Anchorage Valor Thief

| April 20, 2022

William Joe Westfall, Valor Thief

Our own ninja sends us the sad tale of one William Joe Westfall, who decided to parlay his honorable Vietnam Era service into false claims for personal benefit.

Not satisfied with his time as a Navy E-6 computer technician who never set foot in-country, Billy Joe here filed false Medicare and Social Security claims, and supplied a forged DD-214 to the VA.

He was caught.

Anchorage Man Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges

Involving passports and the receipt of $518,401 in fraudulent government benefits

ANCHORAGE – An Anchorage man was charged by information today and immediately pleaded guilty to passport fraud, health care benefits fraud, false statements relating to health care benefits, Social Security benefits fraud and false statements.

According to court documents, William Joe Westfall, 72, was born in 1949 and served in the U.S. Navy from July 1972 – July 1978. He was a computer technician and retired as a Petty Officer First Class. He did not serve in the Vietnam War, was never stationed in Vietnam, and never traveled to Vietnam or the waters near Vietnam during his service in the U.S. Navy.

Despite his true past, Westfall applied for Medicare benefits in December 2010 stating that he was born in 1941 when he knew that he was born in 1949. Based on this false information, U.S. agencies determined that Westfall was eligible for Medicare and additional Social Security benefits. Since this time, Westfall has received more than $44,000 in Medicare benefits to which he was not entitled and $144,000 more than he was entitled to in Social Security benefits.

In June 2011, Westfall applied for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) medical benefits. In support of his application, Westfall submitted a military discharge document known as a DD-214 to establish eligibility based on prior service in Vietnam. The DD-214 showed his alleged Vietnam War service and 1941 birth year. Westfall also later claimed to have been a diver in the U.S. Navy, suffered hearing loss as a result of his Vietnam service and to have been exposed to Agent Orange in order to obtain a service-related disability determination through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The DD-214 and statements about his service in Vietnam, including the associated health issues arising from that service, were false.

Westfall’s Facebook

He has pled guilty, will pay full restitution and faces up to 10 years in a Federal lockup. Photos of bike, vest and service animal unavailable at posting.

Thanks, ninja.

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We now include the <b> NEW & IMPROVED
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Can I get an AMEN?! (Or your choice of exclamation/interjection.)
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Since this new Stolen Valor Phony Vietnam Veteran
brought back fairly recent memories of Alaska Bob Glaves….

I suggest that VG/TAH could run a new
“Where Are They Now?”
series of NEW articles on past phonies.

There’s a DECADE to choose from.
Many of them NEVER admitted publicly, came clean, nor apologized.
Zero remorse, that the Fu of Google can see.
Worse, more than a few of them went right back it,
as we’ve recently seen, once again,
at the Sons of the Revolution in Mount Vernon, Washington.

VG/TAH could cherry pick the worst of the worst,
the remorseless, the heavy hitters, the heavy handed,
and give them some NEW internet visibility and Google-osity.

Many of us have favorites already in mind.
New “Where Are They Now?” articles could begin with
the likes of Maggie DeSanti, or “Skippy” Howard Archer.

Win-Win. Especially for VG/TAH… & MP. 🙂

Archer Howard Skip and Maggie DeSanti.jpg

Alternate series title suggestion…
“Have you seen this military phony?”

Anyone deploying the Fu of Google on Old Bat Maggie,
will get a pleasant (or unpleasant) surprise,
depending on how they know Maggie,
and why they are deploying the Fu of Google on her name.

Hoping this helps. 🙂


Maggie’s Fu of Google, today.
Still way too many con job phony news articles on Page 1.

000 Maggie Google 1.jpg
Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

#3 is MP.
#1 is military dot com with their article about her “claims”.
VG/TAH is way down, now on Page 4.

000 Maggie Google 2 Top 5.jpg

Great Idea, MarineDad61!

Especially because the majority of them have never and most likely will never admit their shortcomings!

Kinda sad, isn’t it. It’s called NARCISSISM.

Majority of them are afflicted with some sort of mental illness/personality disorder that they live in an alternate reality world or are in complete denial about their embellishments or lies.


I nominate Derek Alldred for this “honor.” None of our other phony ponies have committed as many frauds as Derek. He was not only a fake SEAL, but also a fake Navy fighter pilot, an Admiral, a secret agent, and an NCIS agent. But it is easy to answer “Where is He Now?” He is in the federal pen in Oregon, serving his 24 year sentence for only about a third of his many felonies. He, like our beloved Maggie, is also one who never served a day in a real uniform. He is the only one who rated a two hour “Dateline” about his misdeeds.


Oh and one time <b> Blake Morgan</b> said: “ I swear I was hearing “O Beautiful for spacious skies… For amber waves of grain” playing as I was reading this…. “
So without further ado, here is a link to the New York Orchestra performing America the Beautiful, at Carnegie Hall, for your listening pleasure, if you want a musical accompaniment to the <b> The As(s)teroid of Insults®™ </b>


<b>Patton Quote added to the end …</b>
On George S. Patton: (Multiple sources but… )
“He could, when necessary, open up with both barrels and let forth such blue-flamed phrases that they seemed almost eloquent in their delivery. When asked by his nephew about his profanity, Patton remarked, “When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can’t run an army without profanity; and it has to be eloquent profanity. An Army without profanity couldn’t fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag.”


Speaking of using words, of late, I’ve been reminded of someone who gave us this classic piece, something many of us grew up with and is, in my opinion, worthy of consideration, having assembled this diatribe, I give to you this…The Man and His Work.





And KoB leads the entire Assembly of Adorable and D’Weeded Deplorables in a Mighty Hossanah of AMEN! (and a number of AWOMENS)

All Hail The TAH As(s)teroid of Insults and the Keeper thereof, ChipNASA! ALL HAIL