Nurses sentenced after hidden camera showed veteran gasping for breath, crying for help

| May 8, 2022

First Sgt James Dempsey

Somehow we missed the conclusion on this case when it happened back in March. We originally talked about retired National Guard Sergeant Major James Dempsey’s death nearly five years ago. A US Navy veteran of WWII, Dempsey’s final moments were captured on hidden camera as the 89-year-old man died begging for help from nurses who clearly didn’t care. The case took so long to adjudicate because the use of the video evidence of the crime was challenged all the way to the Georgia State Supreme Court.

WXIA out of Atlanta reports on the conclusion of Sergeant Major Dempsey’s uncaring caretakers;

Two metro Atlanta nurses are headed to prison and another is on probation for failing to save a dying man seen begging for help on a hidden camera video nearly eight years ago.

During a virtual hearing Tuesday afternoon, Loyce Agyeman pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, neglect to an elder person and concealing a death. DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Shondeana Morris sentenced her to eight years in prison.

A grand jury indicted Agyeman in 2018 with felony murder, which would have carried a potential life sentence. The district attorney’s office reached a plea deal with the former nurse and the judge approved it.

The sentence comes nearly five years after an 11Alive Reveal investigation uncovered hidden camera video that compelled law enforcement to arrest Agyeman and two of her former nursing homes colleagues for failing to save 89-year-old James Dempsey.

In 2014, Dempsey admitted himself to Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation following hip surgery. He did not have dementia and was expected to return home after he recovered. His family said they purchased a special van and a hospital bed for their father after he recovered.

He never made it home.

On Feb. 27, 2014, Dempsey complained to nursing staff about his heart and difficulty breathing. Instead of checking his vitals, a hidden camera installed by Dempsey’s family captured Agyeman telling him to stop pressing his call button for help and then leaving the room.

During the hearing, DeKalb County District Attorney Deputy Chief Jeanne Canavan told the judge a nursing assistant later noticed the World War II veteran was unresponsive.

Nurse Agyeman returned to the room at the time, but instead of starting CPR, she left for an hour to check if Dempsey requested a DNR, a ‘Do Not Resuscitate.’ When she finally confirms he did want his life saved in the event of an emergency, Agyeman still doesn’t try to save his life.

“Right then and then and there. She had violated the standard of care. She had violated her duty to Mr. Dempsey. She did not try to save his life,” said Canavan earlier this month to the judge, who heads the county’s elder abuse division.

In February, a judge sentenced nursing assistant Mable Turman to five years of probation. She pleaded guilty to concealing the death of another and neglect of an elder person and depriving an elder person of essential services.

Another nurse, Wanda Nuckles is charged with depriving an elder person of essential services and concealing the death of another. The state claims she failed to immediately start CPR when she first arrived at Dempsey’s bedside, too.

The hidden camera video shows Nuckles and Agyeman only aggressively started CPR as paramedics arrived at the facility. “The point is they worked together to conceal the gross negligence and disregard for human life that caused Mr. Dempsey to die on that night,” Canavan said.

Judge Morris ordered Agyeman to arrive at the DeKalb County Jail on Thursday, March 31 to start her sentence. During a hearing on Wednesday, Nuckles was sentenced to a year in prison after the nursing supervisor pleaded guilty to concealing the death of another. The judge ordered her to arrive at the DeKalb County Jail on April 1 for her one-year sentence.

Dempsey’s son said he’s glad it’s finally all over.

“It’s been a long road. Relief that it’s finally over. The coverage was around the world. I saw a news article in Australia, Europe, Canada,” he said. “It’s been unbelievable. Thank you, thanks Channel 11. Hopefully, this is the end of the trial but maybe it’s not the end to helping other people, elderly people, that may need help, that, they are better cared for.”

Much more at the source including a timeline of events that covers this eight year journey for justice.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Too bad they won’t serve enough time to rot in jail


Well, if you just stopped feeding them. . . .


Maybe they will need help in prison…..and don’t get it.


We can hope.


Hot-lanta, Blue State hellhole, for ya…


Whoa, whoa, whoa, Bro. Don’t paint the Great State of Georgia with the same brush you may use to paint the hellish sh^thole that is Atlanta Metro, and in particular Dekalb County. Millions of Georgians would dearly love to flush that whole section into the sewers. If Georgia got an enema, Dekalb County would be where the nozzle is inserted. Think Stacey Abrams district and the HQs of Election Stealers R Us. The thinking here is our present career RINO Guv traded a Presidential Election and 2 Senate seats for the guv’s job. The demographics of Metro changed when Katrina hit and thousands were bused in after Naw’lins flooded. LC’s MMV, but the overwhelming, suppressed evidence is there. Where is ‘Cump Sherman now that we need him? I’ll use my Zippo to light his torch for him.

At the very least, this case should be negligent homicide, if not out and out manslaughter. Even $ says they’ll be in a quick release facility and back on the job in short order.


Well, much the same way Austin, Houston and Hell Paso are Blue State hellholes within Texas, of course… 3 years at Ft McPherson, too.

Was back recently and it’s gotten worse– more like old Detroit in the original Robocop (especially around Ft Gillem) than comfortable.


Roger all that, Anonymous. Spot on. The Metro Areas, with a certain demographic, have gone a long way to ruining a number of states. Almost as if it was a part of some master plan.

Lot’s of supposed shady doings went on during that whole BRAC thing with Ft Mac and Gillem. Odd how Tylder Perry ended up with several hundred acres of the Ft Mac Property for a song, and the rest, along with Ft Gillem is awash with “public/private partnership $s”.


“Keepin’ it real” and “green” conflict, as TAH pointed out, about such places:
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

Sad but true, Anon.
I’m very glad I escaped Houston decades ago. I hate having to go there for any reason, but thank God LTCs and Open Carry are legal in the Great State of Texas.


What a bunch of worthless human beings. I hope their time inside is more miserable than they could imagine.


Have rope, will travel.


Blade from Son Tay raid.


That looks like a cut-down Army issue machete.



President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Or captured?

Manufactured for mission, few example’s were not confiscated after mission, for security OPSEC reasons.

A Proud Infidel®™️

May they experience the pain and misery they gave him.


Unfortunately, and all to often, ‘nursing home’ and ‘rehab’ staff don’t give a tinker’s damn about the people in their “care”.
Thankfully most of the staff do, but there are facilities that seem to foster a work environment of neglect.
After learning how one of my grandmother’s was “cared” for, we became all the more diligent about the care for our parents, and now for my brother. By God’s grace I was able to get him placed in a Christian-run facility where they truly care about him.
But eternal vigilance is necessary to protect our loved ones when they are vulnerable like this.

May these “nurses” actions be returned on their heads.


I needed a well deserved vacation after taking care of papa for eight years…put him in a facility for ten days…as we roll out of town we stopped by the place and pops strapped to wheelchair in a room, T.V. off, no water, crying with a dirty diaper. Took pictures and rolled him the fuck home while cussing in three languages at the lazy bitches.. We never went on vacation and never let pop out our sights again…


Ol’ Poe can’t help wondering if Sgt Major Dempsey’s “white privilege” wasn’t a factor here:

loyce agyeman – Bing images

And if so, wouldn’t that make this a hate crime, eligible for sentencing enhancements or even separate federal charges? 🤔  🤔  🤔 

Last edited 1 month ago by Poetrooper

Hmmmm. Makes me wonder just how much my long-term care insurance is actually worth.


Make your plans for a not-for-profit care center.

One thing I learned with my brother – from a PA that worked in/with nursing homes:

  • A private, for-profit care center is usually owned for around 3 years before being sold.
  • One can look at the Medicare ratings for a nursing home facility, and pick the best in your area. Then in three or fewer years it will be sold to a new group.
  • This new group will then proceed to cut costs, the quality of care decreases dramatically, and when the company has drained the most profit, they sell it again.
  • The new investor buys it cheep, increases the quality of care, and then sells at a profit – and the cycle begins anew.

I was fortunate to have a church-run not-for-profit care center nearby, and even more blessed to get him in one of the few Medicaid beds in the facility. The quality has been consistent through the years, the staff is wonderful and caring, the therapy is consistent with minimal staff change.

Look for one of those places.

Skivvy Stacker

Use of video evidence was challenged?
That’s the defense arguing; “you can’t use actual evidence that clearly shows our clients were directly responsible for the death of the victim…that would be far too constitutionally allowable! You have to rule that it is inadmissible because video cameras didn’t exist in 1787!”


June 6, 2018
[Nurses, aide plead not guilty in death of 89-year-old WWII vet]

3 nurses Loyce Agyeman SGM death 1.jpg

Surely race had nothing to do with it. /sarc


Isn’t the one on the left a Mayor?

A Proud Infidel®™

All three of them look like soul-sucking vampires.


These bitches all seem to have one thing in common, besides not giving a fuck that an 89 year old hero is dying. Why the hell is this not being tried as a hate crime? I’m so damn tired of asking ‘What if the races were reversed?’ and being told that it doesn’t work that way.


Because progressives… and their dogma (not bigotry when leftists do it):
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous
A Proud Infidel®™

Fuck Prayga Agarwhal, his hose and his retarded hound dog sideways with the same broken toilet brush.


That dipshit “Dr” is conveniently forgetting there have been civilized societies on the Indian subcontinent for 5,000 years that by the time the Europeans arrived had organized themselves into the most rigid caste systems on earth. But no matter how vicious and destructive the caste systems were, all that kind of cruelty and mistreatment were fine and dandy because all the parties involved were various shades of brown.

While the Brits and the Portuguese may have been racist assholes, they were in charge for only a few hundred years, a mere bump in the road of Indian history. But that’s what this prick is hung up on because of what? Skin color (even though many of the Portuguese were as dark as their Indian minions) and cultural privilege that was no more oppressive than their homegrown caste systems.

So, who’s the friggin’ racist here, Doc, hmm? 🤔  🤔  🤔 

Last edited 1 month ago by Poetrooper

Oh, forgot to add, there was widespread slavery in India centuries before the Europeans arrived, with browns ruthlessly oppressing browns…


Not to mention suttee:
comment image


Subtract nurses age from patients age to find how many years difference and give that as a jail sentence.

I’m sure the age difference is greater than 8 years.


Join a field that requires compassion as a matter of man’s law and the Law as given to His children of God Himself, then you pull this shit?!
Look, I know you’re a bunch of asshole criminals and the sentence you receive here on earth is a small portion of what’s in store for ya.
I pray you pieces of garbage truly repent and find peace before Saint Peter gets his say.


the rot of the death cult always…always…starts in the “healthcare” professions. Doctors and Nurses are always among the first to advocate for killing people on an industrial scale.

The other “early adopter” group for the murderous isms are “educators” and “academics”.

When reading the histories of the USSR, China, Germany, etc, I am always struck by how many so called professionals in the medical, law, education, and law enforcement professions who are leaders in implementing the death culture.

Mustang Major

Sad, but too often an occurrence. Glad to see these three miscreants spending time behind bars.

Northwest Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation isn’t highly thought of by the staff. Here is a link to employee reviews:


Oh, well. Another old dude out the way. Ladies, your time will come.



Name edited to protect PII.