Watch Those Pronouns and Gender Assignments

| October 25, 2021

Jim Banks (R) Indiana

For the crime of misgendering, Twitter has suspended the account of Republican Jim Banks of Indiana for referring to Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine as a “man.”

Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine

Twitter Suspends Lawmaker’s Account Over Trans Tweet

(NEWSER) – Update: Twitter has suspended the account of GOP congressman Jim Banks of Indiana after a controversial tweet about a trans government official. Banks deliberately referred to Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, who identifies as a woman, as a “man.” As a result, Twitter on Saturday yanked his account for “violating our Hateful Conduct Policy.” The move affects Banks’ congressional Twitter account, and Axios notes that he fired back on his still-active personal account. Banks tweeted that he was penalized for posting “a statement of FACT.” He added: “I won’t back down. … Big Tech must be held accountable!” Our original story from Oct. 19 follows:

Rachel Levine, the nation’s assistant secretary of health and the first openly transgender person to win Senate confirmation for a federal office, made history again Tuesday when she was sworn in as an admiral of the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, which responds to health crises on the federal government’s behalf. That makes her the first openly transgender four-star officer in the US, as well as the first female four-star admiral the corps has ever had, the Washington Post reports. On that last note, Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana had something to say for which he is now in hot water.

“The title of first female four-star officer gets taken by a man,” Banks tweeted in response to a tweet from the surgeon general announcing the news. Banks later added, “Calling someone that was born and lived as a man for 54 years the first ‘female’ four-star officer is an insult to every little girl who dreams of breaking glass ceilings one day.” But Ruben Gonzales, executive director of LGBTQ Victory Institute, said those tweets were “an insult to every little girl who dreams of an America where public servants will treat them with respect and judge them by their accomplishments,” the Indianapolis Star reports.

I think once Twitter started engaging in banning accounts for “misinformation” and “hateful conduct” – in Twitter’s view – there will be no end to the practice until they’ve pruned all outspoken folks and retain the rest that comply and are not willing to speak their mind or signal their views.

The views expressed above are solely of this cisgendered non-non-binary male.

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USMC Steve

If they lost all the conservatives they have, and those people went to another platform, twitter would be screwed. There are viable alternatives.


Gender BINGO, for Lars.


The twits of Twitter. If Levine had to be identified by a forensic scientist the findings would show a 60 something male. DNA don’t lie. Mother Nature can’t be fooled. And it’s not nice to try.

Hack Stone

Don’t you mean Birthing Person Nature? Hack Stone will file a grievance with the This Ain’t Hell Thought Police to ship you off to a reeducation camp until you are deemed fit to rejoin society.


You just can’t wake up and be woke.

You have to want to be woke and you have to work at being woke.

There, I did it – I successfully used “woke” and “work” in the same sentence.


Thanks, Hack. Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.

Hack Stone

Show me the man who identifies as a female but still pees standing up, and I’ll show you the crime of not recognizing their right to identify their gender.


Think you mean “their right gender.”

Green Thumb

Curious as to what AOC says about this.

Not long ago, she said that women must “menstruate”.


Not all who menstruate are women. *taps forehead*


“Hateful conduct.” Ooh. Bad boy. Bad. No sweets for you.


Or, that could read “no tweets for you.”


Yet the Taliban’s Twitter account is still active


That’s because beheading young female soccer players isn’t hateful, it’s “culture”.. (kind like what you’d find in a petri dish…)

Daisy Cutter

Tweet others as you would want to be tweeted.


Is the day rapidly approaching that everyone must unzip their pants to validate which pronoun is appropriate?



Every once in a while a good one gets through the censors. You just have to know where to look.


“referred to Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine, who identifies as a woman, as a “man.”
I think he misspoke, Levine may be a male but he is a damn poor excuse for a man.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s obvious that there is NO working for Twitter or Farcebook as a “moderator” unless you are a dyed-in-the-wool liberal snowflake.


You guys are being patently unfair to Adm. Levine. He/xhe/xhit worked his dick off to get this gig. (Note: I didn’t call a job, cuz I suspect there is very little work with it. This is also not a promotion anymore than Hunter’s brief stint as a Navy officer.) Oops, I misgendered xher with some of those pronouns.

George V

Maybe we need to describe people by their chromosomes. Instead of “Dude looks like a woman” it’s “XY looks XX to me”.


Just when I thought we plateaued Clown World finds a little fuel in the tank to accelerate toward ruingeddon…

A murdering, mentally unstable ‘Doctor’ who plays dress up in public as Assistant Secretary of Health is protected harder than the truth?

I don’t think we’re getting out of this in one piece.

Frankie Cee

The hell with the GENDER PRETENDERS and anyone who supports that phony mess.
Mediocre males that couldn’t find a fit in mainstream life, have to take from females to feel that they are being recognized. I recognize them as “Sorry Asses”.


Frankie Cee,
10 years ago,
he was fairly successful,
with a successful wife,
and a nice family with 2 teenagers,
when he decided to change the family dynamic. Forever.
(*That’s putting it kindly.)

Divorced 2 years into this.
Minimal commentary from the ex-wife,
who has had no such career promotions in the past 10 years,
and has stopped her public writing.
Nothing public from the (now adult) children, at all.


They make it sound a appealing to get the pee-pee chopped off and vote Dem but I’ll keep my equipment where it is.


They all do seem to have a bad case of the “Look at Mee’s.”



So I have a question, and I’m being serious, not [just] trying to start anything. For those who still live down south:

I know 90%+ of southerners say sir/ma’am, and teach their children from birth to say sir/ma’am. Have you seen anyone get their panties in a twist over being call sir or ma’am yet? How are southern woke-folk handling this [idiotic] conundrum?


They are prolly forcing themselves not to utter that phrase, even if it seems unpolite southern culture.


For Progs and wokarista’s it’s all about feelings, especially deluded mental cases like most of these trannies.

What I don’t understand is if you are a guy who is about a five or six on the attractiveness scale, why would said guy want to make himself into a trannie woman who is a three, at best.



Nope, rgr769, leastways not the ones of us that Southern Manners are imbedded in our DNA. Remember, we say Grace, We say Ma’am and if you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn. We got shotguns, rifles, and four (4) wheel drives and the country boys can survive. (ht 2 HW jr) My usual retort, delivered in the snarkiest, dripping with honey, tone is, “Well Ma’am if my manners offend you then (a) you aren’t from around here, (b) I’m sorry for your lack of proper home training, and (c) why don’t you take your damnyanky azz back to where you came from”. (damnyanky being an attitude, not a geographic origin) The worst ones are when you hold a door open for a female and they snap at you with an “I’m capable of opening my own door” remark. Which gets a reply of “Well excuse me Ma’am, I mistook you for a Lady.” Good Times!

I have to be real careful in my travels to other states. Being a Real Southerner is a Super Power. Between the accent, the manners, and the charm, you have true panty dropping abilities. I’ve had females follow me around in stores, peppering me with questions, just to hear me talk. And don’t let me get close enough to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. I hate it when some oaf calls me “Home Wrecker”.

A coupla tutorials that may help;

Manners learned at an early age;


*shrug* One of THE coolest dudes I went to school with(from Atlanta, Ga) was heard to declare “I was fourteen years old before I knew that ‘God-damn-Yankee’ was three separate words”. Cracked me every time I heard it.


It’s three (3) separate words? Damn! who knew? Learn something new everyday.


One of my troopies (from Atlanta) explained that a “Yankee” was a northerner who came to the south, while a “Damnyankee” came to the south and stayed. Had another (from Louisiana) who considered anyone living north of I-10 to be a Yankee.


I’m from there and that’s a damned fact! However, I’m older than I-10 and remember when Virginia was a reliable southern constituency. Now, I’m not real sure about Mississippi anymore.


I’ve done myself and the world a favor and expropr’rated the Sir-ing and Ma’am-ing from God Almighty’s lesser-known-near-paradise (aka Georgia, State of, 1 Each) to this Cold and Dark Land of Connecticrap.

These people have no manners and should be ‘shamed!
Had to learn the missus to speak slowly and ask ‘may I have…’ not ‘I’ll take’ at a Zaxby’s in SC. Taught her some finer points about ‘thank you AND have a good/blessed day, Sir/Ma’am’ and never ‘Thanks’ while not even looking at the person!

Let it be known I respect ya great for parsing out ‘damnyanky being an attitude’. Got me a little choked up here, Reb.

Thank you much, Sir. Have a Blessed day!


That is SOOOOOooooo true! At least when I was growing up it was true.

A good way to get your face slapped was to forget the “Ma’am” or “Sir” part of Yes/No.


Well, Ma’am, to tell the truth I’ve not run into any negative reactions in my neck of the woods – and I live in a college town in the East Texas Pineywoods country. (There are several, so I’m not giving away my AO much.)

Leaving the gym this evening I had a very polite young lady hold the door for me when she saw me coming, and we exchange Southern pleasantries – including “Ma’am” although she’s closer to my granddaughter’s age.

Those in the big ciddies (Houston, DFW, and most certainly the septic tank that Austin has become) may have other experiences.

I think, once long ago, I held the door for a supposed lady who snorted in annoyance and opened the other door. I just shrugged and went about my bidniz. No skin off my nose, as the saying goes.



KoB and GB,

You know what I say when anyone – man, woman, or child – holds a door open? Thank you and they get a most sincere smile.

Mr. nobunny has a FANTASTIC story from his college days. He went to hold a glass door open for a female, she stopped, scolded him in the “I can handle a door myself!” way. He said okay, went through the door, pulled it closed, locked it with the thumb lock and walked away. See why we’re married? 😉

This is also like saying “Merry Christmas” and having someone retort with a bitter statement. Can’t handle a positive sentiment? Fine, I hope you have a cold shitty day.

KoB, some southern accents are more potent than others. Georgia is at the top of the list. 😉


Thank you, Ma’am. It can be a burden. He might even be considered the theme for an old Janie Fricke Tune. 😉


So that door locking stunt won your woman’s heart. I think for some womyn that would backfire worse than a bad pickup line.


Welp, all I can say is I like DWs. 😉

(I did not witness said stunt. He told me about it when we were “just dating”, and I laughed my ass off. He looked pleased and relieved by my response.)


Well there was this guy.


Menopause is a bitch.


I think that video is an example of manopause, either that or sand in the mangina. I’d have told xhim/xher/whatzit, “get your obnoxious ass out of my store.”


Things Jim Carry want us to forget (just needed the money)?



I’ve seen way too much of Jim’s… surface area.

Amateur Historian

Meh, stayed off Facebook since 2013. Realized it was a tool to collect users personal information and was a public square where idiots would congregate in huge numbers. (No offense intended to those here who still go to Facebook. Not implying everybody who uses it is a moron. Just saying a good percentage is.)


If someone gives you a significant service for free, chances are pretty good that -you- are the product being sold.

Amateur Historian

Hmmm…True enough.


Miz Poe and I had a major face to face, down-to-earth discussion when I discovered she’d opened a Facebook account in my name.

She closed it forthwith…


If God doesn’t judge America soon, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Bill R..

There was no crime, there was no misgendering. Is that even a word? That thing is a male and he got it right. It’s not a man, but neither is it a woman.

Daisy Cutter

In the video above that was posted called “It’s Ma’am” the person that was upset said toward the end that he was misgendered.


As someone here noted long ago, that is not a “chick with a dick.” That is a man with fake tits.

Bill M

Levine is a man. He was born a man. He will always be a man until his dying day and then he’ll be dead, but still a man. DNA determines and no amount of surgery, drugs, Twitter nonsense, or wishful thinking can or will change that. So says science.