39 Purple Hearts Approved

| December 9, 2021

The U.S. Army has approved Purple Hearts for 39 soldiers who were injured in an Iranian attack that saw ballistic missiles target Al Iraq’s Asad Airbase.

“The Army’s Human Resources command approved 39 Purple Heart submissions it recently received for Soldiers wounded in the January missile attack on Al Assad airbase,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Gabriel J. Ramirez in a statement to the Army Times. “They continue to review an additional 11 nominations, which will be decided on the individual merits.”

These awards were announced after a media report detailed the 20 Jan attack, stating the injured US personnel had been denied the Purple Heart and medical benefits given as a result of the attack. So there’s that.

David sends.

39 U.S. soldiers to receive Purple Hearts following CBS News investigation

Catherine Herridge

A CBS News investigation found at least 39 U.S. soldiers injured in an Iran missile strike on an Iraq military base last year were denied the Purple Heart and the benefits associated with the award. The Army reversed its decision and notified the soldiers on Wednesday.

Something about kitchen lights and cockroaches, can’t quite place it. I’m sure the incident generated a strongly worded letter to the Mad Mullahs, too. That’ll show ’em. Thanks, David.

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Planet Ord



Alright guys time to turn up the heat and make this a main post…I have two subjects worth mentioning… 60 minutes did a blow up job reporting on recently released from federal prison convicted felon Reality Winner, paints her as an American hero …who although never deployed and stationed at Ft Meade as a linguist was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for killing 600 enemy ….can’t make this shit up…CBS hitting new lows everyday ………and second … it is a disgrace to all of us that have served and been required to have met the weight standards through the years….did anyone happen to see Silley Milley escorting The Honorable Senator Bob Doles widow at the the funeral? NO WAY , AND I REPEAT, NO WAY is that fat ass meeting Army standards…let’s demand to see his PT card and body fat work sheet …he looked terrible and sends a bad message representing the United States Army while morbidly obese ….never seen an ARmy Service Uniform that big…it was so big and I tailored around the waist that he looked like Hermann Goering’s body double with a face mask on….terrible ..just terrible


Yeah, I watched the 60 Minutes segment on lil miss Reality Winner.
Sickening… And every time I see a picture of Milley, I swear I can hear R. Lee Ermey bellowing “You are a disgusting FAT BODY”.


I’ll get something up on Reality Winner Loser.

Milley didn’t look like Goering. Goering carried himself with more pride. ;P


No malice intended, didn’t know how it works!!…sent an email


I guess this is a thing now.

Known dudes that got way more messed up than ringing ears due to a failure to wear PPE (or to seek cover, hours ahead of time!!!), got denied PHs…

SO, two standards: Infantry criteria for PHM, and everyone else?

This is nothing more than a continued attack by a feckless military on it’s own history, using any apparatchik to twist narratives. I fking loved it when the VFW had to open their mouth holes about the then-CiC supposedly ‘minimizing’ injuries. Bet, somehow, someway that little history will be talking-headed all over during this GRAND ceremony to bestow these ill-gotten ‘rewards’. YMMV.

(Any Idea how to rescind a VFW life membership?)


Quick duckduckgo’ing proves my suspicion correct. CBS actually had an almost neutral tone (insert adage about horseshoes and such…):
“Last month, members of Taskforce Scarecrow told CBS News that they felt pressure to downplay their growing injuries to avoid a further escalation with Iran and avoid undercutting former President Trump’s initial public comments.

A week after the attack, Trump was asked about the [Service Members’] injuries at a press conference, and he said he “heard they had headaches” and “I can report it is not very serious.”


So…PH for being close to a well-informed about blast and The Hurtest of Feelz.



Sooo…are these PH Awards simil-liar to the Frank Burns Shell Fragment PH Award? Got it!

I wasn’t there (during the missile attack or the briefing that President Trump received afterwards). Not my place to say whether or not these troops should be awarded an “I forgot to duck/I was too close to incoming” medal. I would think, that when President Trump was being briefed he asked “any casualties?”, the answer was, “some bruises, abrasions, and headaches from the noise”. I do know this; during the unpleasantness between ’61 and ’65 (18), the Provost would stop any troop heading to the rear/hospital area with the cry of “Show blood!”.


Had my bell rang/rung a few times, to think I could have gotten that PH parking spot at Home Depot.


I’d rather live with honor than with a lie.

Wrapped too many friends to confuse an injury, or worse, with a scratch.

Cheers to you! {drinks!}


with Guinness.


About time.


I won’t disparage anybody’s PH, but I got whacked in the head one night by somebody else’s steel pot when he was ducking incoming. Do I get anything? (I know better.) My father used to claim some got a PH for injuries received when tripping over a foot locker while running for a bunker during a mortar attack. A man I know took a fragment in his upper lip. It bled. He was sent to the aid station. Medics put on a band aid. He laughed when told he would get a PH. But the citation went through, and, “Yes, you will attend the awards ceremony!” Some should have PH but don’t, others just the opposite. This is the Army, Mr. Jones.