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| March 18, 2022

Rock River Arms 1911 A1

Man Who Killed Guest at Cabin Acted in Self-Defense, DA Says
A Pennsylvania district attorney says a man who fatally shot a guest at his cabin nine times did so out of self-defense when the guest was threatening others with an assault rifle while high on mushrooms.

FRANKLIN, Pa. (AP) — A man who fatally shot a guest at his cabin in Pennsylvania nine times did so out of self-defense, a county district attorney has determined while pushing back against criticism that the investigation lacked transparency.

Evidence from the case supported witness accounts that Peter Spencer, 29, of Pittsburgh, was shot early Dec. 12 at the cabin in Venango County while he was high on psychedelic mushrooms, firing an assault rifle and threatening others. No charges will be filed, District Attorney D. Shawn White said Tuesday.

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US News

Bronx gunman fatally shoots teen rival armed with knife after quarrel inside van
Rocco Parascandola, New York Daily News

An argument inside a van turned deadly in the Bronx when a gunman fatally shot a teen who pulled a knife on him, police said Thursday.

Both the victim and shooter were inside the van with others when it pulled up to E. 172nd St. and Harrod Ave. as a quarrel broke out between them just before 3 p.m. Wednesday, cops said.

When 18-year-old Dellin Scarlett flashed a knife his rival opened fired, leaving the victim riddled with bullets, cops said.

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George V

Where did Friday go? The heading says “Saturday FGS”.

George V

Thanks. I thought my short term memory got to where I’d forgotten an entire day. You know, they say memory is the first thing to go. Or is it the second? I can’t remember.


Who doesn’t want to start the weekend early?


This past week has felt like Friday since Wednesday. Thursday and Friday really sucked after that


“Why you shoot him nine (9) times?” “I didn’t have a spare magazine with more bullets.” “…lacked transparency.” Bet the nine (9) holes in the perp shed some light and were apparent.

Another knife to a gunfight? *sigh*

Looks like the New Yawk Slimes is finally admitting the Truth about the laptop computer that belonged to the Artist formerly known as Hunter.

Today’s gunz pr0n is proof that, despite what he and Mick post, AW1Ed loves his Gun Bunny and wants him to be happy. A CC on my Formerly NIB Kimber 1911 Custom LW hasn’t meant much adjustment in my wardrobe, but does determine which of my vehicles I drive. The wrap around sport seat in Little Josey, The Gray Rider, makes for close quarters with the seat belt latch.


First rule: “Don’t shoot till you think he’s dead, shoot till HE thinks he’s dead”

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Nine times?
Either the shooter had “buck fever” and couldn’t stop until he ran out of ammo, OR…….what caliber was he using? OR….the deceased was SOOOOO hopped up on ‘shroom that he couldn’t feel anything until his body shut down.