Commie spies not popular in Poland

| January 8, 2007

I was reading this article about the resignation of Stanislaw Wielgus, the newly appointed archbishop of Warsaw. He was forced to resign after admitting a few days ago that he’d cooperated with Poland’s communist-era secret police. I’m sure we can find some Leftists around somewhere that will sympathize with him and explain away his traitorous behavior using the awesome power of hindsight the Left seems to treasure.

Afterall, look how the Left still defends Alger Hiss. Despite the fact that Hiss has been proven guilty of treason using the VENONA Project files (made famous by the scholarly work Venona; Decoding Soviet Spies in America ) and the KGB’s own archives (The Haunted Wood; Soviet Espionage in America – the Stalin Era by Allen Weinstein), they still defend him and fend off charges that he was a traitor by sniffing that he was only found guilty of perjury – not espionage.

Yeah, the good archbishop should see if he can get a job as Archbishop of Berkely or Cambridge. I’m sure they can find room for an old commie.

Category: Foreign Policy

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