Bust butt Brandon!

| November 7, 2021

Joe Biden is rumored to have “released gas” from his rear end at the climate summit. According to The Mail, Biden and the Duchess of Cornwall were engaged in polite small talk when Biden broke wind. It apparently was long, drawn out, and could not be ignored. Biden talked the “talk” about reducing emissions, but his rear end could not cash the checks that his mouth wrote.

From the Daily Mail:

At the reception, which was originally supposed to have been hosted by the Queen until she was ordered to rest by doctors, Biden was seen laughing and joking with Prince William, at one stage placing a hand on his shoulder.

At COP26, Biden apologised for Trump’s actions in taking the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and he pledged that America would devote more resources to fighting climate change. The President was ‘gonged’ eight times by organisers for running past the three minutes allotted for his speech.

This summer, Johnson praised Biden as being ‘a big breath of fresh air’ on climate change compared to his predecessor.

Appropriately, Biden has urged world leaders to cut methane gas emissions by 30 per cent by the end of the decade. Cows and other livestock contribute substantially to global methane levels.

The White House declined to comment last night.

Breath of fresh air? If these rumors are true, the Duchess of Cornwall might have a different opinion. The Daily Mail has more about Biden’s emission at the summit aimed at reducing emissions.

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Brandon has shit coming out his ass and his mouth.


Like most things District of Criminals, I will ignore everything this turd sandwich has to say, comprehensible or not, until he or I are terminated in our respective positions.

These people are hypocrites and control freaks, hundreds of jets to discuss how my heating bill isn’t high enough?

Time for a Mogadishu-style drag party, iycmd.


Testify Brother!

A Proud Infidel ®™️

Not only is Joke Biteme absolutely clueless, he has less class than a public school on Sunday!


Gropey Joe has left a foul trail across Europe.


Emperor Bi-Dung (two shits) of the District of China has struck again and I can’t what for what’s next.

Just don’t pull any fingers…



What is wait…




I personally never went in for bathroom humor.

I have no shortage of issues with President Biden, so I’m not going to make a big deal out of something that can happen to anyone.

Of course, I know that if this situation involved President Trump, it would be on the news 24 hours a day.

A Proud Infidel®™

Nearly every talking head in the mainstream media has Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder (TARD) that they let run their lives, making them Trump Acceptance resistance Disorder Operatives or TARDOs!


Truth bro


There is a man named Biden
People wonder what’s he hidin’
They thought it was ants
inside of his pants
But it was shit they were findin’

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I just read the above post and it was some gas as we used to say back in the day. Too bad he didn’t light it off with a bic like the guys in my Firehouse used to do while sitting on the couch. Man what a gas.


Joey squeezed out a trump. Yeah, trump is Brit slang for fart. The dude doesn’t know where he is or what day it is most of the time. Probably wasn’t even aware he was ripping one.

Mustang Major

Sir, did you just fart in front of my wife?”

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was her turn.”

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe Joke Biteme was trying to fart in the Vatican when he shit his pants there? Joe “Shitspants” Biden strikes again!


These sorry-assed Democrats have made this country the laughingstock of the world…


Old Hotness: The Shot Heard Around the World.

New Hotness: The Fart Heard Around the World.

Maybe the White House should purchase “Biden Depends” which are modified for fart-silencing by Bose, makers of sound-silencing headsets.

Hack Stone

It went a little like this:

Green Thumb

Biden dropped a little Phil Monkress in the room.