Viagra saves nurse from Severe COVID-19 infection

| January 9, 2022

Is this the same Pfizer that created one of the COVID-19 vaccines? If so, they may have had the solution all along! (Universal Images Group/Getty Images)

Monica Almeida, 37, became infected with COVID-19. She was previously vaccinated for COVID. Her health became worse and reached a point to where she needed to go to the hospital. She ended up in ICU and she was subsequently placed in a medically induced coma. Her doctors provided her with Viagra, which was followed by her emerging from her coma. She was able to return home before Christmas.

From Forbes:

The New York Post story included a quote from Almeida telling The Sun, “It was definitely the Viagra that saved me. Within 48 hours it opened up my airwaves and my lungs started to respond.” She added, “If you think how the drug works, it expands your blood vessels. I have asthma and my air sacks needed a little help.”

Take a wild little blue pill guess as to who else reported on this case. Yes, FOX News host Tucker Carlson had covered this story on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” along with a “this-isn’t-exaggerating-anything-is-it” headline that said “Little Blue Miracle” hovering over his left shoulder:

As you can see, in the segment, Carlson said, “Who thought Viagra would save us from the pandemic?” Marc Siegel, MD, FOX News Medical Contributor, who joined Carlson on the show concluded the segment by saying, “I’m getting ready to try it out.” All right, maybe that last statement was TMI. Regardless, did Carlson and Siegel seem a little too happy to see this news about Viagra? Before you make 2022 an “erection” year or even a mid-term “erection” year, take a closer look at what specifically was said on the segment.

Siegel described how Viagra can “improve blood flow to the lungs. It improves oxygen in the lungs.” He went on to say that “it makes something called nitric oxide. Now nitric oxide is something that the Covid virus decreases and Viagra increases.” He first cited a study from Chile on the use of Viagra and then quickly moved to citing several studies that supposedly showed that “if you inhaled nitric oxide, you lungs did a lot better with Covid.” He didn’t really provide details on the studies such as the journal publications that may have described them, the designs of the studies, the number people in each study, or the studies’ limitations. Nevertheless he concluded that “I think this is the beginning of something and further studies are going on, and I think this is a potential treatment.”

Forbes, the New York Post, and the Sun have more details on the story. Thanks to 26Limabeans for initially bringing this topic up on the SecDef Austin COVID thread.

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Opened up her airwaves? Did she file a MIJI report?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

That viagra story is not going to go well with the Administration (WH Kremlin) in that they have to keep the Chi-Com virus going no matter what so as to try and keep the Amerikan population under their power and control.


Wasn’t the drug originally tried on fighter pilots to counter high-G blackout? Something like that. Pilots went on to notice it had an interesting side effect.

At least that’s what I remember reading donkeys-years ago.


“You have to have carnal knowledge– of a lady this time– on the premises.”


Stop that.


Ok Colonel.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66


Which stick did it affect.??


Did she take it an hour before she wanted to breathe better? Did the effect last longer than 4 hours? Glad that the Doctor was able to rise to the occasion and use medication to satisfy the needs of this patient.

Banning of the use of Viagra for Bat Flu treatment in


Now if they could just ‘discover’ that cocaine is a great prophylactic…

Just never, ever, EVER mix ‘party powder’ and Viagra. I’m serious.

Real talk, fluvoxamine (Luvox) study:


Wait, there is no patent on the little blue pill anymore, how would big farma make billions off this?


Andy 11M,
See history of Aspirin.
And Bayer.
Bayer lost their trademark on “Aspirin” 100 years ago.
But they still manufacture and sell it today, from a nearby plant.
So do many others around the world.


Story doesn’t surprise me.
That stuff will give a corpse a woody.

A Proud Infidel®™

Next from the Office of Fauci propaganda, “NEIN, Viagra not work, you MUST keep getting der booshter shots…”


Nothing surprises me any more. Some horse medications have turned out to be useful on humans.

Has anyone tried any herbal remedies on covid bugs?


AOC CuFFFF+ RIP perhaps ,,brain damage?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

So it cures the COVID and corks the bat, seems like fun for the whole family right there…