his death (Cross-Dresser/Homosexual).

Sir Patrick. Another Hypocrite…


As the LT who lived close, got called to the company one night for a fire. Walked up to one of the platoon bays and everyone was in the hall. Half of them were female wearing issue overcoats and nothing else. Looked at the guys and said get them out of here before the duty officer or some other ass finds them and makes a big deal over it. They said thanks and did it quickly.


Or, as the duty dude doing checks and knocking on a lucky guy’s door: “The Norwegian and the German chicks are okay, but the Russian one’s got to go.”

Sounds like the punchline of a joke, but…

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Hundreds ÷1÷31= stay away.

Her parents must be proud. Gives new meeting to the term hit it like a speed bag.


Do I understand this correctly? The “punishment” for getting laid is *not* going to the field?

The Stranger

If this is torture, chain me to the wall!

Forrest Bondurant

“Such behaviour is unacceptable, corrosive and detrimental to the army’s reputation,” General Sir Patrick wrote, adding “Recent events indicated that 3 Para is not demonstrating the levels of discipline and respect for others expected of one of our battalions.”

Seems General Patrick remembers that 3d Para has a history of misconduct – it gained notoriety after the Coalisland riots (Nothern Ireland) in 1992.


Kids these days don’t understand the difference between making memories, and creating evidence.


Cellphone video, baby! (That their cellphone gets taken away is more serious than they got in trouble, too.)

Green Thumb

Yeah. Morons.

Who ever took the video really hooked up his boys, for sure.

Fucking morons to begin with as well. Common sense 101.

But sometimes it takes young Soldier’s a few days to figure that one out.

Slick Goodlin

Strike 1: Let’s do it.
Strike 2: Let’s do it more than once.
Strike 3: Let’s video record it.


Looks like a large chunk of the USMC would be banned.
Except for the air wing.
Those guys are all gay anyway


Committed no crime.

They definitely were stupid and embarrassed their service and uniform, but depriving the unit of training that would better prepare them for potentially imminent threats is even more stupid.

I’m sure our wavy-toothed brothers across the pond have a version of NJP. That should be it.

Docked pay and extra duty, while watching their buddies spend their off-duty hours partying it up in the Balkans, is more than enough convince them to turn off the damn camera.


Isn’t this why we started letting women serve in combat arms? So we didn’t have to keep smuggling civilians into the barracks.


Well, no. (But, in effect… my unit in Germany in the late-’90s was a gender-integrated combat arm, so you can imagine the aggravation.)

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Well at least the twink in the rainbow pullover isn’t actually Navy. Ol’ Poe read elsewhere that he’s a civil service engineer who works at the Undersea Warfare Center at Newport.


He likes being surrounded by all the seamen… make up what pun you will.


Gay jokes about the navy… the remedial class of comedy.

Until they change the term “seamen,” the jokes will write themselves. Maybe something that recognizes gender; given the current caliber of fitness, I suggest “manatees” for the men and “seacows” for the women. Maybe “sea sponges” for the wannabe-eunuchs joining for the free neutering.


As covered by Angry Cops: