Marine Corps Veteran Killed in Ukraine

| April 29, 2022

Several news outlets are reporting that Marine veteran Willy Joseph Cancel has been killed fighting for Ukraine, making him the first American to die fighting in that war.

Cancel was 22 years old and leaves behind a wife and 7-month-old daughter.  Cancel was over in Ukraine as part of a contracting company.  He had just gotten out of the Marine Corps in November of 2021.

From CNN:

American killed fighting alongside Ukrainian forces in Ukraine

Cancel, a former US Marine, according to his mother, signed up to work for the private military contracting company on top of his full-time job as a corrections officer in Tennessee shortly before the war in Ukraine broke out at the end of February, Cabrera said. When the war began, the company, according to Cabrera, was searching for contractors to fight in Ukraine and Cancel agreed to go, Cabrera said.

“He wanted to go over because he believed in what Ukraine was fighting for, and he wanted to be a part of it to contain it there so it didn’t come here, and that maybe our American soldiers wouldn’t have to be involved in it,” Cabrera told CNN in a phone interview.

Cancel flew to Poland on March 12 and crossed into Ukraine sometime over March 12 and 13, Cabrera said.

Cancel was formerly a US Marine, according to his mother, Rebecca Cabrera.

The group of men Cancel was fighting alongside were from “all different countries,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera was told by those who notified her of her son’s death that his body had not been found.

“They haven’t found his body,” she said. “They are trying, the men that were with him, but it was either grab his body or get killed, but we would love for him to come back to us.”

A State Department official said they are “aware of these reports and are closely monitoring the situation.”

“Due to privacy considerations, we have no further comment,” the official added. “We once again reiterate US citizens should not travel to Ukraine due to the active armed conflict and the singling out of US citizens in Ukraine by Russian government security officials, and that US citizens in Ukraine should depart immediately if it is safe to do so, using any commercial or other privately available ground transportation options.”


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Hack Stone

What’s a 22 year old guy with a wife and kid thinking that it would be a good idea to go and fight in Ukraine? Doubt that this “company” that employed him has anything close to what SGLI would cover.


The “wife and kid” part immediately told me that there is a lot
more going on here so I will hold my fire in all sectors.


Dood, you could have just reenlisted.
I too am going to hold out for additional details. 22?? Damn, he must have enlisted at like 17 1/2.


Not this time.
Not this guy.
See below.


Well apparently this story shit the bed worse than Amber Heard

The Stranger


Wow…I feel bad for his family. They’re paying the price for what looks to be a move either borne out of desperation or an attempt to stroke his ego.

Hack Stone

Or to “get his good name” back? Of course, we are all wondering what lawful order he disobeyed while assigned to Camp Lejeune.

A Proud Infidel®™

A Proud Infidel®™ wonders as well. During my time in, it took a pretty hard dickstomping to get a Big Chicken Dinner

USMC Steve

As you know Hack, there are a whole host of them.


Another wounded American is claiming to have served in the RANGER regiment and A-stain, BUTTTT is only 20 years old.
It’s possible. 🤔 


“Served” like in serving MREs.


And another piece of the puzzle… falls into place.

[Marine Corps spokesperson Maj. Jim Stenger said
Cancel was given a bad conduct discharge
for violating a lawful general order
and was never deployed to a combat zone,
according to the Associated Press.]


Wife + baby + bad conduct discharge from the U.S. Marines.

Native of Hudson Valley, NY.
Went to HS in Newburgh, 13 miles from West Point.
But living in Tennessee.
Not a good look for a merc.


Cancel dies in Ukraine_0.png

Ol’ Poe’s first impression upon looking at that wedding photo was that the look on that kid’s face and his reluctant posture is absolutely screaming,

“Somethin’ ain’t quite right with this boy…”


Well, liberal Hollyweird made that heroic…

Hack Stone

It’s very confusing. So now Hollywood is saying Government Contractors for Black Bag Ops are now the good guys?

Hack Stone

Just saw that NBC Today Show reported he was an 0300 with a BCD. Yeah, there definetely is more to this story.

Green Thumb

BCD = Shitbag.

Hack Stone

How did he score a job as a Corrections Officer if he was awarded a Bad Conduct Discharge? And what reputable contracting company would hire someone with a BCD? Inquiring minds want to know what company sent him into the combat zone.

Green Thumb


A lot of smoke on this one.


Yeah, I thought there was something off when all of this was first released.

It’s too bad that it’s gotten to the point where my first instinct is to second guess every little thing that’s released on the news these days, but here we are.


Well, we know it wasn’t over this.
BCD Cancel was booted from the Marines
26 days BEFORE the USMC vaccination deadline.

Hack Stone

There was a thread on a Marine Facebook page saying that his Disobedience of A Lawful Order charge was related to him bringing a loaded gun to the barracks to play Russian Roulette, resulting in the death of one Marine. No idea if if that was the case, but it is the only one Hack saw so far.


There is a lot of this story that seems to be missing. From a local paper in NY he was an employee at a privately run prison (who knows what kind of background check or requirements) in TN for about 7 months and took a job with a military contracting company. Good possibility he got a good pay raise, and that why he went.