Biden’s Border Blunder

| April 7, 2022

Don’t mess with Texas. Or Florida. Since Biden won’t come to the border, the border will come to him. In response to PINO Joe’s handlers’ decision to end Title 42 restrictions, governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) said he will institute a voluntary program to transport illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

Governor DeSantis (R-FL) has made a similar statement, vowing to send illegals dumped in the Sunshine State to Delaware.

Title 42 is part of U.S. health law which prohibits entry into the United States when “there is a serious danger to the introduction of a communicable disease into the United States.” The Trump administration used it during the COVID-19 pandemic to deny illegal migrants entry.

PINO Joe’s handlers plan to allow the law to expire in May, opening the floodgates to a massive influx of illegals.

Poetrooper sends.

BREAKING: Texas to send illegal migrants to Washington, DC on charter buses

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced the state will provide charter buses to send illegal immigrants to Washington, DC.

Jarryd Jaeger

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced the state will provide charter buses to send illegal immigrants to Washington, DC.
The crisis at the United States-Mexico border has shown no signs of slowing down, and the Biden administration has done little to quell the flow of illegal immigrants into the country.

In response, Texas governor Greg Abbott has decided to bring the issue directly to those in Washington, DC.

On Wednesday, Gov. Abbott held a press conference wherein he announced a creative plan to get the Biden administration to pay attention to the crisis his state faces.

“To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden administration,” Gov. Abbott said, “Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants … to Washington, DC.”

“We are sending them to the United States’ capital where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border.

“According to the Texas Tribune, Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd stated that 900 buses will be sent.

The Post Millennial

The reaction from the Left is exactly what one would expect. “Any forcible busing of migrants across the country would be outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional,” ACLU of Texas staff attorney Kate Huddleston said in a statement reported by The Texas Tribune.

Heh. Exactly what PINO Joe is doing now, and not limited to busses. Thanks, Poe.

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51million votes!


“Don’t Mess with Texas” began as the slogan for a state anti-littering campaign back in the 80’s and has now become the state’s battle cry. It’s even on the official crest of the attack sub, USS Texas:

comment image

The Eyes of Texas are upon you, FJB, for messing with Texas…


Elton John’s “Texas Love Song”, not a bad tune to play good and loud!


Good on them…


Saw this last night via news and gave both Governors a Standing Ovation…

Start bussing them to Pelosi’s AOR (BTW, she has tested positive for COVID).

Send them to Maxine Waters. To Newsome. To the VP’s home area. To Adam Schiff’s home area. To the Squad’s home area. To Jon Stewarts home area.

You get the picture.

Majority of them are Young Single Males. They have been issued Government Smartphones to keep “track” of them.

Yeah. Right.

According to the Libs, the USA is a hateful, racist country. That explains why all these folks wanna come here….sarc.

All of this is gonna backfire this coming November…History DOES have a way of repeating itself since we seem to not learn from History.

Am gonna say this now and get it off my chest. I did NOT vote for Mitt. Something deep inside of me did not have a good feeling him…And NO, I did NOT vote for BHO.

My gut feeling/intuition was correct. Mitt voted for Brown for SCOTUS. I can sleep at night.


Sorry, but the logistics of this shit sandwich is too big even for Texas. They simply don’t have the resources. All hat, no cattle. A few dozen here, and there – maybe. This is invasion USA. We are talking tens of thousands per day. No way Gov Abbott has the manpower to handle this – much less the CBP. I’m afraid the only thing that will get PINO Joey Bumbles attention is if republicans take back the House & Senate, they put some severe oversight on this lawless admin and place a hold on all Cabinet level & federal court judge nominations.


Forgot to mention illegals can only be transported voluntarily. So, Gov Abbotts’ hands are largely tied. Also, Republicans are for most part damn near useless on border security. Lots of bark, but no bite. Their donors love cheap labor. This will be a problem if 45 gets back in the WH, just like the GOP swamp creatures stymied his wall construction.


Ol’ Poe read somewhere that this is strictly a volunteer program: it will be offered and those who don’t want to go to DC won’t be forced to. But since DC is the wealthiest area in the nation and run by flaming libs, they (Texas) won’t likely get too many refusals.

As for the “all hat and no cattle” characterization, Texas has the world’s 9th largest GDP, so Abbott’s not exactly letting his mouth overload his ass:

Texas enters 2021 as world’s 9th largest economy by GDP (


Gotcha Poe. It’s the massive scale of the invasion. No doubt Texas is a wealthy State w/ an economy larger than most European Union countries. However, Gov Abbot only has a limited number of troops, vehicles, air assets, etc. Texas DPS can deal w/ the small groups that try to sneak through, but not an invasion of thousands upon millions. Unfortunately, the lawless WH & DHS refuse to enforce immigration laws. They want a wide-open border. Let them all in! Not forgetting about all the fentanyl streaming through that’s killing Americans by the thousands.


No argument from me on that…


Build the wall on the dry bones of GOP swamp dwellers. Or something like that.


DC and Delaware. And NY and every state that the libs are fleeing to get away from their self created disasters.

A Proud Infidel®™

DC, Delaware, NYC, San Foo-foo, LA and every hellhole lorded over by D-rats that support illegal immigration.


Nero fiddled while Rome burned. prezzy sniffy is pouring gasoline on the fire.

In my opinion, this is more postering by career politicians. As pointed out above, the logistics behind this plan is a nightmare. As David Crockett told Buck Travis when he first looked at the Alamo, “Colonel, we’re gonna need more men”, thus I tell these Guvs “Ya gonna need more buses.” For those that are hoping for a Red Wave come November? Hope is no Battle Plan. Remember who counts the votes now.

Goodbye America, this Southern American Loved You. You gave more to the world than any other Republic before you. We now know how the Roman Centurians felt after standing shoulder to shoulder in their Phalanxes, defending Rome from the Barbarians. They, like us, finally realized that the politicians were the Barbarians and were already inside the gates. Today, they appointed to the Supreme Court the least competent nominee, EVAH!


I heard on Newsmax that Gov Abbott is planning on blocking commerce from Mexico. Either Mexican gov’t does more to stop illegals from reaching Southern border, or all roads into Texas will be closed. Well see, stay tuned.


That was very well written and I agree with every word you said.
I also love the reference to the centurions facing the barbarians at the fall of Rome.
It would be better to say that the Romans fought in maniples.(with short swords)
It was the Greeks who fraught in phalanxes with the super long spears.
At the battle of cynocephalus the Roman maniple defeated the Greek phalanx and ended use of spear phalanx until the middle ages.


Doc, Thank you for those kind words, Good Sir. And Thank you for correcting my misuse of terminology for ancient formations. Somestimes my blood pressure is higher than my ability to remember things when I get all het up over what is happening to our Beloved Country. I lived and worked most of my life with the concern that we would be destroyed by a rain of Thermonuclear Warheads. I never thought, until the beginning of the Klintoon Krime Klan, that we would be destroyed from within. There is no doubt at all in my mind now that we WILL be destroyed from within. Krushev grins as Patrick Henry weeps.


Cochise County AZ, more specifically Sierra Vista, is having daily high-speed chases. “Load cars” recruited by the cartels via Facebook are hauling ass through the area. A few crashes but so far no innocent injuries or deaths. But there’s no border problem.


Aroostook County ME has about 400 miles of border with Canada, most of it “wide open” woods.
Funny how illegals don’t flood the border although the 9/11
hijackers did just drive right through the Houlton crossing.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ft Huachuca is right next door. I’m sure if the civilian authorities quietly put out the word that they’re looking for volunteers (under anonymity and limited immunity), they’d have plenty of soldiers available to help them protect the border.
(wonder what happened to that radar dirigable? Is it still in operation? Isn’t it supposed to be pointed south to interdict drug smugglers? If the SV police aren’t using that, it’s an asset gone to waste)

It’s still there. Has no ground tracking capability, but does track aircraft very well. Huachuca doesn’t exactly have enough active duty Soldiers to spare. Can’t use Intel students for that stuff.

Forrest Bondurant

“Any forcible busing of migrants across the country would be outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional.”

Using the logic of the left, the response to that is: “Only racist xenophobes wouldn’t admit illegal immigrants into their city!”


Hey Kate Huddleston, you and your Leftist friends. FUCK YOU. Go ahead and try and stop us.
DO IT!!!
Gov Abbott, DO IT!!!! Pack the busses at the border and just push them illegals right the fuck on there and DC here we come!!! and San Fran, Here we COME, and New YAWK!! HERE WE COME!!!!


A couple weeks ago the Brandon administration was looking at pulling Veterans Administration health care providers to the border. Now Brandon is giving illegals phones so they can “check in” (if ever).

Not mentioned is who is paying for “their” phone plan when they call back to Armenia, Romania, Cuba, Somalia or Niger to tell relatives to “Come On over and get some of this free stuff!!!”

In addition to bussing to D.C. I think blue states like Delaware , for example, could benefit with a few busses from the border, “voluntary on the part of the welcomed Illegal” of course.