VEEP Travels to End Ukraine Crisis

| February 17, 2022

Vice President Harris has failed in all tasks assigned to her by Joe’s Handlers, most notably the self-inflicted debacle on our southern border. She also has had most of her staff seek employment elsewhere due to a toxic work environment.

She claims her biggest failure has been not getting out of DC more. Now she’s got her chance.

Kamala Harris heads to major security conference to reassure a Europe still on edge

Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Germany on Thursday to meet this weekend with Ukraine’s president and anxious European allies, who remain uncertain whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will pull back from the brink of a destabilizing war with Ukraine, Biden administration officials said.

Harris’ visit to the Munich Security Conference, where she will lead a delegation that includes Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, represents the latest high-level attempt by the White House to demonstrate unity with the leaders of Western nations and Ukraine seeking to avert what could spark the biggest conflict in Europe since World War II.

Harris plans to meet Saturday with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, said a senior administration official previewing the trip on background for journalists. The official acknowledged, however, that the situation remained fluid given the possibility that Zelensky may opt not to leave Ukraine with Russia in position to attack.

American Military News

Leadership, problem-solving and management are skills required in the highest echelons of government. Kamala is free of any such attributes. Her international diplomatic finesse was displayed during her cringe-worthy trip to France. Vlad will invade Ukraine or not as it suits him, not because of a weak PINO Joe and his Woke Vote side kick.

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Operation Human Shield.


Yeah; launching the Alert 5 Kackling Kameltoe will undoubtedly help to defuse this situation.




Kumela will lead the detail to the Burisma records and manage to get them all loaded on the aircraft. Problem solved!

We can all rest easy, knowing that Kumela will be on top of Putin and kneel down in front of him to satisfy his needs.


Nice thought KoB but I think Putin can do a LOT better.


Willy Brown would be proud.
P.S his son was found dead hanging from a basketball hoop, very strange,


“Landing under sniper fire.”


That’s so 1995


Kackling Kameltoe will claim “Landing under Katyusha rocket fire”.

Much more dramatic.


Fact check. true, with video evidence.

A Proud Infidel®™

She’ll likely kick her 2024 campaign off braying about how she landed while under a Russian Artillery barrage.


Landed under a Russian artilleryman is far more plausible.


So…. are you saying I should run for Prezzie and tell Vlad to stop itching for a fight (because I can knock him down and sit on him)? I’d tell him to knock it off with the threats and foot-stomping (that’s what little kids do) and make a deal with Ukraine to build navy yard on the Black Sea to build Russian Navy and commercial ships, and a Russian Navy base as well. He could make Xi JinPing green with envy and profit form the good will while he’s at it.

But that’s just me…. We have an idiot full of sound and fury and he sounds like a broken record, and his Veep? I keep wondering when her skirt is going to get caught in her undies in the women’s restroom. Some day, we’ll have people will brains in the saddle again. Some day….


She will say something stupid about WW2.


Understatement of The Year!

AW1 Rod

Brilliant. Send Heels Up Harris, who is uniquely qualified to to NOTHING…..except, perhaps, to fellate “Ukraine’s president and anxious European allies.”


Her “unique” style of negotiating “under the desk” with Willie Brown led to her serving on 3 government boards and becoming District Attorney for San Francisco and then Attorney General for Californicate.


Will she offer to sleep with Zelensky? Putin? Russian or Separatist leaders? Flat-backing is the ONLY arrow in her quiver.
What more proof do we need that Biden wants a War than sending the most incompetent person in his cabinet.


Her cackle will force the Russians to withdraw!


“It is actually offensive,” Richard Grenell told German media, “to assume that the U.S. taxpayer must continue to pay to have 50,000-plus Americans in Germany, but the Germans get to spend their surplus on domestic programs.”
Remember Trump trying to get Europe to contribute their fair share and being vilified for it? Well, here we are.


Kneepad Harris will no doubt show off her Ukranian accent. Yikes.

Kamala Harris – French Accent – YouTube


One faux pas after another from her….
Really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I see such things publicized. Thank you!


well, she can cross off “not leaving DC more” from her worst failure after this trip.


Why do I keep hearing someone saying…

“Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War”


The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?


Uh, I think checkers is a little more her speed.


I’m betting that tiddly winks would be intellectually taxing for her.


I’d say she’s better at Hide the salami


This will be Kameltoe’s response to most things asked.


Our “leaders”:
Let’s flood Ukraine with weapons, to include; machine guns, anti-tank rockets, sniper rifles, assault rifles, grenade launchers, Rocket-propelled grenades, etc…
Also our “leaders”:
The American people can’t be trusted with small arms or pieces of plastic/metal that can be fashioned into a firearm.

“Turn in your pistol braces and bumpstocks or we shoot your dog in the face.” -The Dotgov


We have passed several lines that the intel community said when an invasion would take place so it seems unlikely an invasion will take place. Still, sending Putin a hooker hoping maybe it will calm him down enough to back off is an idea. It could work.


Yes, I can just imagine what his wife might have to say about that brainless bimp…. something like “THat’s the best they could do?”


And now that someone has put a crowbar under her ever-widening ass and finally got her out of Washington – Here’s Johnny wishing Kamie all da best for her pending ‘lil road-trip!!

P.S. hope Vlad gnaws on your bleaching skull

Johnny Cash - FU - Colour.jpg

Howdy folks!
Just stuck my head out of the old fallout shelter to see how things are going today, (X day according to some experts).—still no nuclear war, eh? Glad to see everything is still okey-dokey.


KAMALA is going to Europe to solve the Ukraine “crisis”?!??

Oh, shit! I see the shadow of Doom upon us, and this old groundhog is going back in the burrow for another six weeks.
Looks like the “experts ” were right; it’s the-end-of-the-world-as we-know-it.
Good luck, folks.


1969 – Credence Clearwater Revival pens the classic “Bad Moon Rising” because of a massive hurricane underway.
2020 – Play it again. Same-same and very appropriate.



The Stranger

There’s a bathroom on the right…


1965 – Barry McGuire records “Eve of Destruction”.

Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D

Yeah, best to stay in there. Crazy Grandma Murder McCankles has been at it again.


I am inspired by Christopher Walken;


Nothing good ever happens when a Western “leader” visits Munich to try to avert a war.


comment image


Well, how is she going to get her money if she don’t go to Ukraine?

John Seabee

Lap dances for all…

A Proud Infidel®™

So just what kind of kickbacks, bribes and whatever else is she expecting just for showing up? I bet she’d blow Putin faster than Jane Fonda likely did General Giap!

Slow Joe

Jane who?


I’m just glad Che died before he could hump her.


Is she going as “Pole Assassin”….

Old tanker

Who the hell thought chuckles the hoe was worthy of consideration for ANY federal office??? She is the quintessential proof that skin color and restroom preference do not qualify a person for office.,


Why doesn’t Biden just do what he does best–challenge Putin, mano-a-mano, to a pushup contest?


Putin is likely going to at least annex Russian ethnic areas of Ukraine the day after the Olympic closing ceremonies.

Diplomacy is not going to stop that.

Sending VP Harris on a diplomatic mission right now seems like Biden is intentionally trying to put another L in Harris’s performance column.


I hope you’re wrong. I don’t think you are.


Why shouldn’t Putin do it? He got away with it in Crimea using the same claim, “It’s the will of the ethnic Russian people who are the majority demographic in these disputed areas”.

NATO and the Obama administration set the stage for this current situation with their 2014 capitulation. Putin’s been waiting patiently to reclaim the Donbass with its ethnic Russian majority ever since–waiting for another weak-ass Democrat president.

And while he’s been waiting, he’s been making his greatest military threat in NATO, Germany, increasingly dependent on him for their energy needs, thus weakening their resolve.

Truth is, based on historical events going back a millenium, both countries have legitimate claims to areas that have changed allegiances many times due to a fluid border.

Ol’ Poe is of the opinion that, at present, Comrade Putin is sitting in the catbird seat and we don’t have a dog in this fight…

Last edited 1 year ago by Poetrooper