Texas Guardsmen on border start unionizing to combat difficult conditions

| February 17, 2022

This can’t possibly end well.

On the heels of Biden’s DOJ saying that National Guardsmen on state orders are not prohibited by federal law from unionizing (as they would if on federal orders), Texas Guardsmen on the southern border mission are unionizing.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this Army Times article;

In the wake of a Justice Department filing declaring that National Guard troops can form and join unions while serving on state active duty orders, a growing number of Texas troops assigned to the U.S.-Mexico border for Operation Lone Star have organized under an existing public sector union.

The first meeting of the Texas State Employees Union’s Military Caucus, which consists of troops on state active duty orders assigned to the border, is scheduled for next week, according to a soldier leading organizing efforts. The soldier requested anonymity due to fear of retaliation from Texas Military Department leadership ahead of the meeting.

The soldier affiliated with the union, whose identity Army Times has verified, posted about the upcoming meeting in a Reddit community dedicated to sharing news about the border mission.

They are the first-known troops to organize while in a state active duty status, though a small subset of full-time Guard troops, dual-status technicians, are already unionized in their civilian capacity as federal employees.

Union officials did not immediately respond to requests from Army Times, nor did the Texas Military Department.

Operation Lone Star has been plagued with well-documented problems involving living conditions, equipment and pay.

“We’re hoping to improve all [those] things,” said the soldier leading organizing efforts.

I wish them luck, but as the old saying goes, “Shit in one hand and wish in the other. See which fills up faster.”

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Comrades Bernie and aOc are in Texas pushing unions and blue/communist candidates.
Destoy the worlds 4th largest economy from within.


One has to wonder what are the true motives for ever who is pushing this. If Sam Houston had of had his way, back in 1861, Texas Troops would have been part of a Union. Might have made a difference a time or twelve during the War.


Commies (oh, my bad, un-American progressive idiots) and rust never sleep.


Sending National Guard troops to the border is strictly a political dog and pony show. Unless they’re actively constructing barriers, they serve no purpose. They can’t pursue or detain illegals, they can’t process them after they’re caught, CBP stations already have enough camera operators, and agents have to be pulled from the line to supervise them. It sounds great when a governor or gubernatorial candidate says “I’m sending in the National Guard!” The reality is that it’s a complete failure and a total clusterfuck.


I have always maintained that military troops should not be on the border.

The job of the military is to destroy things.

Unless you want the military to fire on illegal immigrants, then don’t send them to the border. Hire more Border Patrol agents and let them do the job of protecting the border.

Unless you want the image of an M1A1 tank facing immigrants, keep the military out of it and let them go train to destroy things and win on the battlefield.


Some folks get it. How many illegals has the Texas Military Department deported?


“removed”, vice deported, to use the industry-standard term.


I wonder which E6 with 25 years in service and a BMI of 42 will be the rep?

Green Thumb

Funny, but true.


The same E6 that avoided NJP / Article 15 for his DUIs each of his enlistments because that SNCO knows how to work the system to get out of things. He also knows how to avoid uncomfortable things like going to the field by being on permanent profile and will teach other guardsmen his “secrets”.

Green Thumb

Once again, funny, but true.


You also forgot to discuss his possible and likely relationship with a Jr enlisted and/or local high school female of close to majority age.  🙄  😏  😖 


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see any way the the military service and unionization can work. Orders have to be followed or missions fail. Commanders already have too much on the. With all of the “wokeness” and other BS.

Do dems want the Russians or the Chinese to beat us and take over? They sure as hell are not strengthening the military!


This unionization will be bad for the Guard.
Especially since they are still led by both AGR and SAD officers and NCOs. The Texas National Guard UCMJ still covers their conduct, and from reports, their misconduct. So I’m not understanding how unionized will help.

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As folk knew ’bout commies (Right, Lars?) in ’48:

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As if the Chicoms or Russkies would be stopped by “Muh training kicked in!” or “Talk to muh union rep!” this will encourage.


It’s all fun until the union takes a chunk of their pay.




If their union is like mine (teamsters), you can opt out. You pay what they call fair share which is 1.00 a month less than if you stayed in.

Yeah, it’s a racket for sure. 100.00 a month to be represented, or 99.00 to not be represented.

Wait until that offer is finally presented to them. Or explained to them, after the fact.


I was forced to join unions a couple of times during my working life. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what they did except to take my money. Unions were a great and necessary idea in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but now? Not so much.


Well, they not only took your money, but they gave it to Democrats, too. And now you know.


I too was part of two unions when I had to leave management and go into craft. IBEW and CWA at different times. They both required, through the contract of course, that nonmembers paid the same as members, only called them ‘service fees’. Of course, even nonmembers, if they had the balls, could file a grievance and the union rep had to process it like any other. They just didn’t work as hard at it and usually took the first answer, NO. These Guard members are most likely young or if older look at unions in the private sector as a good thing. They have NO IDEA of the headaches this will cause the rank and file first and the organization later as a whole. In my humble opinion, except for the extremely dangerous jobs, mining, etc. unions have long now outlived their original intended purpose. They now serve themselves and the upper echelons rather than those they are supposed to help. Much like televangelists but in business suits and better haircuts. Now they cause only inflated costs.

Hack Stone

You want better living conditions and pay? Just say that you are an undocumented non-citizen fleeing climate change, and the Biden Administration will be throwing money at you.


Can they now strike against the COVID Vax mandate? I would like to see that.

USMC Steve

They won’t have to. All those vax mandates have been ruled unconstitutional and illegal, at federal level or through the Supremes.


Unions have been losing members for a couple of decades now; people just don’t seem to think they need someone to take a chunk of their paycheck to support their six figure incomes and tell them how underpaid they are.

If the Texas NG wants to unionize it’s because their officers and NCOs have screwed them once too often, hence “problems involving living conditions, equipment and pay.”

Planet Ord

I’d like to speak to my E4 mafia rep, Top.