Annual Fundraiser -Here All Week(end)!

| July 1, 2022

What, already?

It’s time to shamelessly rattle the cup, and I’m your huckleberry. I recall Jonn’s reticence to ask for help, and I thought it pretty humorous the tuff paratrooper Platoon Sergeant gladly handed the chore off to me. See, I have no such qualms.

The best things in life are free, but sadly it takes money to pay all the expenses. Hosting the domain, Professional Licensing, Insurance, Attorney Fees, Internet, Phones, Continuing Education requirements, tax prep, PI software renewals, and a host of other cats and dogs all go into making this happen.

What we do not collect in donations to the cause, several of us pay out of pocket. Its always been that way. Please help us to provide the content you’ve come to enjoy, and at the same time keep the Stolen Valor fires burning at Military Phony. Without support the sites go away.

Y’all know me, and know I’d never ask any to do what I wouldn’t, so please join me in tickling the Donate option of your choice top right on the home page. You have our absolutely deepest appreciation for your generous donation, and have our assurance not a dime is wasted.

The snail-mail address will be provided individually, per request.

Many thanks,


From Dave,

Just wanted to add a few things here.  The preservation of our content since 2006 remains one of our primary missions.  We have lost a lot of the people that helped make this community what it is over the years.  However, their presence on the interwebnetthingy lives on.  Many thanks to so many of you who have made that possible.

We are now hosting nearly 100 gig of content.  I mentioned a while back that I wanted to buy an new router for one of our locations out of your donations but I decided to just pay for it out of pocket instead.  One of our other admins has contributed so much of his expertise, time, and money over the years I could never find the words to thank him enough.  He has refused to let me acknowledge him publicly so this is the only way I can come close to doing it…  From all of us here, thank you so much Pumpkin.

One of our other regular content contributors has stepped up to help support us in the past and has done so again recently.   How can I ever thank them enough for all of their content contributions alone?  Their continued financial support leaves me speechless, not a thing often achieved.

If you find our site worthwhile,  please help us preserve it and continue to produce great new content.   I have a pretty good stock of booze and cigars at the moment and the Former Soviet seems content enough.  The burden that your contributions takes off of us is a huge thing.  Thank you so very much.  You should all get a thank you from AT&T and a few other faceless corporations as well.  Don’t hold your breath.

Humbly Submitted,





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Hack Stone

Hack Stone will make another donation in the memory of Elaine Ricci.


Posted one of the comments on last year’s fundraising thread, a way to donate via PayPal. The link appears to offer the option to either make a one-time donation or a monthly one.

Donate to PayPal.jpg
Hack Stone

Stupid Hack Stone was the first to comment on the fundraiser thread, yet it took him until this afternoon to open his wallet. For some reason, those that run the website declined a donation of 100 shares of a proud but humble woman owned business formerly located on Wilson Lane in Bethesda Maryland.

While we wait for the backlog of record checks to clear, how about running some “Classic Poser” threads, with an update of what the miscreant has been up to since his/her last appearance? Sure would love to know what Gunny Highway has been up to, other than driving cans of paint around the Delaware Valley. Check his Linked In account, hard to believe that someone that dense graduated from a Catholic High School.

Hack Stone

Have you considered corporate sponsorship? Quite a few notable companies involved with n raising awareness for stolen valor, to include Prudential Associates of Rockville Maryland, Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency of Cordova Tennessee, and of course All Points Logistics of Merritt Island Florida.


Hack Stone, don’t forget that fine group out in Elko NV. Maybe they could hold a chili cook off competition for us. Help raise awareness of who we are and what we do. A swimsuit calender featuring The Soviet might bring in some coin of the Realm too.

The check is in the mail…no, for reelz, it is. I haven’t lost that lovin’ feelin’.

Green Thumb

I think reaching out to Phil Monkress and All-Points Logistics is an excellent idea.

I am sure he has some extra cash laying around from those taxpayer-funded contracts he obtained with his fake Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.


Done. Just don’t spend it on the cheap shit. Top shelf!

Old tanker

Done via pay pal.


sent thru Paypal.  🇺🇲 


Done! PayPal.

You folks do a super job!


Amex – Done

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Made a donation yesterday and after reading the fund raiser a few minutes ago, I made another donation. Love this site.

Green Thumb



Can you swing by in the corporate jet to pick up these 5ç deposit cans yourselves, or…


Just donated AW1 Ed… hope it helps!

A Terminal Lance Coolie

Sent via PayPal


A Big Shout Out to AW1Ed, Mason, thebesig, Steve Balm, Hondo, Ex-PH2..and of course, our fearless leader, Dave…

What they do is PRICELESS…taking time to research and post interesting articles/recipes for us to comment.

Thank You To All! Keep Up The Great Work!



Thank you AW1Ed, Dave, and all the other contributors who keep this site up and running 24/7, 365, and always 5 X 5! Though I read more now than comment, this is one of my great pastimes.


$30 sent via PayPal.

Let’s get someone new
to replace Leslie R. Coward
at the top of MP.

Is Thomas Cole still pushing his suck on boys (Boy Scouts)?
Phony 2 Purple Hearts suck?


Done. Don’t spend it in one place.

Robert Szrama

I would like to increase the amount I am giving but I’m not sure how to do it. In other words, I don’t want to have two separate donations coming to you from me. I’ll go check the donate button and see if there’s an obvious way. If not I’ll be coming back to you


If you have a subscription and would like to change the amount, I believe the way to do it is to cancel the first one and reenter another. I *think* but don’t know for sure – that it will yank out the new amount right away since this would be the first month. Best to do it just before you know it will deduct the old amount – i.e. cancel and enter new one. As always, I could be wrong but I believe this is how it works.


From PayPal:

To cancel, suspend, reactivate, or change a subscription:

  1. Log in to your PayPal Business or Premier account at
  2. At the top of the page, click Activity.
  3. From the Transaction drop-down menu, click Subscription agreements.
  4. Use Search for transactions or any combination of the drop-down menus to locate a subscription. 
  5. Locate the subscription that you want to modify and click the subscription name.
  6. The Subscription details page opens.
  7. Click an action button or link:
  • Cancel
  • Suspend
  • Reactivate
  • Change
  1. Confirm or save changes.
  2. The page is refreshed with a confirmation of the action taken.


Although all that donated should have received an individual thank you, I wanted to take the time to thank you as a community.

To those that sent checks via USPS mail – we’ll eventually acknowledge those donations when they come in. In this regard, we are much more like a flea-bitten plow horse than a Kentucky Derby thoroughbred racehorse, but we’ll eventually get the job done.

Besides stepping up to the plate when we rattle the tin cup, you all continue to donate in other ways – research, commenting, valuable expertise, etc – and this makes the mission such a unique effort and success. We often hear that the witty comments are what bring people to the site.

The SV cases, although less frequent, continue to be a challenge with the backlog at NPRC. We just got a request back that we made in January of 2021, although it merely stated that the record is currently checked out (high visibility media case). We continue to keep submitting, however.

Last edited 1 year ago by Steve Balm

Donation made.
Question – How can I become member with the ability to post pictures? I’ve been here for a long time, used to help Jonn and Dave with poser research, but haven’t been asked for such assistance in a while.
I think I’m in the “posts do not have to be cleared by an admin before appearing in the site” group, but I can’t post images, and I have limited editing rights.
Oh, and what are attorney fees for? Can I help since I am an attorney licensed and active in Tennessee.


We have an attorney on retainer. The fees are related to minor items such as responding in kind to another attorney that sends us a letter on behalf of their client. Most matters can be handled at this level but we can always use the help from anyone versed in military-related matters.


Check your email for more information.



Just tossed some Flight Pay into the TAH tin cup.

Team TAH: keep up the great work!

Semper Fidelis


Via PayPal. I am thankful and grateful that this site exists, persists and even flourishes.



RGR 4-78

My apologies that it took so long.

Sent some DWMS a few minutes ago.


A day late and a dollar short you say?
Well well, I took care of that.
Doing my part to pay the rent for the Blog/Thread/Hotel room for The As(s)teroid of Insults®™