Midweek Open Thread

| November 24, 2021

If only the rich would experience tax increases, there would be no need to lower the bar to track cash inflow and outflow for anybody with a certain amount in the bank. This is especially the case when even those under the poverty level would get subject to monitoring. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.

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A Proud Infidel®™


Only Army Mom

wow, and by a wide margin. Congrats API!

A Proud Infidel®™

I give you the Honorary First.



Good J.O.B!, API. Does this mean that the claim of Honorary FIRST is open to the masses? If so, I will belly up to the bar, pushing aside various and assorted miscreanted d’weeded deplorables, making room for Adorable Deplorables, thusly being the FIRST to bestow the Title of Honorary FIRST to Only Army Mom.

ChipNASA and Hack Stone showing up to whine in

ps…If you pay attention to details over the next coupla days, you may come close to matching the King of Battle, THE King of FIRST and maybe have a shot of a Trifecta of FIRST in one week. The Mid Week Open Thread (MOT) of today. A Thanksgiving Open Thread (TOT). And then the Coveted TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread (WOT) (EARNED NEVER AWARDED).


Wait…what? I was thinking there would be a Thanksgiving Day open thread
so no need to suspect one today, let alone this early.
Pretty soon it’s gonna be the “Daily Open Thread”.
And then there will be early notification for “premium subscribers”.
It’s going to hell……well at least you can see it from here.

Only Army Mom

Not First!


To us you are always FIRST…in our Hearts! His Blessings to you OAM. Hope you shook off your cold.

Only Army Mom

KoB – thank you darling, I’ve almost managed to shake off that Georgia bug.

I hope you become as stuffed as the American yard bird that graces tables, and as are well-loved this Thanksgiving.

To all my beloved deplorables here at TAH, my wish for you all is the same. Enjoy the well-deserved repast, and I pray you are all surrounded by friends and family.

If by some chance you find yourself without a seat at a well-laden table, there will be a space for you at mine. Me and mine will welcome you.


Thank you OAM

The denizens of the GB Compound & friends will be gathering at Airborne Son’s new domicile to celebrate, give thanks, and admire his newest daughter – born last Sunday morning.

Only Army Mom

Congratulations to the GB compound family! What a beautiful, glorious reason to give thanks this year.


Army fumbles the ball. A FUBAR. Cadets at West Point kidnap a Navy goat – and gets the wrong goat. Ain’t Ready for Missions Yet (ARMY).



Ain’t Ready for Missions Yet. I am SOOOO stealing that. (Go Navy!)


Yeah, just a play on ‘Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet’. Have a bigly yuge Thanksgiving.


Army is just jealous. Their breeding mules haven’t produced for them, sadly.

go navy



Tough day this past Monday. Scooby is now chasing rabbits in Doggie Heaven with his pal, Buddy the Corgi.


Sorry for your loss Claw. I miss my canine buddies but a new
one was born 4 weeks ago and I am out shopping for “baby clothes”.
On a sad note I lost my older sister Monday. Life is a mystery.
The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.


Thanks, Beans. I could tell by the look in his eyes he knew it was time for the last ride when I lifted him into the backseat of the pick-up.


It is a terrible task to take them on that last ride.
God leaves us with the task of ending their suffering.
My last pal was due to diabetes and I was giving him the
shots daily but eventually they go blind and although not
a death sentence the ocular pain is unbearable.


I went through that with our last dog, Mikki, the Jack Russell. She also had diabetes, which led to her eventually being unable to keep anything down. She honest to God looked like she knew where we were going and was grateful that we were going when we made the last trip. I spent almost 4 years giving her the shot.
And condolences to you, Beans.


Prayers for your family 26Limabeans.


Am so sorry for the loss of your older sister. (I should have picked up on that in my other comment)

Mea Culpa


Condolences to both of you on your losses, I lost an uncle last month, and two of our pups a year ago.. we still have a bunch of furry critters around the house, but those two are missed. I’m sure Scooby is having a great time with his pal!


Am sorry to hear about that, too.


And very sorry to hear about your sister, too, 26L.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

My condolences on the loss of your Sister Beans.

A Proud Infidel®™

Sorry to hear that, Pets are family too!

Green Thumb

Yes they are.


“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”

– Will Rogers


I am conflicted..won’t go where the dogs aren’t, but am assured by the wife that Heaven is probably not on the itinerary.

You never really lose those whom you remember and cherish, you are merely separated for a while.

3/17 Air Cav

Claw……sorry about Scooby, great dog! I hope everything else is going well for you! Have a great turkey day!



Thanks and the same right back at ya.



Sorry to hear.


Very sorry to hear that, Claw.


Sorry for your loss, Claw.

I’m getting that “so tired” stuff from my sister, who put in her retirement request but can’t let go of the idea that she won’t have students to teach and/or advise before long.

You have my sympathies re: Scooby.


RIP Scooby,, cross the bridge and waiting.


Prayers from the Dog Chapelle in Vermont (to many times).
At very moment I am holding 12-14 year old Yorkie that outlasted his person.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

My condolences on your loss Claw.


Claw and ‘Beans, please accept our condolences on your respective loss(es). The Missus and I know both types of pain all too well. We had to have our 21 year old cat(LuLu) put down a few months back and as ‘Beans points out, LuLu knew what was coming and I will never forget the look in those eyes-makes me well up just thinking about it. We miss her every day and our hearts still haven’t quite healed up from that. And on this day, eight years ago, my Mom passed away suddenly-it was a profound shock that I still haven’t completely recovered from and frankly, don’t think I ever will. In the mean time, keeping you both in our daily prayers and nightly complines for strength and healing. Goes the saying, the Lord does not give us more than we can handle but in my case; I just wish he had less confidence in my abilities…


We grieve your losses with you Brothers. As many of us have been there and done that.

One of my ideas of Heaven is being greeted by my passed on Fur Babies…and my Sister’s cubed steak, smashed taters with gravy, and a plate of Mama’s cat headed biskets.


Hmmm. I do believe I wouldn’t mind sitting at that heavenly table your describing and trying your sister’s cubed steak an smashed taters, with a plate of your Mom’s cat headed biscuits but…only if I would be allowed to feed some table scraps to the fur babies when dinner’s over(an ancient Hatchet-family tradition).

I also believe this is one of the best descriptors of Heaven I’ve read in a while.. Cheers K

P.S. in the main of cats and dogs – guess I’d better let the cat outta the bag and ‘fess up to the fact that I just realized – tomorrow’s my B-day. FMTT’s Where the hell does the time go..?


Top 10?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

FIRST Fourteen. Quiet 76th B Day Yesterday. I guess I’ll never see 75 again

The Stranger

You will see 75 again…in the rear view mirror!


Seriously, do what I do and periodically take a trip down memory lane in the vast TAH archives!


Cheer up, Jeff! Tomorrow’s my B-day and I forgot up until just now…and the only reason I realized it was because I glanced at my ‘puters calendar.
D’oh! Where the hell does the time go? Oh yeah, rear-view mirror. Got it. And yeah, those TAH archives can be a ton of fun to read.


A blessed Thanksgiving to you all.

When I go to count all my blessings that God has given me, I lose track, they are so many – and greatly outnumber my pains.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Its comical to hear politicians drone on with their “Corporations need to pay their fair share” when they are they people that right the tax laws after being wined & dined by corporate lobbyists, so they don’t have to pay their fair share.
It’s been happening for a few generations, but NOOOWWW the Party with Big Tech, Big Business, Wall Street, and Billionaires is going crack down on their own donors that finance their campaigns? Our only hope is to take bake both houses in ’22 to block more reckless money printing, and elect DeSantis in ’24.
That’s the way I see it. Happy Thanksgiving to all our forces and ships at sea. God bless these United States.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Politicians and diapers both need to be changed often and for the same reason.” – Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Slow Joe


Green Thumb

Everyone needs to call down top All-Points Logistics and put their Thanksgiving orders in!

A turkey, mashed potatoes, Phildo gravy and a side of lies. All the dishes are quite fitting for the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics), I may add.

And you better hurry up before his new Phildo Supporters get in line!

Also curious if Phildo is going with Thanksgiving or another Ingenious People’s Day and if so, what Tribal Heritage he will be claiming tomorrow (he has used a few so who knows what tomorrow will bring).


Hey, that Leftist “monitoring” mentality Democrats want on your bank accounts… for “social justice,” you know, comrade:


While in the checkout lane at the grocery store today I noticed
a sign stating that “correct change is appreciated due to the
shortage of currency at the federal reserve”

Another effort to get rid of cash and force digital transactions.
And with inflation everyone is rounding “up” to the next dollar.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Turkeys out there.


I was in Mexico when they were using Uno Peso coins as pennies – if they had them. I think the exchange rate at the time was 350:1USD

That was bad enough.

One of my Heirs and Offspring was at the store the other day and offered a check to the (college-age) cashier.
She had to get the manager to tell her what to do with a check.

When they get everyone onto plastic, credit or debit, they can stop us from being able to purchase at their whim by just locking the account or shutting down the internet.

Stupid people.


TESLA decides to take out the car owner’s home, too.
A double screw you to a Tesla car buyer.

[Maple Glen Home Gutted After Tesla Catches Fire In Driveway]