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| January 8, 2022

Intro Not Required

Keansburg cop stabbed in pharmacy robbery undergoes surgery, mayor says

Kathleen Hopkins, Asbury Park Press
KEANSBURG – The police officer stabbed by an alleged robber who was then shot dead at a local pharmacy Thursday was undergoing surgery Friday for an injury to his arm, Mayor George Hoff said.

Hoff declined to disclose the injured officer’s identity, saying that is up to the state Attorney General’s Office, which is investigating the police-involved shooting.

The Attorney General’s Office has not released the identity of the man shot dead during a robbery at Keansburg Pharmacy, 199 Main St. or the identities of the injured officer and the other officers involved in the shooting.

The injured officer was rushed to Bayshore Medical Center in Holmdel.

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Truck driver shoots and kills robber in self-defense, Hillsborough deputies say
Detectives say the driver’s truck had broken down when he was approached by the other man.

SEFFNER, Fla. — A truck driver shot and killed a robber overnight in an apparent case of self-defense, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies were dispatched shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday to the intersection of US-92 and County Road 579 in Seffner.

Based on preliminary information, investigators say they believe the driver was trying to repair his broken-down truck when he was approached by a man who demanded various valuable items.

“The driver handed him several items, and the man walked away,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a press release.

But, authorities say the alleged thief came back.

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Rapid recovery wishes for the LEO. About that victim selection skill learning curve, Gun Bunny?
Thanks again.

“Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time.”
— Jeff Cooper

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Two (2) up and two (2) down DRT! That’s batting 1000 isn’t it? WW cracks a smile. I GOTS to get my babies daHell out of Hillsboro County. Damn a no count upstate Noo Yawk, former submariner, lawer SiL. He likes it down there and he does provide well for them, so there is that.

“…victim selection skill learning curve…?” Yeppers…total fail. I still say we could make a bloody fortune setting up such a course. Get some of that grubermint grant $$$$$s for all the FSA perps out there that wants a free edumukashun. Most of them would still fail since they would be cutting class, but Hey, what school is held accountable when little Joquan or Shaqueeeeelia can’t read?

Gun pr0n on the scary black rifle goes *poof* when you leave the home page and click on the FGS linky. Get yore mind offen that trophy wife of yorn and back to the business at hand here! Put yore raging hormones on Ice, Man. Have you lost that loving feeling for us? Don’t you want us to be happy? Not attaching the gun pr0n linky is a real danger zone.


Well, well, well…our Beloved AW1Ed fixed the linky for us…and didn’t even leave a snarky remark in reply to my snarky comment? Honey Hush. I expected, at the very least, a “What da fook am I going to do with you?” or “Don’t you have a hole to dig doggie?” Proof that ‘Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. Ask and it shall be given. Behold, in wonder, the mysterious ways…

“Intro not required” A good flashback to the past of many of us. “This is my rifle…there are many like it…but this one is mine…” Lubbed my M16. Her name was Stephanie. Too bad she couldn’t been declared “…surplus to the needs of the service…” I’d of given her a good home.

Thanks Chief!


That’s more like it. All is now right in the TAH World!

Frankie Cee

Hwy 92 and 579 is no place to be at 11PM on any night. That is a “rough” location. Given that the driver had a firearm, I am surprised that he let the parasite get away the first time.


Frankie Cee,
The hard part about many suburban places in Florida,
is that they don’t look like shitholes.
Very clean and nice in appearance
to the passing through tourist or traveler.

That is, until the traveler makes a pit stop
at the local Tom Thumb for some fuel and a coffee,
and sees the school or senior living condo across the street fenced off,
with a security patrol car in the parking lot.
And then a(nother) phony veteran panhandling with a sign at the next red light.


Keansburg cop stabbed – introducing any LEO to anything stabby is definitely a short-cut to a bullet in the mullet..

Truck driver shoots and kills robber in self-defense – rather nice of the robber to come back and volunteer to be worm food. Nice has it’s rewards; hope the truck driver shot ’em in the face…

Thank you Gun Bunny and AW1Ed.

John Seabee

GREED— One of the seven deadly sins… especially in Seffner.