Ratings fall short for January 6 “hearing”

| June 12, 2022

A look at the ratings showed that interest in the January 6 Congressional Panel “hearing” was not what the left hoped. Networks averaged less viewers during the airing of the January 6 “hearings” than what they normally have while playing their normal programs during the same timeframe. One argument being made for the decision to air the “hearings” was that there was an attempt to direct attention away from inflation.

From The Western Journal:

Tucker Carlson of Fox News — the only major network not to devote its evening to the hearing — said the media allowing itself to be a publicity tool for the hearing was “a day that will live in shame in the history of the American news business.”

In an op-ed on Fox News Carlson called the hearing “unedited campaign propaganda scripted by the Democratic Party.”

Carlson said the prime-time event “was definitely not a hearing. It was a show trial.”

“At a hearing, dissent is permitted. The other side can speak. Evidence is presented. Evidence is not censored or deceptively edited. That’s not allowed,” he wrote.

Carlson said media leaders are working with Democratic Party leaders and President Joe Biden to distract Americans from the major issue stalking the nation — inflation.

Carlson accused the media of “complicity in a campaign to fool the public, to make you believe that your personal concerns like the fact you can’t buy food or drive anywhere or the police won’t come because they can’t afford gas, those are not important.

The Western Journal has more at this link.

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Come on November! LGB-FJB!






I remember Jeremiah, he never seemed gay but he did drink a lot of wine.

Joy to the Real World!


General Jones has been on-point about a lot, but he’s a loudmouth a-hole who is effective so the system must take him down. To wit;

If the object of an actual news show is to inform viewers in a compelling way, the object of Infowars is to whip up the ever-dormant flames of populist fear and resentment in service of going viral — without a thought to who gets hurt or who is driven to violence. It’s doom-porn, and the name of the game is to get eyeballs and sell products.

They — Jones says again and again — engineered Covid-19 and the vaccines in a quest to depopulate the planet. 

CNN is pure as the driven snow tho. Hardly enriched by the likes of Pfraudzer and Modurrduh.

I’m grateful our leaders will create a board of high priests and priestesses to caldron The Truth® with obligation to punish ‘lethal lies’ told against the State.



A real “hearing” would have the sound of carpenters building
the gallows outside and vendors setting up booths to hawk
their fare to the blood thirsty crowd.
Of course you would need a real “insurection” first.


If they would bring back the Firing Squad for the REAL Treason and have a Lotto for squad members from the public, by the time it’s over, the National Debt would be paid off and some.


I don’t play the lotto, but for a good cause…


The comments on this tweet are PURE GOLD. Evidently, someone in the crowd yelled “GUNSHOT!” during yesterday’s “March For Our Lives” event in DC…these are some hilarious responses from others as to why folks started panicking (short video included in the tweet…) as well as trying to go over a barricade…

You Be The Judge…




Now that there is funny…


Ratings? Who gives a shit about ratings?

You remind me of Deputy Chief of Police Dwayne T Robinson:


Just a measurement of the popularity of the effort, LC. At best this event was a self-licking ice cream cone, not meant to change any minds but provide distraction from the real issues.

Bravo, Dems.


Evidence that the (D)emon-rats are still limber enough to lick their own ice-cream cones?


I tend to draw a distinction between the investigation and the hearings. The latter certainly has a large focus on viewers, and there’s no question that Democrats are hoping it’s a distraction from the economic issues people are facing. Maybe, if they’re really lucky, it moves the needle ever so slightly so their upcoming loss isn’t so egregiously bad.

But the former -the investigation itself, of which this hearing is laying out what was found- is the more important thing. If the focus, for anyone, is on the ratings, that’s a sad indictment on our country. It’d be like Kim Kardashian running over someone, and all the news stories are about her outfit, not the crime. I want to believe we’re not that far gone yet.


I remember when I was filled with optimism and enthusiasm too, LC.


Given the choice between cynicism and optimism, I do tend to lean towards the latter. I like to think you did, too, until they announced Top Gun 2 was being made. 😉

USMC Steve

If there were really investigations, impartial investigations, then yes that would be a desirable thing. There were none. The weaponized FBI and Capitol Popo determined what they would find and then set about finding that. And the kangaroo courts for the “seditionists” were nothing more than a sham. That whole thing was nothing more than a false flag operation run by the socialist democrats. The whole thing was lies and smoke and mirrors.


Just to be clear, are you saying you believe the riot at the Capitol was a false flag? That the more than 800 people charged were all plants?

If so, what’s your evidence?


Known and unknown FIB assets of an untold quantity in the crowd?

Blunt melee weapons being handed out of the basement windows, where as no one had penetrated the basement floors of vaults.

The opening of a metal security door by deactivating the magnetic locks from a centralized location

The ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstration began BEFORE the President finished his remarks

The CP threw flash bangs and riot control grenades into a mass of people who WERE NOT ENGAGED WITH THEM!

This sin of lies by our governments and the coverup is abhorrent to our system. We want answers, this ain’t it.

You should find a better forum to spin your bullshit.

Long story short, FUCK YOU. EAT A BAG OF DICKS.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Everyone gives a shit about the ratings. Because this was a scripted, over-produced prime time television drama. It’s not a search for truth, understanding, evidence, justice, or the lost chord. It’s a desperate attempt by democrats to take the spotlight off of their own shortcomings and bullshit antics. And everyone sees that but you.


He has to keep slurping the Proggy Kool-aid. It is irresistible for those infected with TDS.


Per my reply to Ed above – the televised hearings themselves are certainly scripted, but they’re also an outcome of an investigation. To say it’s all theater is as laughable as believing there’s no theater in it.

And if you think a handful of televised events is going to suddenly make people forget inflation and gas prices, I have a bridge to sell you.


So let’s say this “investigation” finds that Trump incited this clusterfuck. What next? A misdemeanor charge? He’s living rent free in liberal heads, they’re wrapped up in “Orange man bad”, forgetting he’s no longer in charge of anything. It’s not even entertaining or funny anymore. It’s a pathetic democratic circle jerk and Schiff is the designated pivot man.


I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t speak to what any charges could be – but if he did commit crimes, shouldn’t he be charged? I’m all for everyone being accountable for their crimes. If they get something on Biden, fuckin’ charge him, please. This ain’t politics, it’s accountability, period.

As for the living-rent-free aspect, sure, there’s some of that… but remind me again which party had frequent chants of “Lock her up!” at their rallies?

I’m interested in the evidence they present, not the bloviations and political posturing. I hope you are too, even if perhaps you find it 98% of the latter.


“I’m interested in the evidence they present”

The evidence they present has been edited according what I’ve been reading.
A few words missing here and there to
alter the meaning.

USMC Steve

Sure LC, right after they try Homey the klown for running guns to Mexico, and all the other felonies HE committed.


The committee has been caught, and has admitted to (but claims it was “inadvertent”) doctoring evidence. What was that line the Democrats kept parroting in SC Justice hearings? “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.”



Thanks for that link. Further proof that one can’t believe anything emanating from the Schiff-hole. But people like that fellow whose handle rhymes with Ell Cee will believe anything they see or read in D-rat Progda propaganda.


I’m very interested in the evidence they present. But when it’s presented like an episode of Nancy Grace, tailored to fit the approved narrative, their credibility goes squarely in the shitter.


Nobody gives a shit. That is why we are doing this the 2nd week of June. If you aren’t on vacation sitting on the beach or whatever and instead sitting around watching this garbage than you are likely some kind of nut.


I was one of the millions that didn’t watch that farce, tho I did scan some of after the action reports sprinkled around the inherwebz. None of it surprised me at all. Just like the verdict in the Sussman Trial or Paul Pigilousy skating on his DUI Charge. The Swamp Sewer is full of festering boils of “Rules for thee but not for mee” despots. Aided and abetted by the Sleaze Media.

It’s just about breakfast time you mofo demonrats. Are you ready for the Hell that’s coming?


Yes, its a cult!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

My PC home page has an article that the doj has enough evidence to indict Pres. Trump on trying to overturn the 2020 election. Anyone read the same???


There have been various claims to that effect, yes. Here’s one article where a federal judge said Trump ‘more likely than not’ committed federal crimes:


Basically, the plans he seemed to have been involved in with Eastman to bypass the normal electors is absolutely fucked up and should be criminal if it isn’t already. Surely nobody here is going to argue that Joe Biden, on a false claim of fraud, can just decide to ignore the results when he loses in 2024?

That said, even if the evidence is considerable, the chance of Trump being convicted is fairly small in my opinion.


Wow, “more likely than not”? That’s almost as certain as “He might have committed a crime….maybe”.
Pretty sure that judge in the civil case where he made his many observations about “more likely than not” has very little experience with criminal matters.


I was waiting for a post about the hearing…

Please read the following and let me know how many of these are exhibited by your choice to follow…




Just cost me $24 to fill up my motorcycle, thanks Joe you S.C.O.A.M.F.


Networks averaged less viewers during the airing of the January 6 “hearings” than what they normally have while playing their normal programs during the same timeframe…and that’s say a lot…actually very little because their regular ratings SUCK.


Last time I turned on my tv was when that pussy took a knee
instead of playing football like he was hired to.
I think his name was Colon or something like that.

A Proud Infidel®™

Just like when Bubba Wallace made himself the Collin whatshisface of NASCAR.

USMC Steve

So their kabuki theater fell on its face eh? That will panic the socialist democrats further. Not a good thing. When one irritates insane people, they tend to get more violent and more extreme.


Meanwhile, today, Democrats plan to “blockade” the Supreme Court because decisions (possible about abortion) are expected to be released…


May God have mercy on them.
Wait until Hoglette and that X them/they assholes get disappointed that the Supremes reaffirm what we, the Free People of these States United, already understand to be true: The Right to keep and bear Arms is individual, universal and uninfringable.


My favorite lawtuber covered the hearing, slightly lubricated by stiff drink. He makes the presentation of the totally unbiased and astute committee tolerable.



J6? Meh…

j6 on tv.jpg
A Proud Infidel®™

Hmm let’s see, the Baby Formula Crisis has been overexploited, ditto with the China Virus, they think they need to create another distraction from the massive mess they’ve made of things, so they hit the “ORANGE MAN BAD!” propaganda drum with their sniveling, slobbering lackeys in the mass media broadcasting it to those like LC who actually believe the shit they’re spreading.


A certain Berkeley Radical Leftist Degree Mill grad is probably shaking in his seat covering his mouth with both hands wanting to erupt like Pompeii with childish fury and tears over this.

Too bad, so sad.

2022/24…. CHANGE you can BELIEVE in motherfucker!


I’m pretty sure he’s reading this, foaming at the mouth and spiking a fever. He won’t be able to stay away.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m still convinced that he ran away for good after finally discovering that there was no way in hell he’d ever convert anyone here to his way of thinking, so he went away to go suck his thumb.

A Proud Infidel®™

Oh yeah, didn’t he say he lives in Oakland? Here’s a video of what a hellhole it is, IMO what the left wants to inflict on the rest of the USA.

Here’s how AWFUL Oakland, California is Today. Is it Unfixable? – YouTube

RGR 4-78

Not many trees for the square miles shown, and the only wildlife I saw were sky rats.