Air Force civilian steals $1.1M via travel card, gets probation

| December 1, 2021

Jeff LPH3 sends in word on this USAF civilian who stole $1.1M in cash advances on his government issued travel card. Meanwhile I’d be getting chased down if I didn’t submit receipts with my travel voucher 45 seconds after returning from TDY.

Via Air Force Times;

A former U.S. Air Force civilian employee was sentenced Nov. 29 to 16 months in federal prison after he used his government-issued travel charge card for more than $1.1 million in cash advances, most of which he used for personal expenses, according to a press release for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland.

U.S. District Judge Paul W. Grimm also ordered Eddie Ray Johnson, Jr., age 60, of Brandywine, Maryland, to three years probation after his 16-month sentence. The first of the three years will be served in home confinement, marking the part of his sentence that addresses theft of government property.

According to the press release, Johnson was additionally ordered to pay more than $1.1 million in restitution, on top of a separate $15,000 fine. He must also perform 500 hours of community service.

Johnson worked for the Air Force as a civilian employee from 2003 to February 2018, serving most recently as a travel coordinator for the Secretary of the Air Force’s Office of Legislative Liaison. According to court documents, it was Johnson’s job to plan congressional travel, reviewing and approving accounting packages submitted by trip escorts.

Johnson admitted in court documents that from March 2014 through September 2017, he used his position and his government travel charge card to obtain more than $1.1 million in cash advances. He used $774,000 of that for his own personal benefit. Court documents did not specify what happened to the remaining $326,000 Johnson stole.

According to his plea agreement, Johnson would deposit stolen funds into a non-interest-bearing account open in his name at a bank branch in the Pentagon. While employees in the Office of Legislative Liaison were instructed to open these accounts to facilitate their daily duties, Johnson used his to write checks to himself. He would then deposit those checks into other personal accounts, spending the stolen funds to pay for a baby grand piano, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, family vacations and living expenses.

Johnson additionally admitted to giving stolen cash to family members, including his spouse.

During the investigation against Johnson, law enforcement recovered approximately $15,174 in cash from his home in 2019, $4,000 of which he was ordered to forfeit during his sentencing.

In total, Johnson’s actions cost the federal government $1,157,540.69, which includes $26,506.02 in banking fees the Air Force paid monthly for the stolen cash advances. He will pay back the $1.1 million loss as part of his court-ordered restitution.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Dana J. Brusca and Elizabeth Wright prosecuted the case while the investigation was carried out by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Defense Department Office of Inspector General, the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation unit and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service’s Mid-Atlantic Field Office.

Three years probation and restitution he’ll never be able to pay back. Justice served?

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A Proud Infidel®™️

He must have some choice dirt on the right people!


How advancement works these days.


FWIW: the article says the guy also got 16 mo Federal prison time in addition to the 3 years of supervised release. The 3 years of supervised release is to follow his 16-mo prison sentence. While the language in the article and linked DoJ press release isn’t unambiguous, it also appears that the first year of his 3 years of supervised release will be spent under house arrest.

Yes, it’s still entirely too light a sentence for stealing $1.1+M. But it does apparently include prison time.


Better and good to know. Thanks for the heads-up, Hondo.



I’m sure he’s got assets that’re squirreled away enough to ‘never go hungry’. He dumb, but not *that* dumb.

He should have rolled those assets into software procurement to wash them. I hear there is a humble woman-owned business that may be ‘scrupulous enough’ to have assisted…


Probably pulled some political favors from those he dealt with daily for their travels. Hope he’s in a real prison versus a “club fed”.

Upon his release hopefully his ankle bracelet is monitored 24 hours a day. King County (Seattle) Washington got their wrist slapped by the court when it was revealed they only monitored offenders Monday-Friday, except holidays, during office working hours only.


Not only that, he has to pay $1.1+ million in restitution plus a $15,000 fine.

In total:

16 months prison time in a Federal slammer.
3 years probation (which has associated costs he must pay)
$1.1 million in restitution
$15,000 fine.
500 hours of community service (which is 12.5 weeks of work for normal people or over 3 months.)

I’m good with the totality of the sentence.


Bet he took cash advances to hit the titty bars, too.


Disappointing to say the least… Hired for a substantial position of trust in which this individual sought fit to substantially abuse. Justice served? Given to the penalties received – seems more like Just-Us(and to hell with actual Justice). Given to the level of the breach of public trust and the actual amount of monies involved, really think this guy ought to get a little hang-time with Thor, Tiny and rest of Grey-bar hotel crew. But, as API®™️ might be alluding to – perhaps a friend of the Clintons or a close cuddly friend of the HildeBeast..? *shudder*


IMHO, a cat-o-nine-tails ought to be liberally applied to his bare body.
One lash for every dollar stolen.

Hack Stone

What do you expect? How many times has Al Sharpton been to The White House? Do you think President Cool Guy asked him when he was going to settle his outstanding business and personal tax payments? How many times has someone convicted of embezzlement actually paid back all of the money they stole?


His ass should be drawn and quartered, all his shit should be seized and THEN you’d get something outta something.
Made me think of this…


Not fake news.

My son asked to use one of my credit cards to buy a $2 online game.

As luck would have it, he used my GTC.

Even though the bill was paid in full….



GTC and its online voucher are the work of the Devil.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Well you can call me Ray and you can cal me Jay but you doesn’t have to call me Johnson.


If this tool does ever make it to the Gray Bar Hotel (which is where he belongs), the boys ib Cell Block C will be calling him “Shirley”!

Despicable cocksucker!


Sentence entirely too light, but what can you do? At least he’ll pull over a year, and at his age, that may be more than he can manage.


These white collar thieves that steal 100’s of thousands always seem to get off with light sentences in a low security lock-up. Meanwhile, someone sticks up a bank with a cap gun, takes $10K, and he gets at least ten years.


….and you don’t see any obvious difference in the crimes? Wow.

You want your wife, or daughter to be the teller calling that bluff?



Can anyone enlighten me as to how a now (presumably) unemployed 60 year old civil servant is going to come up with $1.1 million dollars?


There’s also the matter of him being a felon. Good luck getting a job or a place to live.

Just Lurkin

A few years ago a couple of VA employees scammed $400k in moving expenses out of the government. Ultimately they didn’t go to jail, they didn’t have to pay the money back,, they weren’t fired and ultimately they weren’t even demoted.
So nothing about the case above surprises me.