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| November 20, 2021

Mossy Shockwave

Man gets caught trying to steal catalytic converter

By Mark Peterson
ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) – How bold can a bad guy be?

Perhaps a St. Joseph County homeowner found out last weekend.

That’s when Jim Hughes confronted a would-be catalytic converter thief in the driveway.

Despite the size of the fence surrounding the property. Despite the posted no trespassing signs, two men moved in in broad daylight about 10:30 last Sunday morning and cut to the chase. One started cutting off the catalytic converter on a Jeep in the driveway.

Jim Hughes grabbed his gun and confronted the men. “I can tell you; I think my heart was about ready to jump out of my chest, my adrenaline was pumping so hard,” Hughes told 16 News Now.

At one point, Jim fired some warning shots into the air. That sent one man fleeing on foot, while another drove away in a blue Ford pickup.

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‘Career criminals’: Deputies shot suspects after driver sped directly at them, Polk County Sheriff says

MULBERRY, Fla. — Two suspects have been injured in a shooting involving Polk County Sheriff’s deputies, according to officials.

County officials say it happened near the intersection of SR 60 West and Prairie Industrial Parkway.

Judd said it started around 12:06 a.m. when James Hillburn fled from the Bowling Green Police Department. He said the officers had interrupted the suspects burglarizing a business.

Judd said deputies assisted the police in boxing in the suspects, Hillburn and passenger Justin Norris, as they fled.

“My deputies, were once again, setting up stop sticks, to stop our suspects,” he said.

Judd said a lieutenant and two deputies were trying to stop the vehicle when Hillburn turned around and drove directly at the lieutenant.

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Florida K-9s honored with Purple Hearts after being shot in line of duty
K-9s Ax and Endo likely took bullets meant for deputies, Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood previously said

Stephen Sorace
Two Florida K-9s were honored Wednesday with Purple Hearts after each suffering gunshot wounds while subduing an armed carjacking suspect in September.

K-9s Endo and Ax with the Volusia Sheriff’s Office received the sheriff’s Purple Heart and the Medal of Honor from Irondog K9, a non-profit organization that supports K-9 teams across the country and helped cover the dogs’ medical bills, the sheriff’s office said.

Ax was shot in the face while tracking the armed man into a wooded area in Deltona on Sept. 11. Endo was shot in the paw and chin almost two hours later when the suspect ran out from a wood line.

T-bones and belly rubs! No Score.
Fox News

Volusia County K-9 Ax, pictured left, was shot in the side of his face just after midnight, while K-9 Endo, pictured right, was shot in the paw and chin almost two hours later during separate confrontations with the suspect. (Volusia County Sheriff’s Office)

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety. Nor, are they likely to end up with either. — Benjamin Franklin

Links and witness statement courtesy of our Gun Bunny and nobunny, respectively.

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Frankie Cee

The METHodists just don’t get it. People don’t want their goods stolen. I don’t know about warning shots fired into the air. I am more into conserving my ammo than that, but I damned sure would have confronted them, and when the one with the sawzall swung it at me, I would do a Mogadishu Drill on his dumb ass, to protect myself.

Frankie Cee

Sheriff Grady Judd gave another stellar performance in presenting the facts at the initial press briefing.
He and his get it done. When asked: “How many bullets did the officers fire?”, He replied: “A lot. They fired a lot. We are still finding and counting bullet casings.”


I love this Sheriff. In another incident where the dirtbag was shot to death by his officers, some progdagandist wanted to know why the officers fired over a hundred rounds at the suspect that was shooting at them. His response: “That is all the ammo they had.”


A video of his best quotes from last year. I’m thinking he gets reelected by a large margin every year.


Dirtbags trying to steal from me is the only catalyst I need to convert said dirtbag to buzzard and worm food. The only shot they’ll have as a warning is the click of the safety or the chambering of a round.

Guess I better keep my eyes peeled when I roll thru the Prairie and SR 60 area tomorrow. That’s where I usually make a pit stop before that last part of the run toward Ceegar City.

Good Boys! K-9 Officers Ax and Enos ARE True Heros, ready and willing to lay THEIR lives on the line…”no greater love…” BZ to the Sheriff’s Office for recognizing them and another BZ to Irondog K-9 for what they do in support of K-9s everywhere. Escorted a Lady Friend to a Christmas Arts and Crafts Show coupla weeks back. One of the Booths had a semi retired Working Dog, giving demonstrations of the prowess of K-9 skills and raising monies for their efforts. Think it was USAFRetired that made mention of his work with German Shedders and asking about Malinois. This Fur Missile was a Malinois and folks were encouraged to interact, pet and love on that Good Boy. For those that wanted to make a contribution they could either drop donations in a bucket or give it to K-9 Officer Brinks and he would drop the $ in the bucket. Cool as all hell. I burned thru all the bills in my pocket and had a large time giving him belly rubs and treats.

You gotta wonder if the dirtbag Axed for there to be an Endo’ fur missile launches.

Love the witness report from Patrol Canine Peach.

You gotta love a Mossy Shottie. I never lost my loving feeling for my Mossy Maverick (damn a leaky boat). Mav stayed ready to fly shots into the danger zone and put a dirtbag on Ice, Man.


This is the simply truth for all dead FGS, from “No Country for Old Men”:

Sheriff Ed Tom: “It sounded like these old boys died of natural causes.”
Deputy Wendell: “How’s that, Sheriff?”
Sheriff Ed Tom: “Natural to the line of work they was in.”

Every time you guys post a K9 story I think back to the PC Peach story. Good boy. Good boy Peach.–crime-report-dog–Police-investigate-completing-witness-statement-written-force-dog.html


I would like to amend my statement from “all dead FGS” to “all of the dead dirtbags we read about on TAH”.


I almost lost my catalytic converter. 10 am weekday in parking lot for several stores near JBLM. Inside under 10 minutes, came out to see my Prius slightly elevated and tilted then heard “he’s coming back!”. I took off running as the guy under the car got up and into the idling SUV now in the space next to mine with the lookout in the passenger seat. I got there in time to slam the door into the thief’s foot as he was getting in but he already had it in drive. Called 911 with the plate info and descriptions.

45 minutes later a sheriff deputy arrived. She said the plate came back to the SUV I described however it had been sold via Facebook market place 9 months earlier with the now-expired plates still on it and it had not been registered to the new owner. All the tools left were wrapped with electrical tape so no fingerprints.

Only a slight cut in the exhaust pipe repaired by welding clamps to the pipe. I am now the new owner of a fairly new $128.00 “Grip-On locking chain pipe cutter and $179.00 hydraulic floor jack left at the scene. Just paid $400 for a catalytic converter shield and installation.