The hysterics around Roe v. Wade is now involving the military

| May 9, 2022

Apparently, this woman believes that banning abortion is racist, classist, and sexist. (AP/Alex Brandon)

After the unprecedented leak of Justice Alito’s draft opinion in a case that might overturn Roe v. Wade, the Democrats and their lapdogs in the media have been saying overturning it will ruin the country. Millions of women will leave the country. The evil Republicans are coming after gay marriage and interracial marriage next! Since nobody outside a segment of the rabidly hardcore pro-abortion left seems to be paying attention, they’re now saying that abortion will harm national security by cutting down on the number of women in the military.

From Bloomberg;

U.S. troops could see their access to abortion severely curtailed if the Supreme Court overturns its landmark ruling on reproductive rights, potentially hurting military recruitment and the retention of women.

As employees of the federal government, doctors on military bases are already banned from performing abortions so female troops — and the female spouses of troops — must seek out the procedure on their own. That would become much more difficult if the Supreme Court overturns the precedent set in its Roe v. Wade ruling almost five decades ago, as a leaked draft ruling indicates it’s likely to do.

At least 26 states probably would place restrictions on abortion laws, including Texas, Florida and other southern states that have many of the nation’s military bases, according to Sean Timmons, a managing partner at Tully Rinckey who specializes in military law.

The potential impact on recruitment and retention would come as the military is already struggling to find qualified troops. Women make up almost 20% of the 1.3 million-member active-duty force.

“It places an undue burden on women serving in the military because they are going to have to go through extraordinary lengths to seek fair access to reproductive health care, which they wouldn’t be facing if they hadn’t joined the military, for example, and then been stationed in a state that has very restrictive access,” said Rachel VanLandingham, a professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles who specializes in national security law.

But Sen. Jim Inhofe (Okla.), the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, disputed the idea that new limits on abortions could affect women’s willingness to serve.

“I have seen nothing from the Department of Defense that has led me to believe that access to abortion is a factor in recruiting and retention one way or another,” Inhofe said in a statement.

Defense Department spokesman John Kirby declined to directly address the abortion issue when questioned this week. But he said “the health and well-being of our men and women are paramount concerns of department leadership,” and “we are serious about making sure they have the information, the tools that they need to make the most informed decisions for their own personal health and well-being.”

“Of course we cannot be an effective military without the brave women who serve inside the military, and who serve in the civilian ranks,” he told reporters.

Military medical facilities aren’t allowed to perform abortions — and the cost of the procedure in private facilities isn’t covered by the military’s Tricare health insurance — because of the Hyde Amendment of 1976, which prohibits the use of federal dollars for abortions unless the life of the mother is at risk.

Women can ask to be discharged from the military if they are pregnant, according to Timmons.

To get an abortion out of state, women in the military would have to ask for approved leave from their commanders, and probably have to disclose the reason. “It could well lead to additional hostile work environment, harassment, obnoxious behavior from colleagues if they know why the absence is necessitated,” Timmons said.

Asking for leave also can put women at a disadvantage on performance evaluations — especially if they are based overseas in places where abortion is banned — because they’d be asking for special treatment to take the leave, said VanLandingham, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel.

“It adds to the burden the women already shoulder by being in the minority in the military within a still very much male culture,” she said.

Apparently men don’t take leave? There’s more at the source, but I couldn’t read any further. The real issue for the left (aside from wanting to kill babies all the way up to, and perhaps including shortly after, birth) is that overturning Roe is not something that affects the vast majority of America.

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I don’t remember that conversation in the recruiters office.


So… by the nature of being a uterus-bearing person one becomes a liability to the military? Who knew! (/s)

That used to be called ‘sexist’ but now that there is no delineation between the objectively binary genders, you mushy headed fukcs are just gonna hafta deeeaaaaal wit it.

You can always put ‘for the purpose of going to a secure location to f–k myself’ in block 17 on your DA 31 (Request and Authority for Leave).


Gee, I thought it was a “right” for left/libtards, so what’s the issue with putting “Get abortion.” on paperwork for ’em if they feel the need to go do that?


Politicians are making people think that the moment RvW is overturned, the U.S. will suddenly become Handmaid’s Tale. That’s literally not how any of this works.

The moment it is overturned, nothing happens. Nothing changes. It takes laws to change things, laws that can be challenged and will be overturned if they are as extremist as the Dems are claiming.


Moreover, these cretins seem not to know that “The Handmaids’ Tale” is FICTION.


They think Trump inspired it. Never mind the fact it was written in 1985.


That and Harry Potter is all the literature they know.


And stupid fiction, at that.

Hack Stone

So, women serving in the military and dependents do not have access to birth control, such as the pill or condoms? We have been told that women in the military are the best and brightest, but they have no knowledge on how to prevent a pregnancy?

And just how much does an abortion cost? Much like driving drunk and hoping to not get a DUI, in the long run it is cheaper to just call a cab. Can’t they just go to the Battalion Aid Station and request a prescription for birth control? $3 a month is lot cheaper and more efficient than going through an abortion.


I have always wondered why birth control isn’t provided free as a public service. Makes a lot more sense than Obamaphones and the like. Wonder if we really decided to chase it down if we couldn’t find a 100% reliable and reversable method of temporary sterilization that wouldn’t interfere with puberty. When you get old enough for a reasoned decision to have kids, then you get it reversed for free – till then, rape/incest/unwanted pregnancies become non-starters.


A lot of places it is free, majority of the population of the country.


The “free birth control” notion was an insult when I was a kid– only stupid people didn’t get it.


My favorite birth control is only banging married women – if she gets pregnant, it’s his issue.

The Stranger

Now that’s funny.


I also wonder how hard it is to get the “morning after pill” in the military. I suspect it is easy peazy.

USMC Steve

From my experience over 20 years in the Marines, I almost always saw the female troops getting pregnant in order to get out or to get out of duty for like a year and a half related to pregnancy, then getting out. Of course, the troopettes getting abortions were not exactly telling many folks about it either.

AW1 Rod

The woke Army and Air Force are already making accommodations.


Never thought pandering would be “moral high ground”… although it certainly signals how much.

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Saw this yesterday. I have a hypothetical question.
Given the inclusive political climate in D.C. if a biological male military member who self-identifies as a female approaches the commander for leave to have an abortion will they catch crap and receive extra duty or be told to have a good time and hurry back??? 😜 


Given the most recent CDRs I’ve had to deal with, they’d probably ask, “is it mine?”

A Proud Infidel®™

The Herders and Handlers are going full throttle at stirring up their useful idiots even more than they did spreading the China Virus Panic!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This Shit can’t get any better as I’ve mentioned how many times- A dozen, a hundred, a million, a zillion???. I just love this shit on what’s going on from most of these peeps that missed the 1960’s era and have to keep the old idea of protesting alive.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wonder how many of these “Protestors” are really “Astroturf Rent-a-Mobs” like the left claimed were at Trump Rallies? Let’s not forget that many times the left pays and transports their useful idiots from one place to another.


“cutting down on the number of women in the military.”

Oh the horror!
Let me solve both the abortion issue and the military issue…
Stay home and have babies. You can’t have a strong military
with all the gender equity bullshit going on.
Military service is about destroying the enemy, not about destroying our ability to do so.

Uh-oh……I’m gonna get flamed.

Slow Joe

I am outraged that nobody here flamed Limabeans for being so sexist and genderist!

The Stranger

Just for you, José Lento….

How dare you say such racist, sexist, transphobic….

I can’t finish, I’m laughing too hard. 🤣


I got the whole “but abortions save mother’s lives!” a few days ago, so I decided to look up how often that was actually the case wherein a fetus was tubal or otherwise endangering the mother. Depending on which study you look at and how much the source wants to max- or mini-mize the numbers, the BEST they can claim is on the order of 1%. I believe the minimum was on the order of .02%… which is .0002 of the cases. Hardly an everyday number.


Oh, those kooks will respond that having an abortion would save women from a life of slavery. Giving them “freedom” from the drudgery of child rearing “saves” their lives.


If you can stomach reading a Daily Kos article, it at least skirts the point I was making.


As a doctor involved in the surgery for tubal pregnancy, I can tell you that ending pregnancies that are not inside the uterus are not considered abortions.
The fertilized embryo that implants in the fallopian tubes, or really anywhere else besides the inside of the uterus, will not grow to term, and will eventually kill the mother.
An ectopic pregnancy is an urgent surgery and when the fallopian tube ruptures, that is a surgical emergency and surgery must be done immediately or the mother will die


Still trying to wrap my head around how murdering an unwanted baby translates to having reproductive health care.

RGR 4-78

What is it you have said about people control?


Yep! Plague me with my own words.

Seems like I remember a History Lesson from A Good Book, in re the FIRST (ht2 Hack Stone) data, downloaded on a Tablet, from The Cloud made reference to that whole “…thou shalt not kill…” thing.


We are created in the image of the One True God and Evil wants to destroy that image and anything related to it.

Ironic that the trans-humans digital world thinks salvation is in the data…The Word became flesh, what a rude awakening is in store!



The Stranger

Thou shalt not murder. Slightly different, but still applies to abortion. There is the theological concept of a just war, per St. Thomas Aquinas.


Any of y’all notice that the pro-baby-murder folks are the science deniers?
The same science-denying folks who say there is more than two sexes, or that one sex is “really” the other sex.


And, folks will know that, if a pregnant woman, bearing her child, is shot and killed, in most places the perpetrator will be charged with two counts of murder, one for mom, one for the baby. That certainly makes one wonder.


Not sure how the Supreme Court will rule. All I know is that at least one person on the court doesn’t even know what a woman is.

RGR 4-78

It depends on what your definition of “is” is.

Hack Stone

Anyone besides Hack Stone confused by those on the left stating that not having abortions available to service members will negatively impact combat readiness do not seem to have an issue with recruiting transgender troops, who, because of pre-surgery medical appointments for hormones and psychiatric evaluations, convalescent leave following “gender reassignment”, and all of the requisite follow up medical treatment will never deploy to a combat zone?


Remember how liberals are always saying we should emulate the enlightened European countries more? Well, here is an article about the legal restraints on abortion in Europe, and surprise, surprise, most of them are more restrictive than the Mississippi statute at the basis of this Supreme Court case:

Bill Maher Admits He Didn’t Know Something, Concerning Abortion (

Even a lefty like Maher admits he is surprised to learn this…

Green Thumb

When we rolled out, several women “became” pregnant. No deployment.

When we rolled back, on two or three had children.


I was more amazed at how many people suddenly realized they had a latex allergy.

There is nothing worse than a coward, save a coward in the profession of arms.

The Stranger

That’s right. I’m not combat arms but I never ran away from a deployment. Can’t figure that one out.


Honest question, if a woman gets an abortion while in uniform (assuming rape was neither a contributor nor an accusation), can she effectively claim the stress/procedure with the VA or MRDB?


She will likely tell some mind-reader that her abortion was traumatic and now she has the dreaded PTS of D. Then as soon as she is out of uniform, she will be claiming her PTSD disability at the VA.


I haven’t filled out a leave form in almost two decades. When did the form change so that you have to explain why you want to go on leave?


As a man that has had many abortions performed on me, I can tell you it DOES NOT harm Nat. Sec. Most of the time I was RTD within 15 minutes. After my fifth abortion I asked my PCM to remove my uterus.

E-4 Mafia For Life

Death row inmates and pedophiles should be considered as post-natal abortions and the procedures protected.

The Stranger

I find it funny that pro-abortion folks are almost always anti death penalty. Yet, among pro-lifers, there is a strong debate with regards to capital punishment. I respect pro-lifers who are against the death penalty; I think they’re wrong but I admire the courage of their convictions. Me personally, I don’t see an equivalence between an innocent life and someone who has taken another life so I have no problem putting a murderer down.