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| May 10, 2022

Expecting Trouble Starter Set

Police fatally shoot North Carolina man throwing Molotov cocktails near officers, setting cars on fire
The police chief said the incident is under investigation and a report would be released in the coming days

By Landon Mion | Fox News
Police shot and killed a man who was throwing Molotov cocktails at officers and setting cars on fire Saturday afternoon outside a Raleigh, North Carolina police station.

The incident began at around 1:20 p.m. when an officer observed a man lighting vehicles on fire, Police Chief Estella Patterson said at a news conference, according to FOX 8.

The officer then called for backup and three other officers arrived at the parking lot. The officers instructed the man to stop, but he continued to throw the Molotov cocktails, even tossing one near an officer.

“Multiple officers then discharged their weapons, and the individual was struck multiple times,” Patterson said.

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Fox News

I believe that’s the first Molotov Cocktail to a Gun Fight we’ve had. Still not a good idea.

Deadly stabbing in Hickory investigated as self-defense, police say

WSOCTV.com News Staff
A deadly stabbing Friday night in Hickory is being investigated as a possible case of self-defense, according to the Hickory Police Department.

Police said they responded after 11 p.m. to people yelling at each other outside a home in the 300 block of Second Avenue Southeast.

At the scene, police said they found 37-year-old Brandon Scott Willis on the ground with several stab wounds. Willis later died at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital.

Witnesses told police that Willis was walking down the street when he got in an argument with 21-year-old Christopher Isaiaha Bradley and Bradley’s 18-year-old brother.

Police said Willis knocked Bradley to the ground and continued to physically assault him. During the assault, Bradley stabbed Willis with a pocket knife before immediately calling 911, according to police.

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Yahoo News

They’re out early this year. Understandable, doubtless making up for lost Covid time. Thanks to our own Gun Bunny for the links.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Willis, you rat……

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Couldn’t the fire eater learn how to properly serve a cocktail instead of throwing it?

Old tanker

Many years ago during a time of unrest at the local university my fellow Motorcycle Officers were called in to prepare to move and disperse a crowd of probable Iranian students who were demonstrating outside the university Jewish Sorority making threats and causing vandalism. The Sgt said that there may be some of them tossing molotov cocktails and they were not friendly to Police. The Sgt also said we were NOT to use deadly force if they were being thrown at us. I explained to the Sgt, using small words and speaking slowly, that if said individual threw said cocktail at me I was going to cap him / her. My honesty was not appreciated.

MI Ranger

So the SGT said to not use deadly force in response to deadly force?! Did you ask him which knee you were supposed to shoot them in? 😉


If you were to respond in kind with equal force would the
Sgt still flame you?

AW1 Rod

Well, I wonder what perceived slight or injustice motivated Cocktail Boy to torch cars and lob incendiaries at the cops.

Well, he won’t be doing it again. Happy trails, asshole.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Defender using a knife to protect himself.Could have been smoked Hickory if he used a gun.


Molotov Boy got his azz smoked by the popo. “C’mon Baby light my fire…” Jim Morrison grins.

Gotta love it when the perp has his own weapon turned on him by his victim.

Is that my Father’s Day Gift ensemble you have picked out? Nice!

RIP, Gipper. You are sorely missed. We had a President that loved America as much as you. Sadly, he was run off by the Domestic Enemies of our Republic.


I miss Reagan. His take on todays situation would be epic.


Possession of a Molotov is illegal as it is considered a Incendiary/Destructive Device in the ‘National’ ‘Firearms’ Act.

Clearly we need more DD control.

Won’t someone think of the children!! (/s off)

Adios, dickbag.

Edit: off to travel the world today, y’all behave (and by that I mean don’t!).

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