First trailer for Devotion film released

| May 27, 2022

Ensign Brown and then-Lt (j.g.) Hudner

I wrote a while back about a forthcoming movie about the friendship of two naval aviator comrades during the Korean War. The story of Ensign Brown (the first black naval aviator) and his good friend and wingman Thomas Hudner is the stuff of legend. We’ve talked about it several times before. Here’s a Valor Friday segment on it, and our discussion when Captain Hudner passed away.

We now have our first look at the movie, and it looks like the real Top Gun. Not even Jerry Bruckheimer can come up with a story this moving.

Here’s my recap of the events surrounding Ens Brown’s downing;

The story of best friends and wingmen Ensign Jesse Brown, the first black naval aviator and the first black naval officer to die in the Korean War and then-Lieutenant (j.g.) Thomas Hudner. Flying F4U Corsairs over the Chosin Reservoir, Brown would be shot down. Hudner saw his comrade had crashed, wheels up, and was moving in his cockpit. As Hudner circled, he could see Brown’s plane catch fire, but Brown wasn’t getting out.

Hudner then crash landed his own plane to go to aid Brown. Finding Brown alive, but trapped, Hudner refused to leave his wingman. The small fire extinguisher exhausted, Hudner attempted to douse the flames with snow.

Hudner personally led the extrication attempt once the rescue helicopter arrived. Unable to free Brown, with his strength rapidly failing, Hudner was forced to leave behind his best friend.

Brown’s last words were to tell his wife he loved her. Hudner’s last words to him were “We’ll come back for you.” The latter promise was finally kept, decades later, as documented by Hondo here.

Hudner received the Medal of Honor for his bravery, while Ensign Brown received a posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross.

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Old tanker

Hard to make up a story better than that tale of real Brotherhood.


Spot on Old tanker, you got that right. Won’t be at the theater, but I’ll catch this one on a DVD or a rental. Loves me a Real Hero Warrior Story.

Had a bad moment when the headline of this thread dropped. I thought, maybe, that Mason had lost that loving feeling for us and we were going to be exposed to a trailer of “that movie” #2. Being as I never saw “that movie” #1, I have no desire to be exposed to #2. Glad that those fears were put on ice,man and instead of a goose, I’ll cook you a slab of this Omaha Beef Beast and offer you a refreshing fermented beverage.


DA Form 6!!!




From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remember’d;
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother” –The St. Crispin’s Day, Henry V


Thank You, Mason, for sharing the story of these Heroes with us again as well as sharing the Trailer.

Looking forward in seeing the movie.

Already getting dusty here.


This is the Topgun movie I am wanting to see


Uh oh, Esquire has an article that flat-out says the volleyball scene in the-movie-that-shall-not-be-named is gay, not homoerotic
and covered on Yahoo! too:

Last edited 1 year ago by Anonymous

Pardon, but Quentin Tarantino says this making some over-the-top BS movie scene… now some gay guy says, no, ’tis for real. (Could’ve done w/o all the gratuitous body oil, etc. if they didn’t IMHO, but somebody enjoyed it I guess.)

Agree Devotion probably better.

USMC Steve

It was my impression that the plane and probably what little remains of Brown were still on that hillside in North Korea. The Norks refused to let Hudner go to the site due to supposed weather conditions. The Nork locals have probably stripped the bird down to nothing for the materials.