Navy Gets One Right

| November 30, 2021

The Navy’s newest Arleigh Burke Guided Missile Destroyer, DDG-121, bears the name of Frank E. Petersen Jr., former Marine Lieutenant General and at the time of his retirement, the senior ranking aviator in the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy.

His distinguished career began as an enlisted Electronics Technician and concluded as the Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico. He flew as a combat pilot in both Korea and Viet Nam.

His other military accomplishments are too numerous to list here, but include commanding a Marine Fighter Squadron, a Marine Aircraft Group and a Marine Aircraft Wing.

It’s heartening to bring some good news to the board, courtesy of our own Poetrooper.

US government to accept delivery of new Navy destroyer named for first black general


Its commanding officer on Tuesday will accept delivery of a U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer named after Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen Jr.

In a short, informal ceremony to be shown live on the Facebook page of the future USS Frank E. Petersen Jr., Commander Daniel Hancock at 10 a.m. will accept delivery of the ship on behalf of the U.S. government from Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Ingalls Shipbuilding division.

The vessel was known as Arleigh-Burke Class destroyer DDG 121 when its construction began in 2016 at the HII shipyard in Pascagoula, Miss

The Navy announced that year that the ship would be named in honor of Petersen, a three-star general who became the first Black aviator, first Black general and first Black base commander in the Marine Corps.

Gateway Pundit
May God bless this ship and all those who sail in her. Thanks, Poe.

A fitting name for a fighting ship. Finally.
Arleigh Burke Class DDG

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Cool story. Congrats to Mr Peterson on his accomplishments.


Here’s another thing that the Navy got right…
I think I read it here a while back…

Special VA-25 A-1 Skyraider Bombing Mission


Sure proud that Big Navy decided to name a Warship after a Warrior. Was Bull Halsey in the naming room that day? Present in Spirit, maybe? Might of been more apropos if they’d named a Carrier after the General, but at least this vessel won’t be on a “Milk” run. (giggle)

Ya scored with this Navy. Too bad you won’t be able to score on a field weekend after next. GABN

ps…Has the source for this story been independently verified from any other site? *ducks a thrown flight helmet*


I noticed the credited source as well, and wondered if it had been verified elsewhere also.

I checked my other sites I frequent, and saw no mention of it there.

Maybe the story isn’t true.


Thanks for the great story about your branch doing the right thing… for once. GABN!

Toasting Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen Jr. time now.


Troll level: Grand Master


Ed, you sly devil…😝😝😝


Ed, you sly devil…😝😝😝😝


Way to trigger a certain obsessed prolific commenter.


Odie and KoB,

Boy, could I have a boatload of fun with this one.

“MarineDad61 brings us phony hyperlinked website……”

Laid out just like a VG article on a long known previously outed military phony, that not only keeps on phonying,
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Of course, to be fair,
as with any of the many outed military phonies,
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Here’s a link that’s not phony. Seems you might need this particular product.



Please cease fire on this issue. Everyone on Team TAH is well aware of your opinion regarding “The Gateway Pundit”.

This post is about honoring the service of LtGen Petersen, and you are detracting from that with your comments. I was a career Marine Corps Aviator, and I strongly recommend that you pull the throttle back a bit and save “The Gateway Pundit” rants for another place and time. Thanks.

Semper Fidelis.


Point taken,
but the joke phony hyperlink on this article
was a crack, a dig, at me.
Not lost on others, and not lost on me.

I am the father of a current Marine Aviator,
presently deployed overseas.



To further agree with you,
it would have been much more appropriate
for VG to choose almost any other VG article,
such as FGS, WOT, or any lighthearted current events
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But not here.

Thanks, again.


I (sincerely) hope that anyone here who chooses to play
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So TGP is an enemy of Twatter, has an unnecessarily bias wiki AND has been demobilized by GOOLAG?!?

(I hate whataboutisms/false equ) At worst, TGP is the CNN of the right but less (non?) authoritarian. I don’t care if they sell d!ck pills and water filters to keep the lights on: the memer of my enemy is my fren.


Ditto, and Wiki is full of false information because it is run by leftards who are less likely to remove slanted or false info posted by DU fans like our mendacious mollusk.


Um, MD61, for one so concerned about sourcing from a right-wing site, you sure seem to like to buttress your arguments with information from a known left-wing site.

And don’t take ol’ Poe’s word for it, even its co-founder, Larry Sanger, recently charged that Wikipedia is left-biased:

Wikipedia can be a reasonably reliable source on matters that don’t involve politics, but anything regarding that topic are always slanted left.

Such as relying on them as your source for information on Gateway Pundit.

Funny how that shoe can so easily get on the other foot, hmm?


rgr769 and Poetrooper,
Are either of you saying Wikipedia is wrong
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Are either of you saying the detailed history of
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Hint – The Vangheluwe lawsuit cost Hoft 5 figures,
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Fo’ ever.


Just after ol’ Poe sent this article to AW/1 Ed, he was again looking at that stern visage of this warrior who broke down so many unfair racial barriers and established so many “firsts” in the Corps for black officers and enlisted, and wondered:

Just what do you suppose LTG Petersen would think of the naming of the USNS Harvey Milk?


The good General reported to his final duty station as a Guard, Street, 1 Ea., on 25 August 2015.
The USNS [Pederast] was officially named at a ceremony in San Francisco on 16 August 2016.

We’ll have to ask him if we’re lucky enough to “Ever look on Heaven’s scenes” ourselves.


Dog, picture in your mind, members of the crew from the Pederast walking into an Olongapo bar full of crew from the Petersen.

Ol’ Poe would pay good money to witness that encounter…😜😜😜

Frankie Cee

A much more fitting naming than that of the USS Milquetoast.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

BZ Big Navy. A Marine Mustang, Hard Charger, and all the other accolades he earned. Fair Winds and Following Seas General…Sepre Fi!


Okay, okay, i’ll be the spelling Nazi!!!

It’s Burke, not Burk, Ed.


Much respect to this proud warship named after a true trailblazing warrior. I have to imagine the crewmembers of the USNS Cesar Chavez, USNS Harvey Milk, and USS Gabrielle Giffords are looking at this ship, then looking at theirs going “Are you fucking kidding me?”


Lord, bless this ship and all who will serve on it. Congratulations USN! RIP Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen Jr.


Looking at the photo of the LTG on that 1st “link” I see a hard charger whose gaze alone would bring an offender to rethink things.

As an aside, I looked around at various links about the ship and didn’t find where it will be homeported.

Rest in peace General Petersen.

Steve 1371

The February page of the 2012 Marine Corps Heritage Foundation calendar featured LtGen Frank E Petersen, USMC (Ret). If ever there was a roll model for our youth , he was the man. I may well have been a beneficiary of his air support. Thank you General if that was the case.
His write up goes on to say, At the time of his retirement in 1988, he was the senior ranking aviator of both Marine Corps and U S Navy, with respective titles of “Silver Hawk” and “Gray Eagle”.