Ukraine Wants Foreign Reinforcements

| March 7, 2022

Russian KA-52 “Hokum-B” Attack Helo

Numerous potential combatants on social media are expressing their desire to join in the fight in Ukraine. Most claim to be U.S. veterans. None of their stories could be verified.

Their interest is piqued by social media posts from Ukrainian government offices, offering “foreigners willing to defend Ukraine” the opportunity to join an “International Legion of Territorial Defense.”

Ukraine’s deputy minister of defense Hanna Maliar said that the country has received “thousands” of requests from foreigners to fight in their war.

Some are already there.


By Nolan Peterson

KYIV, Ukraine — During his two tours in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger, Adam never wrote a death letter to his mother. After just two days in Ukraine, he’s finally ready to write that last farewell.

Although he’s come to help train civilians in irregular warfare, Adam, who spent four years of his early adulthood fighting insurgents in Afghanistan, says he’s now ready to join a Ukrainian insurgency — should Russian forces attack the capital city of Kyiv.

“I’m just here because the Ukrainians are fighting for their independence and I think I can help that. I figured it would be a better use of my time on this earth to come help them,” says Adam, who asked that his last name not be used due to security concerns.

“This is their 1776,” he adds.

A 25-year-old former US Army corporal from South Carolina, Adam served in the 1st Ranger Battalion from 2015 to 2019. On this Tuesday night, Feb. 8, he’s enjoying pizza and beer at a downtown Kyiv restaurant. When he starts to explain what it was like to say goodbye to his mother a few days ago, he pauses, takes a swig of beer, and waits a moment. For a split second, the young man’s eyes reflect the light a little differently. Then he blinks his eyes clear and says, “My mom really didn’t want me to go. It was the hardest goodbye of my life.”

Earlier that afternoon, Adam led a group of Ukrainian civilians through a basic military training course. Among the trainees was a 13-year-old boy named Oleg. Hours later while at dinner, Adam stares into his beer and explains that the sight of Oleg training for war had laid bare the potential human tragedy of a Russian re-invasion of Ukraine.

“He just looked so young,” Adam says. “That kid should be out playing with his friends, not getting ready for a Russian invasion.”

Good read at Coffee Or Die.

Before any sign up, best be aware of the potential legal ramifications of entering foreign service. Although a person’s service in the armed forces of a foreign country may not constitute a violation of U.S. law, such action could serve as a predicate act for the relinquishment of U.S. citizenship under 349(a)(3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) [8 U.S.C. 1481].

The Russians will likely consider one a war criminal if captured, without protections afforded under the Geneva Convention. The consequences of that need no explaining.

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SouthPark got PutteZ figured out.
spew alert 😱 


As I said over in the comments for the “NPRC Returns to Full Operations” post, The POSer Bitch is in heat again, and a whole new gigantic litter of phonies just got spawned.

Let the “there I was in Kyiv…” bullshit begin.


Half of England is now SAS Embassy assaulters vets.



Wonder when the Ukraine International Legion of Territorial Defense patches will start to be sold on line?

We’re gonna have to start checking leather vests…

Green Thumb

I imagine All-Points Logistics is moving on that contract as we speak.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) cannot pass that opportunity up.


Well, lookee here. Now we know what to look for on those POSer leather vests.

comment image

Green Thumb

I could just imagine this path on this loser right here.


Now THAT is a GREAT vest!

The patch could be stitched on right next to the SEAL Trident!

Green Thumb

There is only one Phildostyle!

Hack Stone

Those were good times. Back in the days when Posers knew how to pose. They went all in, not like the half-assed slackers we have today.

Hack Stone

Any idea if they will be needing any Red Hat Software?


The Russians have a long history of POW abuse.

Since they refuse to call this a “war”, expect them to fail meet even their own low record.


Cash money says “Adam” is an OTH shitbag.


I’m on the same side of that bet. Double or nothing he and his buddy Paul get arrested by the Ukrainian police for something stupid.



I waved off on his dumbass story as soon as I saw “death letter”.

Straight out of the film “Blackhawk Down”.

JarHead Pat

Sigh, no shit, this why we cant have nice things, pretty sure he is a boot camp drop out lolol Ranger lolololol


The Russians will likely consider one a war criminal if captured, without protections afforded under the Geneva Convention. The consequences of that need no explaining.”

Eternity in a mass grave on the edge of Kiev awaits many boys and girls.


Russia got that covered!


Geneva Convention? Russia don’t need no stinkin’ Geneva Convention, comrade!


Conservative treehouse has an article yesterday, 3-6, about Poland basically calling blinken a liar concerning planes being sent to Ukraine.

Fun times.


Thanks aw1ed. My cut copy paste skills are still lacking.


If the person is enrolled in the armed forces of Ukraine, the Geneva Convention apply. But, I would not trust the savages of Putinnazi Russia to uphold any international law since he’s already violated it, and the Budapest memorandum besides.


Ask the 5,000 Germans out of the 91,000 the Russians captured at Stalingrad who survived.


we cant all be Bruce Cockburn.

JarHead Pat

Rigghhhtttttttt…sounds like such utter bullshit


The below linky, like many, states that the Ukraine Government are turning away volunteers because they don’t have the weapons for them. And yep, I stand with the other usual suspects in the comments that see the POSer Spike coming. “yeah, I got threw out of the USMC for punching out a Drill SGT, but when I got to Ukraine, they made ME the Drill SGT. Man did my troops bring down the pain on those Russians.”


If you’ve been wondering, like ol’ Poe has, why the Russian supply train is so piss-poor ineffective, well, it’s because it relies so heavily on, yep, trains, rather than trucks and air transport, according to this informative video:

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, the real meat of it comes about eight minutes in.

It came as a surprise to me that Russian logistics doctrine is designed around rail transport. After watching this video it’s easier to comprehend why that forty-mile convoy has been stalled so long.

The Ukes understand this and have developed tactics to take advantage.


Read earlier that an estimated 30,000 volunteers are in Ukraine and 66,000 Ukrainians have returned.