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| December 5, 2021

Pietta Colt 1873 SAA

Florida police shoot, kill armed Florida Tech student who ‘lunged’ at officers

Peter Aitken
Florida police shot and killed a knife-wielding suspect on the Florida Tech campus Friday night after he chased a number of students into dorms.

Melbourne police responded at around 10:50 p.m. to a report of a male armed with a knife assaulting students at the Florida Institute of Technology campus. Campus security cornered the suspect in a building and confronted him before police arrived.

Florida Tech warned students via Facebook to steer clear of the Residence Quad during the incident.

Police attempted to arrest the suspect, but he lunged at an officer. The officer and a campus security officer both fired their weapons, hitting the suspect.

Officers attempted life-saving measures, but the suspect died at the scene.

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Chilling- this could have ended like the recent horrific stabbings near Columbia University.

Bellevue Police: Possible home intruder shot and killed by resident

Bellevue Police said a man was shot and killed inside a home near 17th and Yorktown Street overnight.

Officers said they were called to a home for a possible home invasion around 3:39 a.m. Saturday which “resulted in the 43-year-old intruder being shot.”

BPD said three people were inside the home when the man tried to get in.

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Links courtesy of our own Gun Bunny. GNBA

CCL holder fatally shoots man in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood
Authorities said that an argument this morning led to guns being drawn and a CCL holder firing his weapon in defense.

CHICAGO – Police said a man was shot and killed by a concealed carry license holder in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood after the offender threatened him with a firearm.

The incident occurred around 6:45 a.m. this morning in the 2700 block of W 65th Street in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood on the city’s southwest side.

Authorities said that a 37-year-old male was in an alley this morning when he got involved in a verbal altercation with an unknown male offender in a vehicle.

The offender in the vehicle produced a firearm at which time the 37-year-old drew his own firearm and fired shots at the offender. The 37-year-old victim had both a valid FOID and valid Illinois Concealed Carry License and authorities indicated the man shot in defense.

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Chicago Journal
He also had the Second Amendment, which should be sufficient.

No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him. — Thomas Jefferson

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Frankie Cee

Wilted Willy will wet himself this morning over this DRT 3fer.
Warms the cockles of my heart, (or something) reading things like this.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Since the knife wielder will no longer be a student there, will Florida Tech refund his tuition? Or does he have to go through the formal withdrawal process, with paperwork and signatures?

Only if he makes the request in person. According to Florida College Law, all tuition refunds based on death must be made, “after the fact”, and only by the affected student.


Careful when you mouse over that Pietta.
I’ve heard they can self load, aim and fire on their own.


Welp, I’m going to have to amend my comments on the Alec Baldwin story. It appears Pietta is making the SAA with the transfer bar mechanism in blued/case-colored finish. Also, that pic of Hannah the armorer shows her holding both types of the Pietta’s, the traditional without the transfer bar and a gun with the Ruger style transfer bar safety mechanism. This means that if Alec was handed a gun with the transfer bar, it… Read more »

Steve 1371

Officers rendered immediate aid but the bullet riddled perp failed to rally.


A Trifecta of DRTs will certainly make our Wilted Willy Feel Good…and put a big grin on his face. They’re getting harder to find, not that they’re not out there, just not showing up on their news feeds. Frustrating. Some of the Boys aren’t feeling reelz good this morning. That Artillery Punch kicked their azz as bad as That (Go) Army Mule gonna kick that (BEAT) Navy Goat. Others aren’t feeling good because of the… Read more »

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The Chick in the pic should be wearing a belt on her dungarees so they don’t fall down. I moused over the 1873 but wasn;t worried about it going off since the barrel of the gun was facing to the left and if it did, would hit the wall.

Old tanker

On my screen the revolver is facing to the right. The AR being carried by the lovely young lady is facing to the left…. Just sayin.


For those that are interested, I’ll just stick this here…Enjoy!


Trifecta? With ya Wilted Willy, three less dirt-bags; equals more joy to the World. ‘Some of the Boys aren’t feeling reelz good this morning. That Artillery Punch kicked their azz as bad’ – it’s just the Artillery punch sterilizing the bad-stuff the body doesn’t need/want anymore… No pain, no gain.


I love it when a trifecta comes together. It is like the smell of napalm early in the morning.


Army Guidance Counselor at the Chicago AFEES/MEPS 78-83. Was told never to go south of 24th street (southern boundary of Chinatown). South side of Chicago was worse than the west side.

Skivvy Stacker

And students are asking, “why didn’t they deescalate the situation?”, “why didn’t they shoot him in the leg?” “he was going to school, how dare they shoot him?” “was he black? Because black lives matter…”, “I want to say I’m ‘triggered’, but that sounds too much like gun stuff, so I don’t know what to do…AAAAHHHHH!!!”

MI Ranger

At least the Chicago Journal has good journalists, who know the difference between the victim and the assailant! Clearly because he had both a valid FOID and a Concealed Carry card, and likely an up to date ammunition purchase card he was proficient with his chosen wireless peacekeeping device (which was appropriately annotated on his FOID and CCC licenses) and was able to not only draw it from its appropriate concealment but also bring highspeed… Read more »