Mother drags robbery suspect son to police station

| February 20, 2022

Loyola University sophomore, Zion Brown, 18, robbed a conductor at gun point. He made off with $100.00 in cash, then proceeded to his class. Law enforcement put out notices for help with his being located and ultimately arrested. His mother recognized him from the photos that were shown. She took him to the police station where he turned himself in.

From Fox News:

The detail was revealed at Brown’s bond hearing, where he was represented by a private defense attorney, who argued his client was hungry and was looking for something to eat.

Brown reportedly attended class after the armed hold up, and his lawyer asked the judge to remember her own days as a hungry college kid in determining his bail. Cook County Judge Maryam Ahmad ordered Brown held without bail, Loyola Phoenix reported, citing the Cook County State’s Attorney Office.

According to CWB, Ahmad rejected the defense attorney’s argument, saying as a hungry college kid she herself would have never thought to rob someone, and granted the State’s request for no bail.

Brown’s next court appearance is scheduled for March 4.

Metra Police initially asked the public for help identifying the suspect spotted in two surveillance photos at the Van Buren Street Station in downtown Chicago. As the train pulled into the station around 2:17 p.m., the pictured offender, who was a passenger, “produced a black semi-automatic handgun and announced a robbery,” police said. He then allegedly proceeded to steal the conductor’s cash and fled on foot into the station. One of the photos shows the masked suspect with a weapon on the platform.

Fox News has more information at this link.

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Non-thinking entitlement is “social justice,” comrade! (Disagree and you’re “racist”… )


And “disagree and I will shoot you.”

These pavement predators feel entitled to rob and murder.

Only Army Mom

Good parenting right there.

As parents, we cannot always, 100% guarantee our kids, even as young adults, won’t do stupid stuff. As parents, we can always, 100% guarantee to hold them responsible. Mine would have been turned in, but would have been swollen, bruised and bleeding.

Its highly unusual for a Cook County judge to agree to no bail. I’m betting mom said, “he ain’t coming home to me”, meaning he had nowhere to go for his home confinement.

I wish this mom the best.


Spot on OAM…Nailed it! It all boils down to proper home training. Seems as if the majority of us here, not only had proper home training, but have attempted to pass it along to our offsprings. This Mom may have made a mistake or two (2), somewhere, or let outside influences have an adverse effect on her son. Also seems like he had plenty of opportunity to do right. Being a student at that school and having a private lawer don’t come cheap. Whatever mistakes she may and/or may not have made, she turned those around by turning him in.

Had snagged this one earlier this AM and sent to AW1Ed as a FGS. Drat! I’ll console myself with another bowl of this beef beast corn/beans/taters/carrots/mater stew I had percurlating lowly in the crockett pot. And a slab of two (2) of this unsugared cornbread.


You had me at cornbread.

Only Army Mom

That looks yummy KoB. I’ll raise your feast with homemade meatballs, beef and pork combo of course, slow simmered tomato gravy and homemade linguini. But I’ll gladly trade a slice of that corn bread for some garlic bread!


Deal! Ya throw in a heaping helping of the pasta and meated balls in tomato gravy tho and I’ll be your dog. Put that soup on the other day cause it had chilled off down here in God’s Country. I’ll tease you with a shot of the Heavenly Dressing that’s made from the Hallowed Cornbread soon. That skillet is well over 125 years old…one of many in my collection that I use. 🐕


A Cook County judge who wants to hold criminals accountable for their actions? The mob will have her head.


Personal responsibility must be eliminated for progressive utopia to happen, you know.

Of course, Leftists will make it work this time… they promise.


Good on the Mamma for doing the right thing and SHAME on that pitiful, pandering “private” lawyer for trying to justify armed robbery as a reasonable response to being hungry.


I never blame the attorneys; they have to make the requests on behalf of their clients no matter how ridiculous. I blame the judges who go along with the ridiculous requests. At least this particular judge did well.


Well, yeah, I guess they have a duty/burden to do what they can, given what they have to work with.


He could afford a gat but couldn’t buy food. The stoooooooooooopid is strong with this one.

Inbred Redneck

Well, now, did you consider the likelyhood that guns are available so cheaply in ChiTown that the poor guy couldn’t’ve sold it for enough to buy a street taco? 😢 


I think this country is approaching slack water… hopefully the tide shifts in the other direction like a motherfucker.

This kid is a total shitstain and so is his defense — errrr… “excuse” attorney. Had I pulled shit like this my parents would have dropped me off at the police station pretty busted up.


Think his father is pissed? 😂 


Does his father know he is one?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Does he know who his father is?

I doubt it either way.


Sorry, but the “no bail” provision of this seems excessive to me.

Denial of bail is usually for crimes that shock the conscience, and or criminals that have indicated they will not show up for trials.

Here, an armed robbery, while horrific, is not a crime that shocks the conscience as much as murder, rape, etc.

The fact the mother grabbed the kid by the ears and dragged him to the police indicates that he will show up for court.

There is no excuse for what the kid did, but that doesn’t mean he should be denied bail.


Carver, it could be that the judge is employing a shock and awe strategy with this kid hoping to make him see the error of his ways… 🤔  🤔  🤔 



But still, that is not the purpose of bail.

I would hope that the smackdown his mother laid upon him would help make him see the errors of his way. 😉

I cannot remember a case where an armed robbery where no one was hurt, the accused was remanded without bail.

See also reply to UpNorth below.


Maybe, even at the tender age of 18, the perp has a history of not showing up for his meetings with the courts/probation dept/parole officers?


That would be an extenuating circumstance and we can only go off of what can be found in the cited article and from other sources.

According to CBS Chicago:

Brown has no criminal history. The firearm used was a BB gun and he threw it in a dumpster alley.

The “no criminal history” matters as we both know. The fact it was a BB gun doesn’t matter because it was perceived as a real weapon and that does matter.

Once his mother found him out, he could have run away into the night, but he didn’t. He turned himself in.

Like I said, first time offender, in college, no one harmed? The no bail seems excessive.

The judge may know more or have something up her sleeves (as Poetrooper opined, a sort of “scared straight” tactic.)

The guy made a huge massive “mistake.” It was knowing and willingly done, but a mistake nonetheless. Hopefully he can straighten his life out whether in jail or at home.


Carver, after reading the above info about it not being a real firearm and the kid having no criminal record, ol’ Poe is even more convinced the judge is engaging in a “scared straight” scenario.

With the kind of mother this kid has, it just may work…


So GC, hopefully you aren’t the Guitar maker that makes the Driftwood Guitars, I doubt it though.
You idiot moron twatwaffles are more concerned with the “optics” of no bail rather than the actual danger this stupid kid presents to society as a whole.
First of all, he used a firearm in his struggle to get “something to eat” and put the life of an innocent civilian in mortal jeopardy. If the conductor would have tried to stop him, I sincerely doubt that the dumbass wouldn’t have pulled the trigger several times and taken away everything that man ever had or ever would have.
Second, since that gun was obviously taken away, I would bet dollars to donuts that he also knew where to get another one and continue to begin and carry on his life of crime with all the disasters that can be associated with some stupid fuck that now has very little if anything to lose.
Third, I would bet that as mentioned above, Momma Grizzly there wouldn’t let him into her abode under any circumstances.


As someone that has had his life saved by a firearm twice I have also been on the looky here shithead end of a snub nosed .38 with the instructions to leave my wallet on the car seat and vamoose the AO.
If you have never experienced that minute, you have no right whatsoever to pass judgement on a Criminal Court Judge protecting us from shitstains like this one.
If you are so willing to let this asshole out of jail to satisfy your optical illusion of actual caring I suggest that you follow the case and volunteer your home as a place to share with said young dumbfuck to the judge to actually prove just how much you care about the optics here and you want an opportunity to prove your point that he was just hungry and mixed up when he threatened the life of the conductor… Stupid fuck….


I have been on the other end of a gun during a robbery twice. Your experience is not the same as mine.

The gun was a BB gun, so while the law will treat the gun as real, the conductor’s life was never in real danger.

If mom wasn’t concerned about her son, she would have locked him out of the house now, not later. Instead, she showed what some people will call “tough love” for her son. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that she will be there for the trial, and be there when he gets out of prison, assuming he is convicted.

Your seem to think that I care about the “optics” whatever that means. He is accused of robbing someone at gunpoint. No one was harmed and the amount taken was $100. That doesn’t sound like someone society needs to be protected from. Once again, bail is to insure the accused shows up and no bail is issued when there is a threat to society or the accused crime is unconscionable.

That’s a hard sell in this case.


Finally, I have spent years working with inmates – including those the age of this person – as part of an prison ministry for my church. I believe I have a decent handle on people like this and the system far more than someone like you who can only insult those with whom they disagree. (We won’t even get into your limited vocabulary.)

Bail is denied when the crime is heinous, or there is a threat to the community. That doesn’t fit the circumstances of this case.

Bail is also denied if the defendant is a flight risk. He turned himself in, and has no criminal history.

This seems to be an over reach of sorts by the judge. That does not excuse his actions, but judges have standards and laws to follow as well.

Have a good night.

Green Thumb

Armed robbery.


A good, measured response, Carver, but you flubbed one point:

He most certainly did not turn himself in voluntarily–he was frog-marched in by his angry mother.

Ol’ Poe thinks the mother and the judge are on the same page here.

Let’s hope they’re successful…



In the eyes of the law, he did turn himself in. He was not arrested on the streets. He did not run away if and when confronted by the police. He did not run when he was being taken to the station by his mother. He did not run when she told him he was going to the station.

The is no indication that I can find that him showing up at the station with his mother was anything other than orderly.

I can’t figure out whether it would be worse for the kid to be in jail or to be under house arrest at his home and have to endure the stares of his mother and listen to her sobbing as this one event may hurt him for the rest of his life.

Hopefully he can be “scared straight” and realizes the errors of his ways.

Green Thumb

Armed robbery.

No big deal.


It is a big deal.

The issue is whether “no bail” is appropriate.

It isn’t.


Like I said…
The “optics”: are wrong for enhanched and nuanced thinkers with so much intelligence that we are all supposed to accept what you say as the rules of God…


Suppose the conductor had a weak heart, had a heart attack from the stress of it all, would you be saying the same about nobody being harmed and it was only 100 bucks. Especially if the event killed him, or to a lesser extent, made it to where he couldn’t pass a DOT physical to keep his job because of the heart attack.

It could have cost the conductor and his family much more than 100 bucks.

Not that hard a sell when you look at other scenarios.


We cannot make a decision on what may have happened, only what did happen. The conductor did not suffer a heart attack so no one was harmed.

If you believe that people should be held accountable for what may happen, then the people who took part in the Capital Building protest on Jan 6th should all be brought up on murder charges as they were illegally in areas they were not allowed to be, and one office died from a heart attack.

In regards to this case, a judge can say “this could have happened,” but “could have” is not a criminal element in a case like this.


Keep digging, moron….

Frankie Cee

The miscreant is lucky to be alive, pulling a bb gun on people could easily give you a lead ingestion problem.


As mentioned previously, he apparently could afford the gun, but couldn’t think far enough ahead to realize he might get hungry.

Denial of bail in this case certainly shocked the kid I’m sure.

Maybe, just maybe, spending a little time with like minded citizens will show this kid how not to live his life.

Kudos to mom though.


Agreed to “kudos for mom.” There are few parents who don’t want a better life for their kids and now she is looking at her son who was attending college going to jail. That has to be breaking her heart.

As for the BB gun, we don’t know where it came from so it is speculation that he “could afford it.” It could have been a gift or something along those lines. If he did buy it, you are correct and I would agree with you.

However, I can’t tell you the number of times I have spoken with inmates who did something like this and prison made them worse when they got out. In prison they had to join gangs for protection. They learned to game the system. They learned that if you want something, you take it – by brutal force if necessary. “Violence begats violence” type of thing.

I am willing to say that the judge knows more about the circumstances than we do here. However, as it stands, I think the “no bail” provision” is excessive.

Hope the scare tactic works.


This young person was going to Loyola University, not exactly in the same cost bracket as the local community college. I’m also certain that mom would have fed him before sending him off to study art history or poly sci.
In most jurisdictions, armed robbery is punishable by up to life in prison, with the possibility of parole. Perhaps there were extenuating circumstances that the judge knew about, such as an extensive juvenile record, which is usually sealed from disclosure to the public, or perhaps the young man said something during his arraignment that convinced the judge that no bail was appropriate in this case.


All you doods here arguing for this boy’s actions.
I bet things will work out and if da Judge doesn’t whup his azz, then Momma will continue to do so.
It makes my heard all warm and fuzzy when I hear about such things. It makes me believe that we don’t exist in the shithole that the world regularly presents itself (the media) to be…

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