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| May 20, 2022


Deputies: Motorcyclist with concealed carry permit stops knife-wielding driver in road rage incident

Matt Reeser
A Flagler County man is under arrest after he threatened a motorcyclist with a knife in a road rage incident near Palm Coast Tuesday.

Deputies said they responded to the intersection of Pine Lakes Parkway and Whirlaway Drive just after 1 p.m. after getting several calls to 911 for a reported road rage incident.

According to the sheriff’s office, 50-year-old Rafael Vincent Rivera and a motorcyclist got into an argument after Rivera cut the motorcyclist off.

Witnesses told deputies that Rivera exited his truck with a knife in his hand and threatened the motorcyclist.

Investigators said that was when the motorcyclist, who had a concealed weapon permit, pulled out his firearm and ordered Rivera to back off.

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Police: Man critically injured in Round Rock shoutout with officers

Claire Osborn, Austin American-Statesman
Officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Austin Police Department were both involved in a shooting in Round Rock on Wednesday night that injured a man who was under surveillance for outstanding warrants, officials said.

The man was hospitalized in critical condition, Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon said at a news conference on Wednesday night. No officers were injured, he said.

The incident began when DPS decided to serve a warrant for a man with multiple felony warrants, including some involving weapons charges, Chacon said. DPS asked Austin police for assistance with surveillance, which began at 2:42 p.m. on Wednesday, the chief said. The surveillance continued for several hours until the man got into a car at an apartment complex and DPS used devices to flatten his tires, Chacon said. The chief did not say where the apartment complex was.

The man continued driving on flat tires until one came off and he pulled into a parking lot at a convenience store at Louis Henna Boulevard and the frontage road of Texas 45 in Round Rock, said Chacon.

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Thanks again, Gun Bunny.

Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it. — Thomas Sowell

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Who doesn’t like a 1911A1?


Anybody shot with one and folk with small hands?


“small hands”

That’s why they made the Commander.


Commander has the same grip frame, grips, diameter, trigger reach as a full size 1911. Difference is only in barrel and slide length only.


Or the Browning Hi-Power.


KoB may disown me as a heretic, but Dad didn’t (US Army Infantry, WWII, CIB, European theater), and I’ve never been drawn to them myself.
Dad always said that he could shoot the Walther P-38 much better than the 1911. He also preferred the Walther P-38 to the then-coveted Luger, and left a Luger to bring the P-38 home (with a few other trophies).
Not that I’d turn one down, mind you, nor do I denigrate them.

But by all means it is a vast improvement over the abominations Ed shared with us earlier in the week. We musta got back in his good graces.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Once again, class…….
Some of you apparently WANT clorox thrown in your gene pool. We can be accommodating to that.


That was my first “big” pistol, still carry it during cold weather when concealing the shoulder holster is easy. Mine has a dull sort of finish, maybe it is what they call cerakote? Whatever it is, it was put on at the factory.

You gotta keep these .45s clean and well lubed or they absolutely will give you trouble with automatic loading.

There is an uncensored video of the knife wielding fool and the biker available on vidmax… the biker’s wife has a nasty mouth on her.


Mr. Wanna Get All Stabby is lucky that Mr. Moto Sickle Man used a little restraint and didn’t ventilate Sir Stabby. Pity.

Popo shoulda used a TSP (Tax Payer’s Shot).

My, My, My, and Honey Hush. Today’s gun pr0n is proof that the Sun rises in the East, God is in His Heavens, and AW1Ed has not lost his lovin’ feelin’ for us. All is right in the world.

All of those “intellectuals” that are pining for Socialism should be given a one way ticket to the Socialist Utopia of their choice.


In that Flagler County deal: everybody lost.

I’ll never get that time and those brain cells back. Thanks for that, Ed.

And all you plastek pistol haters: don’t buy ’em! More for me!! Every single one I lost whilst water skiing had been framed of poly-murs. RIP gunz

Hate harder. I feed on it.