Some Generation Z employees forward unusual requests to their Millennial bosses

| November 1, 2021

A Generation Z job applicant asked the Millennial interviewer why an 8-hour presence is required if the work could be accomplished in less than 8 hours. Another Generation Z individual informed her Millennial boss that she would not be coming in due to anxiety and cramps. A third Generation Z employee assigned a tasker to a Millennial boss.

From The Daily Mail:

Generation Z workers are terrifying their millennial bosses with a series of woke and entitled demands, including that their companies support BLM, provide paid time off for ‘anxiety’ and telling the CEOs to do the assignments themselves.

These newest additions to the workforce have left many of their not-much-older supervisors shaking their heads or infuriated before caving in to avoid social media shaming by the web-savvy ‘dot-com kids.’

‘When I was entering the workforce I would not have delegated to my boss. Gen Z doesn’t hesitate to do that,’ said Polly Rodriguez, 34, the CEO of sexual wellness company Unbound, one of many CEOs who aired their grievances to the New York Times.

‘Some young former employees are much more willing to burn bridges.

‘To me it’s shortsighted. Is it worth the social clout of getting gratification on social media but then trashing someone who could continue to help you professionally?’

By 2025, members of Generation Z – those born between 1997 and 2021 – will make up 27 percent of the global workforce, predicts the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Rodriguez revealed one incident when her co-founder contacted her to say a younger social media manager had called on a Saturday to demand to know how the vibrator start-up would be supporting Black Lives Matter.

The Gen Zer reached out to her bosses in June 2020, days after George Floyd was murdered. Both bosses were surprised by the call on a non-work day, assuming a staff member would only get in touch on the weekend in an emergency.

Still, the fear of bad publicity from web-savvy workers led Unbound to hire a diversity, equity and inclusion officer to train staff, as well as launching a fundraiser for a group that supports sex workers of color.

The Daily Mail has more on this story at this link.

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Hey, Millennials, there’s the fruit of all yer whining: kids y’all deserve (I’m sure your parents said something about that).

–Gen X


Get woke, go broke…..
I bet the “vibrator start up” was a woke company and sure that they were doing enough to satisfy the exclusionary whiny-assed basement klownes.
The list of companies in huge trouble simply because they didn’t check enough boxes, is huge and growing every day.


“Get woke, go broke…” Word!

Looks like they didn’t need a vibrator to get phuqued.

Green Thumb


Think about American Taxpayers and the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics)and him sticking it up our collective asses as he procures taxpayer-funded government paid contracts based upon his fake and potentially felonious Law Enforcement, Navy SEAL and Native American claims.

But on a side note, I would not be surprised if Phildo went into the vibrator business. He has the experience.


And this sh*t gets worse:

“The 37-Year-Olds Are Afraid of the 23-Year-Olds Who Work for Them,” by Emma Goldberg, NYT, 28 Oct 2021


When I graduated and hit the fleet I walked up the gangway of my first ship ready to work and follow orders. If I ever tried to delegate to my superiors I’d have ended up the first man on Mars cause that’s how far the ass kicking would have sent me.

Fuck these kids.


And Boomers called Gen X “slackers”…


Anda hearty *heave ho* fuck you and there you go, to these entitled stupid fucktards.
I have a prediction, like the Demoncraps, the pendulum will swing and these buttfuckers will be left with their strap-ons in their hands.


In a world of ‘free money’ this is the inevitable outcome.
It’s not just the spoiled individuals, it’s a systemic issue of spoiled institutions, made so by constantly consistent misallocations of resources.

If the market was allowed to self-correct this type of stupidity would’ve been shitcanned loooong time ‘go.

(Yes. I reposted this article twice. Got me twisted more than you could imagine)


Good times make soft men…

Green Thumb

And soft men create a lot of loose women…


What’s that word?

Leadership. Tolerate this behavior it metastasizes.

A Proud Infidel®™️

I remember working for minimum wage where there were others waiting to take your job if you weren’t up to snuff, screw those snotnosed snowflakes!


This is far from representing the entire generation. Most of the kids I know are hardworking, polite and far different than the over the top douche bag types we see represented on social media. Social media gives an outsized voice to the fringe. Maybe the vibrator company should have better vetted their hires instead of apparently catering to the woke.


I believe the difference now over the past is that it’s significantly easier for one outlier to disrupt the entire system.


Wait, wait, wait… you mean the VIBRATOR start-up company did not attract quality employees? There’s so many jokes, I’m just not, well, I’m not a dude. CHIP! POST!


You have been hanging around us too much. We have been a bad influence on you nobunny. I guess we need to be punished.

The employees of the company weren’t very satisfying, but I bet the products were. Looks like they need to “strap on” their Big Girl Panties and get busy. Maybe the employees need some fresh batteries to get it up to the standards. Flesh out the work force so to say.

I’ll show myself out before I get into more trouble.


TAADAAA! Now that’s what I’m talking about.


I’m sure the manager at the vibrator company was shaken to her core by all this.


I’m shocked, shocked! /sarc



And there you go, stole my thunder. I was thinking the *exact* same thing and i have to agree with KoB, when you apparently start thinking like us, we’ve been a BAD influence on you.
😀 😀 😀
This is what these “kids” need, both the shitty Millennial managers AND the Gen Z entitled fucks.


The guys (and gals) of TAH do get some credit. You ARE BAD. You’re a bunch of dirty, stinky, perverted boys! But boys have more fun. Play with Barbie dolls? I don’t think so. Tommy down the street has a Green Machine, MFer…


My GI Joe Action Figure beat up the Ken Doll and then had his way with Barbie…and Skipper… way back yonder!


The Commissariat supports those oppressed workers in their struggle against the evil, rich white managers! POWER TO THE PROLETARIAT!!!


Regardless of virtue signaling to the fellow Comrades your early delivery of allocation has not be approved at this time.

The Central Committee’s demand must be filled before you.

Thanks for playing.


In the example cited above, the “CEO” interviewed runs a company that makes dildos and vibrators. Tells me all I need to know about this Fortune 500 “company”. Guess she doesn’t want the shaft from her employees but will sell you one!


“Sexual wellness.”

I do appreciate the article’s author for including further down an explanation for what that is.


And here I thought that “sexual wellness” was being able to effectively use your own tool, not having to buy one…


Or being “vanilla” and not freaky-deaky perverse, for that matter.

Hack Stone

The work ethic of these Generation Z employees is atrocious. Not one intern at All Points Logistics was willing to go onto a military blog and defend Phil Monkress against allegations that he falsely claimed to be a US Navy SEAL. We are doomed as a nation.


They have one? Haven’t seen it yet.

Green Thumb

And he had a few of them…..


I’d love to see this shit happen in a more, uh, blue-collar environment.

A Proud Infidel®™

NO SHIT, especially around Seasoned Blue Collar types who would chew those little booger-eating snotnose snowflakes up and spit them out before they even knew what hit them!


I just spent the day in the seawater side of a heat exchanger, so up their pompous egotistical asses.


Adam Calhoun covered this (albeit without as ass-whuppin’ involved as might happen):


Plus… with more discussion (and some demonstration) of ass-whuppin’:


I should have been from Pittsburgh (BLECH!!!) because I have taught my kids, (not the ghey “bend over camera guy” shit, JAMIE!!”)
I learned it from my Mother and my Grandmothers.


My dad was a towel sharp shooter. He could take out a flying fly… a fly in flight… you know what I’m saying.


“a random boner in third period english class”

Now that was a flashback I enjoyed….tnx.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

NHSparky wrote: I’d love to see this shit happen in a more, uh, blue-collar environment.

Right that shit gets you terminated on the spot at my shop. We have no one here who isn’t an old school come to work on time or don’t come in at all kind of employee. I am fortunate to work with some amazing young people whose parents must have understood the value of succeeding on merit versus demand.

We are a manufacturer deemed essential who remained open during COVID’s shutdown of every other business in this commie state of ours and we never missed payroll even though we had our worst year in our 38 year history…there is no one here who doesn’t understand our commitment to our loyal employees and those employees don’t tolerate new hires with shit attitudes very well. Those new hires who somehow get through the interview process and turn out to be less than stellar often don’t last 30 days into their 90 day probation period.

Mike B USAF Retired

“A Generation Z job applicant asked the Millennial interviewer why an 8-hour presence is required if the work could be accomplished in less than 8 hours….”

Let them go home after they are done. At the end of the pay period, they’ll have less than full time hours….Which means no benefits (Health insurance, vacation time, sick leave, etc).

Would help employers save money, if the majority of their staff is part time!

You want the bennies do the hours!

A Proud Infidel®™️

They sound like the type who would complain about those working overtime getting paid more each week than they do while demanding that everyone be paid the same every week regardless of hours worked!


Yes, Lars, you know you want to say it…