Generals testify to Congress that POTUS lied

| September 29, 2021

Generals Milley and McKenzie and the Secretary of Defense Austin testified to Congress yesterday. They all gave statements under oath that directly contradict what President Biden said about the Afghan pullout. Last month, left wing Democratic operative and ABC News “journalist” George Stephanopoulos asked the President in a one-on-one interview about the advice he received from his military advisors on Afghanistan. Here’s the full exchange;

STEPHANOPOULOS: But your top military advisors warned against withdrawing on this timeline. They wanted you to keep about 2,500 troops.

BIDEN: No, they didn’t. It was split. Tha– that wasn’t true. That wasn’t true.

STEPHANOPOULOS: They didn’t tell you that they wanted troops to stay?

BIDEN: No. Not at — not in terms of whether we were going to get out in a timeframe all troops. They didn’t argue against that.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So no one told — your military advisors did not tell you, “No, we should just keep 2,500 troops. It’s been a stable situation for the last several years. We can do that. We can continue to do that”?

BIDEN: No. No one said that to me that I can recall.

Of course, Biden then went on to blame his nearly endless series of failures on the Bad Orange Man. Thanks to the testimony of the President’s military advisors, we now know that once again (surprise!) Biden lied.

From Military Times;

While they wouldn’t specifically detail what they told President Joe Biden earlier this year, two of the military’s highest-ranking generals told lawmakers on Tuesday that they did not support withdrawing from Afghanistan this year.

For the first time, Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, admitted that in his personal opinion, a force of 2,500 should’ve been allowed to stay in Afghanistan, to maintain stability there.

“I won’t share my personal recommendation to the president, but I will give you my honest opinion,” Milley said during a Senate Armed Service Committee hearing on the Afghanistan drawdown. “And my honest opinion and view shaped my recommendation. I recommended that we maintain 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.”

Milley and U.S. Central Command boss Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie both acknowledged that they had also proposed that 2,500 number to former President Donald Trump, though neither would say that they gave the same recommendation to President Joe Biden as he prepared to announce a full withdrawal in April.

“I can tell you with 100-percent certainty that the military voice was heard, and it was considered,” Milley said.

The admissions showed in stark contrast how the chain of command works, at a time when fingers have been pointed around the federal government at different junctures, trying to place blame for who gave what advice, who made what decisions and who came up with which plans.

“It was considered but not followed, correct?” Sen. Deb Fischer, R-Neb., asked.

“Presidents are elected for reasons,” Milley said. “They make strategic decisions.”

I do believe that General Milley misspoke. This particular president doesn’t make “strategic” decisions so much as “stupid” decisions. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked Milley the question that’s been on all our minds, especially when one finds out his boss is blatantly ignoring his advice and publicly lying about said advice to shift blame for his own abysmally poor choices.

Asked by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., why Milley didn’t resign when Biden went against his advice, he broke it down in plain language.

“The president doesn’t have to agree with that advice. He doesn’t have to make those decisions,” Milley said. “… it would be an incredible act of political defiance, for a commissioned officer to just resign because my advice is not taken. This country doesn’t want generals figuring out what orders we are going to accept and do or not, ? that’s not our job.”

Another answer without an answer. Milley is apparently like a battered wife that thinks her husband is about to change. Why anyone would work for Biden after all he’s done just this year is beyond me.

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After almost 50 years on the graft, Biden is all about and has ALWAYS been about: himself. Why would that change now?


To be fair he does mention Beau now and then.


Yeah but he never talks about Hunter. This must cause Hunter hurt and pain that daddy doesn’t love him as much. If he isn’t careful Hunter might start a self destructive cycle of substance abuse and bad decisions with his sexual life as a way of acting out. He might even where himself out to China.




Thanks. There is no edit button here. Kind of glad about that, could only imagine Commissar would edit if he could.


I know, sad/glad no edit button ‘cept the Admins when we *really* screw up. When I mess up HTML or some shit (fat finger) I just go all PhD on my shit, make more posts, Piled Higher and Deeper. 😀


Who made the decision to not scuttle the Billions of dollars worth of military hardware and when was that decision made?
Why was this allowed to happen?
Who benefitted?

A blunder that big cannot be gross incompetence, and if it was, only God Himself can save us.

May He guide those in the highest reaches of man, and deliver us from the evil they perpetrate upon His people.


The Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, those that helped build this country Shall they ever rule in the darkness, in the shadows and shall this country never fall.
Someone had to say it 😁


Thanks for the levity. The They are an amorphous group of lizard people, ain’t They?


I really was tempted to bring in off-world folks into the discussion about us being chosen ones by them but, not, that would be over the top, now wouldn’t it? I mean, aliens aren’t real, now, are they?
That would be just silly.
You want food for thought? There’s a reason “we” developed things like Star Trek and the like back in the days and that we’ve always had an upper hand at the outer reaches of technology.
That society is being drip fed and conditioned for “that day” could be entire real so there’s not a systematic breakdown of society.
OH LOOKIE, a RABBIT!!!! **starts digging hole**, oops, not there….OVER HERE!!!! *starts digging another hole….*

I’ve always said, one day…. I’m waiting for the aliens to land a ship in the Rose Garden.


Klaatu barata Nikto


Accuracy helps…


There’s condo-minims on Venus for al’ve us, with hot and cold runnin’ champagne


I’m sad. That guy was a GOT-DAMN genius…(not Forrest Gump genius)>
And just to bring the tears…


Thanks for posting this video Chip. It’s pretty freakin awesome.


Now they spit at the troops and call them everything under the
Sun for derision.
Robin Williams as well ass many of the celebs of our generation knew what it was all about.
Class Acts, just like Robin Williams, RIP.


Those lizard illegal aliens from outer space, damn them! We’ll never know the extent of their subversive control over us until it’s too late, when they start eating us. Too bad we can’t peel the humanoid skin off San Fran Nan; I am convinced there is alien lizard skin under the surface. Who knew how prescient the movie. “V,” was?



Because power, because book deals, because fame and notoriety, because (P)Residents are only 4/8 years, because of corporations, because of the media that will come calling, because narcissism, because of my inflated sense of self-worth and because I know better than all of the rest of you, because Lars (just to see who’s still paying attention), because I truly believe my own bullshit?, Because I’m too prideful to do the right thing, because fuck you and fuck Trump, because deep down I’m a selfish fuckhead and I don’t care what happens to this country and I won’t admit it as long as I benefit, But mostly because I’ve completely forgotten about everything I’ve learned in whatever I knew it was all about to be a real honest to goodness soldier and that’s what is the saddest thing.


These clowns’ actions to excuse themselves of wrong and reenforce a redundantly failing system is going to have disastrous consequences (see: palingenetic ultranationalism and/or race/class/civil war).

Re Trump, if he was as bad as they say (no, I’m not carrying water for that man) and still a record number of citizens went out and voted, “‘rioted'” for that man,… how badly do you Detractors think the next election will go?

Jesus wept.


No you’re not carrying water for Trump, you’re driving the deuce and a half that’s pulling the water buffalo!!!! I’m kidding of course, but, point taken, I’m sure that this is just the Proud Boys or the Antifa/BLM folks doing their anti, *anti* Trump indoctrinations all over the U.S. of A., just to make us look bad, eh?
80 million votes??
Jesus weeps, yes, but, down in my heart of heart, things may be shit but I believe the heart and soul of this nation is strong and will outlast all this crap.
Go to a farmer’s corn field in Nebraska, a fisherman’s boat off the coast of Maine, a Weed farmer’s crop area in California or an orange grove in Florida, a cattle ranch in Texas.
You can’t kill an idea, a state of mind. 50 states that is.
I’m not giving up on America yet.


At the Yankees and Mets game….


And in New York, WHO’D HAVE THUNK IT!!


Ummm… ChipNASA, are these indications of what is referred to as “buyer’s remorse”?


I’d like to think so, however, and I think it’s a pretty fair argument, that these aren’t the folks that voted for ole Joe, although they may have and not known it *snerk*, but yeah, AS TO, your point, I get it, but I don’t think that the lefties that did really vote for ole Joey are *long* from admitting the error of their ways. Oh sire, you’ll have a handful of Democrats that say, Oh, huh, well shit, that was a mistake, but by and large, nah, I mean, Hitler was good, he made the trains run on time, right??


Just wondered, because a bunch of people seem to be drifting away from that side of the beach without saying much about it.

These ossifers, on the other hand, have less integrity than the cheap t-shirts you can pick up at the Dollar Store. This seems to be Operation CYA to me, but – well, what do I know?


Sorry, no refund.


Public opinion on Biden’s job performance seems rather negative.

AW1 Rod

I watched the Three Stooges’ testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, yesterday. Even after Marsha Blackburn and Josh Hawley bitch-slapped Milley, the dolt just sat there. It didn’t faze him one bit, because he doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone other than his wonderful, woke self.

Today is the repeat performance before the House Armed Services Committee. I can’t bring myself to watch all again, today.


It is as bad today as it was yesterday.


Marsha Blackburn beat him about the head and face for a good five minutes. On the record, in a public hearing, and left us all wondering how is that dolt Milley still drawing a paycheck (from Uncle Sam, he should be paid by WaPo).

Only Army Mom

Watching some of it again today. Milley just said the plan on Jan. 15 was to keep 2500 troops, and a conditioned-based withdrawal. He also said it was working. THEN, Biden took office and announced all troops would be withdrawn, months after what was agreed upon.

Milley also stated our mistakes in Afghanistan began in Tora Bora, in not dealing with Pakistan, and in diverting troops to Iraq. I couldn’t believe I heard him right.

Milley just may save his integrity-or recapture some of it-if he makes Biden fire him. If he resigns, his legacy of cowardice is cemented. Sounds like he knows he is about to become the scapegoat, so he is not going to trash whatever is left of his integrity by protecting the administration.

Austin needs to just go. That clown dared to say there was “no hand-off” from the previous administration to him. Sounds like he knows Milley is about to become the scapegoat, too and he is protecting the administration.

…and I had to stop watching because the darkness of my thoughts directed toward some of those Congress Critters belie my sunny disposition.


in professing my love for OAM and KoB can HAVE the WoT.
I’m setting up the rope line right *HERE!*
Back, BACK you heathens!!!!
This young lady here is even smarter then she is beautiful, if that’s even possible…(and I dun seen a pickiture!!!)

Only Army Mom

you are an incorrigible deplorable. And yep, that is most definitely a compliment.

So as to not appear to play favorites, you too, KoB (and too many others to list), you too. But Chip has the dubious honor of being the first crowned with that label. I’m confident you will wear it with pride and flair.




Oh and speaking of flair…
I will wear it with FLAIR, I want this JOB, I *need* this Job, I LOVE THIS JERB!!!!!
Supreme CHEERLEADER for OAM!!!!


Oh Hells to the NO, there Space Cowboy. (KoB removes gauntlet, slaps face and throws down same) The King of Battle, THE King of First, proclaimed his Love and Admiration for OAM WAAAAAYYY Yonder sooner than you did. Yes, her Nicety, Charm and Beauty will make you, and any other deplorable, feel all warm and fuzzy, but at the end of the day, you would rather try to sandpaper a wildcat’s behind while in a locked phone booth than to go against me for that prize.

‘sides that, when it came down to it all, OAM would much ruther have a true Southern DNA to the Bone (not THAT bone pervert) Gentleman v a former wingwiping willy nilly that couldn’t find a Waffle House with a flashlight, a guide, and two (2) Google Maps. I cook too, you do know that, right? RIGHT!!!??

Bring it! I ain’t skeered!

Speaking of skeered…and the subject of this thread…ALL of the Rats of the current regime are running skeered right now, and rightly so. I think that the Silent Majority is a’fixin’ to be not so silent very soon. I will sell my life dearly to help water The Tree.


This was worth the price of admission.
It was nice pokin’ you.
NOT THAT WAY….you pre-vert!!

😀 : D: D


Pretty much.


Who was that dem clown that spent his entire time ranting about “white supremacists” and the white racists, and the armed forces needed to be free of anyone the left doesn’t approve of? I wanted to reach through the TV and slap the stupid off of his face.


Have any of you considered the possibility that Trump is a liar?


When he was president I did. He’s not the president anymore. I remember times when you went on a name calling spree when people blamed things on previous administrations. How’s it different?


It’s not.

He’s just a tool with a very selective memory and a sizeable hatred for this country.


Have you ever considered *anything*, I mean, ANYTHING positive to say about Trump? Any, little thing? *crickets*????
Yeah, thought so.
It’s a matter of why, how long, subject matter, reasons etc. Trump in his short time in office steered this Nation in a better direction for ALL PEOPLE more than anyone since Reagan and JFK.
You’re Literally Morty.


Why would I say anything nice about a narcissistic sociopath con artist and grifter that has been laundering money for Eastern European oligarchs for years, bartered our national interests for his personal benefit and the benefit of his cronies and Russian oligarch associates, and tried to overthrow our republic and install himself as a despot?

I have nothing to positive to say about that traitor piece of shit.

And if you were not brainwashed by cult propagandayou would see what a dangerous criminal clown he is.


So, you’re totally fine with an addled, sociopathic, pedophile and his doper son laundering money for European and Chinese oligarchs? What was that phrase, a quote from the son of the Klown Show preezy? Oh yeah, “don’t forget, 10% for the big guy”(Pedo Joe).
GTFO, you’re beyond delusional, Zampolit.


Fake (p)Resident of a fake White House getting a fake shot.
At least Prez MickyDzzz and his 4am covfefes didn’t try to psyop this hard.

If you’re going to tell me you don’t care, respect me enough to do it to my fucking face.

Absolute bullshit lies from an illegitimate potato


Commissar says:
September 29, 2021 at 7:36 pm

– Why would I say anything nice about a narcissistic sociopath con artist and grifter that has been laundering money for Eastern European oligarchs for years, bartered our national interests for his personal benefit and the benefit of his cronies and Russian oligarch associates, and tried to overthrow our republic and install himself as a despot?

Another insipid and non-rhetorical question, LARS…

– I have nothing to positive to say about that traitor piece of shit.

Good to know and I’m sure the entire World(OK, maybe just your tiny world) will now sleep better for it..

– And if you were not brainwashed by cult propagandayou would see what a dangerous criminal clown he is.

And in spite of your CLAIM of being university educated, it’s still entirely plain to see that your unable to proof-read, spell and/or compose a logical sentence.. Still inept and still a FRAUD.


Bro. PDJT couldn’t even have a colonoscopy without the media wrestling in between him and his Doctor, so they could politicize the event.

Give it a rest, please? It really does make you seem nuts, especially given the messengers.

And when did this become an article or discussion about the ‘truthiness’ of the former Guy-in-Chief?
Topic, get there.


Roh. PJB (or is it PBJ?) couldn’t even have a colonoscopy without the Lars wrestling with his Doctor, so he wouldn’t de displaced from his cozy, loving man-cave.

Will he ever let it rest, in peace? It really does make your (Lars’) breath smell like his nuts, especially given the proximity.

And when did this become a post or discussion about the tightness of the sphincter of the ‘Dolt-in-Chief? Depends….on your POV.
Tropics, Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena, get there (Lars).

Only Army Mom

Have you ever considered that your cognitive dissonance is interfering with your basic adult life functioning abilities?

From Milley – Trump said leave 2500 troops while a conditions-based withdrawal and negotiations were undertaken.

From Milley – that is what was happening, that was what was being done. And it was working.

Is Milley suddenly a Trumpster?

I have to frequently walk away from the news because of the idiocy, hypocrisy and insults to the intelligence of anyone with a mental or emotional age beyond seven. So, I come here… enjoy witty repartee, insightful commentary and you. Yes, you. Because I have an admittedly biased view of those who wore or wear the uniform, your existence is a needed reminder why it is a mistake to unabashedly admire those who served.


“Is Milley suddenly a Trumpster? ”

No, OAM. Milley knows that he is mired up to his neck in the crap he’s been supporting and is trying to slime his way out of it.

Keep an eye on that stuff – a very, very jaundiced eye. Party politics have less to do with what is to come than CYA ossifers looking for a door that will let them escape the scapegoating to come.

I just wondered how long it would take before this crumbling decay started. It is sooner than I had anticipated.


Yup, he just realized Democrats ain’t his buddies, that’ all.




Grand-slam, OAM!! Knocked that one, straight outta the park. Many kudos’ to you.



Good one 😎👍 Thanks Mate


“…your existence is a needed reminder why it is a mistake to unabashedly admire those who served.”

Oh my, Lars, ol’ Poe does believe you done been bitch-slapped all to hell in front of the troops by one our fairer members…


A Proud Infidel®™

Ooh *POW!*, right in the kisser!


Trump is a politician so by nature a liar. But he wasn’t lying about this. This is all China Joe’s shit sandwich. Anyone dumb enough to think otherwise is as dumb as you.


OK, you are all forgetting one thing: Trump is ALSO a salesman – real estate, properties, etc. – and has been for decades and ALL salesmen lie their asses off to get a sale done on anything at all.

Or have none of you ever had to deal with a used car salesman trying to sell you 1969 Chevy Impala that he said was a 1972 model – as if no one could tell the difference? Good thing they can’t turn back the odometers. isn’t it?

A Proud Infidel®™

Another fact about Donald Trump is that he was a very successful Businessman before he became President. He built multiple Businesses, created jobs and did a LOT of things that career Politicians haven’t, he was very productive. Many bleeding-heart-on-the-sleeve liberals will say something like “HOW MANY people could have been fed with what he spent on his Private Jet?” when the truth is that MANY people were fed by it, the builders, those who outfitted it, those who maintain it and many more!


An insipid question at best. The REAL question is, have YOU considered the possibility that Trump was a liar? As Animal cogently points out, Trump is no longer in office and even the briefest search of this site will support – you’ve been an unwavering Trump supporter and wagged an accusing finger at others for challenging your views then and derided them for it. Your half-truths and unlikely stories are a matter of record, LARS. So are Donald Trumps..


hahahahaha…you linked to politifact. An organization completely devoid of integrity.

What’s next? Quoting wikipedia?

I often hear the charge that Trump lied all of the time, but when I research the ACTUAL record, it turns out, well, not so much.

He didn’t lie about Russia
He didn’t lie about COVID
He didn’t lie about Hilary
He didn’t lie about Afghanistan.

You know who did lie about all of the above?



Ret_25X, PolitiFact link was posted to potentially appease both of LARS brain-cells…not to offend your sensibilities.


Have you considered the possibility that your statement is completely irrelevant? We’re not discussing the actions of Trump. We’re discussing the actions of Biden. B.I.D.E.N. And please do not say the Biden was following Trump’s plan. We know that’s not true.


Oh wow. You are such a deep thinker. Thanks for the tip.

A Proud Infidel®™

WOW Major Moonbat, IMHO you are indeed as brainwashed as any member of the Nazi SS, the KGB, the Stasi,… No matter what, you just have to throw something at Donald Trump because in your little world it’s all “Mmmmm but Orange man bad, mmmmmmkay?”.

This is all Biden’s mess and those killed were lost due to Biden’s incompetence, ‘lil snowflake.



Trump was a business bullshitter for decades before 2015.
But it was fun to watch Trump
embarrass a DOZEN GOP hopefuls in 2015/16 with a BETTER MESSAGE,
and then…
it was great to watch Trump totally dismantle and humiliate
Hillary Clinton (AND Bill) in 2016.

Have YOU considered the possibility that Hillary Clinton is a liar?
Bill Clinton is a(n impeached) liar?
Obama is a liar?
Biden is a liar?
Kamala is a liar?

And don’t get me started on Congressional Democrats,
too pussified to toss Pelosi (and Schumer) to the side.


I saw Austin et al calling Biden a lier, and vice versa. True or not, it’s a circular firing squad, and the Prez cannot have dissension like this among his advisors and expect to survive.
Someone has to go.


Once the ‘lack of rational and accountable leadership’ pandemic is over we can cease the Emergency Use Authorization of the Pharma (p)Resident Part II.


Hey, do NOT toy with me, AW!

I’m waiting to see just how long it takes for biteme to emit a kerfuffling blast of carp crap and how fast he’s hustled out of sight.

AW1 Rod

Retarded Uncle Joe is just a meat puppet. He must first consult with the Shadow Government that is pulling his strings (Odumbo and Susan Rice, and perhaps the Baggy-Eyed Bolshevik, Soros), who will actually decide who will take the fall for this administration.


Austin is now pointing his fingers at the State Dept. Bless him I know we won’t see any accountability but Democrats always throw black people under the bus first when things go bad. Goes back to their long history of slavery and systemic racism. Austin is just trying to stay a step ahead of the bus.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

If anyone can Remember the song “The Name Game” by Shirley Ellis, and if so, Can she/he on this site write up lyrics for a parody song called “The Blame Game”. My heads is still spinning from doing fill in and crossword puzzles.


Jeff LPH3, I’m not sure anyone here has the stomach for that.


Milley billey bo billey bananna fanna fo filley Milley..


And an “older guy” from the DC market (I prefer “Beltway Baby”), Jim Vance and George Michael (not the singer different spelling ) cracking up has me cracking up as much as 26Limabeans here.
Fuck you LIMA!!!


Yes, every time the subject of fighting ‘Slamonazi’s comes up he talks about his deceased son as though he was some combat war hero that died at the hands of the enemy. He did it repeatedly with the families of the victims of his A-stan debacle, at Dover AFB. Somehow, in his fevered senile brain, I suppose he thinks Beau’s brain cancer was caused by his service in Iraq in a HQ for a signal brigade on his one Delaware NG deployment as a JAG-off.


Oops, this was supposed to be a reply to 26Limabeans comment.


“Why anyone would work for Biden after all he’s done just this year is beyond me.”

Milley’s ChiCom advisors advised him there were still people to betray.


“Why anyone would work for Biden after all he’s done just this year is beyond me.”

Are you calling for a tax strike? I’m doing my part to drive my Fed tax exposure to zero.

Starve the beast.

Become (more) ungovernable.

Green Thumb

Milley of the Nine Recycles.

What a clown and now a bullshit artist.


Biden said Milley lied.
Milley said Biden lied.

They are both right. Truth IS stranger than fiction…


Milley lied, people died
Biden lied, people died
Blinken lied, people died

Lars wet his pants in joy.


“Lars wet his pants in joy.”

Ret_25XX, I can’t stop laughing – and I really needed the laugh!


*shudder* A sight best not thought-of before breakfast…


I’ve known Frank McKenzie for over 40 years. If he said he advised him to keep a presence, I’ll take his word for it.


And if I’m not mistaken, Trump took General McKenzie recommendation, albeit, a phased withdrawal, like OAM referred to in Miley’s testimony From Milley – Trump said leave 2500 troops while a conditions-based withdrawal and negotiations were undertaken.
So, I’m thinking that there’s no beef with General McKenzie’s positions or claims.
Even more so today’s discussions paint Biden in even a MORE troubling position and even MORE disturbing lack of capabilities in dealing with the situation.
I almost feel badly for General McKenzie…left to mop up in a thunderstorm…. or be the last and only dude with a shovel following the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus train as it leaves town….

…” McKenzie on Wednesday acknowledged the Taliban offered to let the U.S. military take over security for Kabul until it officially departed the country on Aug. 31.” (And Biden didn’t do this, in any way shape or form, but allowed the ENEMY to take over and ultimately murder OUR MILITARY and Civilians THANKS JERK OFF JOE!!!) COME ON LARS, DEFEND THIS SHIT, WHY DON’T YOU?!?!?!?? ASSMASTER!!!

…”“to pass a message to him that we were withdrawing and if they attempted to disrupt that withdrawal we would punish them severely for that.” (Sound like PDJT!!)


Liar Liar pants on fire!


I really like Frank Caliendo, he’s a damn funny impressionist. His Bush one is I think, a longer part of this video and I giggle furiously…
“ do you know Bush makes that face when he gets the end of essentially realize he’s any screwup….The End!!” 😁😝


Let’s try that again 🤪 who’s quote was something to the effect “I love it when Bush gets to the end of a sentence and realizes he didn’t screw up…. He pauses for a very long time like there’s something else to be said and it’s just blank like he should finish it with ….The End.
Gobble gobble.


“STEPHANOPOULOS: So no one told — your military advisors did not tell you, “No, we should just keep 2,500 troops. It’s been a stable situation for the last several years. We can do that. We can continue to do that”?

BIDEN: No. No one said that to me that I can recall.”

And that, my friends, and you too Commissar/Комиссар/政委, is the one of the signs of dementia.

Stage 5: Moderate Dementia
Patients in stage 5 need some assistance in order to carry out their daily lives. The main sign for stage 5 dementia is the inability to remember major details such as the name of a close family member or a home address. Patients may become disoriented about the time and place, have trouble making decisions, and forget basic information about themselves, such as a telephone number or address.


Come on man! He’s got a lot of quart are a’momma dada pressure to deal with.
You know the thing!

If you think he didn’t manage this effectively, you ain’t [can’t drive myself to say it. But he did].

The man’s cheese dun slid off the cracker and he’s a tool of a destruction that will alter the course of our history, all for the worst.

And no, that’s not hyperbole.


I certainly don’t recall anyone telling Congress or the American people that the Afghan army couldn’t stand on its own and defend itself against a poorly armed, disorganized taliban even after 20 years of American training, advising, etc. Anyone remember the generals sharing that with us citizens?


The Afghan Army could stand on its own and defend itself against the Taliban.

It just didn’t want to.


Well, the “Special Forces” seemed to be pretty capable but I don’t think the un-special units were reliable. Seemed like every time the Afghans ran into anything more than a sniper they called in the Special Forces. Then again, if my officers were stealing my pay and rations, kidnapping my young relatives for sex slaves, living in mansions while sending me out to troll for IEDs, etc., I wouldn’t want to fight either.

Too bad our highly trained, educated, and experienced military leadership never noticed.

Kinda reminds me of Vietnam in ’63. Corrupt, incompetent government & army vs. rigid, authoritarian insurgency. The populace (which of course constituted the army) didn’t see much difference


This is how the system works. The President sets policies and makes decisions- he has an obligation to listen to the recommendations of his key advisors, but no obligation to accept them.

Aside from the president there are five people key to this debacle, and the attention and blame has been focused mainly on the three (Austin, Milley, and McKenzie), who actually had the least say in any of it.

Biden made this decision long before he came into office, based on discussions he’s been having for years with two guys: Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who was Biden’s National Security Advisor when he was VP under Obama (and worked in the Clinton Admin), and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

They no doubt convinced Biden to get everyone out by August 31st, keep the troop levels low, and ignore what the military was saying. Their advice became Biden’s policy, and that policy becomes strategy.

By the way, while Milley is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and is often referred to as the head of the military, that is not at all true. He commands nothing, and is not in the chain of command. He advises the president and SecDef, he runs the Joint Staff, and he chairs the Joint Chiefs of Staff- but he isn’t their boss. Those guys all work for their Service Secretaries, who work for Austin.

So, what would have happened if Milley and McKenzie resigned in protest? Exactly what you saw, if not worse.


I remember Schoolhouse Rock, too.
Nice homage but they did it better.

It’s the same stay-behinds that ruined the ‘orders’ of that other guy re Syria.

But let’s keep living in the delusion of a dinosaur, this ain’t the Cold War. When was the last time you had a Command? I bet your eagles are so old you could hang them in the Nature History Museum, ffs.

Have you not seen the institutional rot and the yesmen? 31 years in AO Iraqistan and ZERO success.


Uh, that was about how a bill becomes a law. Or were you talking about the one about conjunctions? Either way, it makes no sense in this context- as far as I know there is no Schoolhouse Rock about the Goldwater Nichols Act*. That one about the bill was funny, though- I have the T-Shirt somewhere and everyone asks me about it. I also liked the one about verbs. I have no idea what you mean re Syria, but I bet it sounded really witty and relevant in your head, so I’ll just pass on it. No, I can’t. Are you implying that Milley and Austin are stay behinds? I suppose Milley is a stay behind since he was appointed under Trump, but Biden could fire him at any minute and he appointed Austin. Ok, I’ll let it go. I admit, it’s been a while since I commanded. It was a tactical unit, which gave me absolutely no insight on how the US formulates strategy. What was your last command? Was it a COCOM or perhaps a Sub-Unified Command, or maybe you commanded MNFI or ISAF? Something tells me it wasn’t, so I doubt seriously it provided you much insight either. Also, can’t say I condone the ageism on display here. No, this isn’t the Cold War. Actually, the current configuration of DoD, the Joint Chiefs, and the Combatant Commands was instituted in 1986 (*by the previously mentioned Goldwater-Nichols Act, see what I did there?), basically as a lesson learned from the Cold War. Not sure how you think understanding how the system works is delusional. I argue the opposite- a lack of understanding of how the system works leads to delusions and unfounded accusations. But, let’s get to the heart of it- are you implying the COCOMs or commanders on the ground should just ignore the president’s lawful (if stupid) orders and do what they think is best? Wouldn’t that sort of violate the Constitution? I think that’s problematic. Your final statement just confuses me. Are you saying we should have stayed in Iraqistan or left? If you wanted… Read more »


Say what you will, ol’ Poe does think that the Biden administration has upped the level of play. Where Trump’s military nemesis was merely a lowly, roly-poly O-5, Biden has three and four star players blowing much bigger whistles on his incompetence.

What is mystifying is how Milley could consider undermining Trump because he was mentally incapable of commanding our nuclear forces yet here he remains serving under a CinC who is glaringly incapacitated by advancing dementia.

I’m curious as to how he squares that. I can’t help but think it has mostly to do with his innate liberal politics.

By the way, Colonel, you didn’t answer my Rakkasan inquiry last night.


I’m curious as to how he squares that – Poe.

Milley’s so close to walking away with his retirement intact that bailing out right now won’t spoil it for him. He’s swapped ends faster than a bucking bronco. If he doesn’t hand in his retirement request before long, it will probably be handed to him.


I didn’t see a Rakkasan question- I was a Widowmaker, but I have a few good friends that served in the 187th…


I could have displayed a little more couth in my revulsion to your quoting chapter-and-verse, but my sentiment stands. My apologies.

We are swiftly moving towards the breaking point, you are going to have to stow the engrained historical and cultural biases.

Fuck, man. I hope I’m wrong but to quote the great Dr Burry, “parabolas don’t resolve sideways” and I regretfully submit the violence and power-collection of government displayed over the last year IS a parabola. Don’t you hear the rhetoric? The egging-on by the politically entrenched in order to terrorize the citizenry?

There is a list of names who did that very thing, politicized the dotmil and disobeyed the orders of the C-in-C. Is that up for debate?

Sullivan, along with his former-bosses are all un-indicted felons and they will continue to operate the crime syndicate until acted upon by an outside force.

Again, I hope I’m wrong.

NB:I do not now, nor have I ever called for violence (we cool, FIB minder?)


One issue that continues to be raised as a criticism of Joe Biden and his team of losers that ol’ Poe thinks needs a bit more attention is our leaving 80+billion dollars worth of military weapons and equipment in Afghanistan.

Much as I’d like to hammer the Dems with this charge, it doesn’t entirely add up. From what I can ascertain, most of that gear was in the hands of the friendly Afghan military forces so that there was really no way to get all of it upon our departure without disarming our purported allies.

Of course the argument can be made that our intelligence sources should have had a much more accurate assessment of the capabilities of the Afghan forces and their ability to use all that weaponry than they obviously did. But even if they had, how could we have gone about removing the very equipment our Afghan allies were using without precipitating an even faster collapse than what occurred?

To ol’ Poe’s way of thinking, someone in Biden’s intelligence hierarchy needs to be held accountable for that glaring and expensive error. However, all things considered, it’s not clear to me that there was actually any way to save most of that left-behind equipment without making our country look like even more of an unreliable, untrustworthy ally to the watching world than we currently do.

But then, Joe Biden (and the mysterious forces who guide him) likely didn’t listen any more to his intelligence sources than he did his military advisors…


” our intelligence sources should have had a much more accurate assessment of the capabilities of the Afghan forces”

No, not intelligence sources, but US Army & Marine Corps advisors and trainers. That was their function; to train and assess.


I highly recommend the Afghanistan Papers, which has an entire chapter devoted to this.

I served as an advisor in Iraq and a lot of what I read about Afghanistan was hauntingly familiar. A few points from my green notebook:

-It’s really hard to train people that can’t read and have absolutely no basic education in science. Imagine teaching an illiterate person with a 5th grade education how to maintain a Blackhawk using an interpreter.
-It’s hard to operationally advise people that see major terrorist groups as community activists and charitable organizations
-It’s hard to convince people from Group A to risk their lives to save Group B from terrorists, especially when Group B invited the terrorists into their village in the first place in order to help them continue their oppression of Group A.
-It’s foolish to expect people that do conceive of their home as a nation to defend that nation.


“…hauntingly familiar.”

Yep. That’s why military professionals are supposed to study military history. Also why smart folks over the centuries have repeatedly said things like;

1)Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
2)Those who do not know history are condemned to repeat it
3)What’s past is prologue


Blame game update….
True or not, I don’t know.

[The State Department ”waited too long” to order the civilian airlift operation out of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan,
Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told lawmakers on Tuesday in a classified briefing,
according to two sources with knowledge of the matter]

[Milley Privately Blames State Dept for Chaotic Afghanistan Exit: Report]


“CA [Consular Affairs] is responsible for the welfare and protection of U.S. citizens abroad, for the issuance of passports and other documentation to citizens and nationals, and for the protection of U.S. border security and the facilitation of legitimate travel to the United States.”

Found this under “Travel to high-risk areas”.

“What the Department of State Can and Can’t Do in a Crisis”

A certain amount of blame falls on US citizens who travel to high-risk areas.


Remember, DoS doesn’t actually ‘do’ anything, they just talk about stuff.

Most likely, despite the advice of all his military advisors, Biden set an unrealistic deadline and troop level, and CENTCOM got to planning.

DoS, led by a guy who supported this move in the first place, probably sent token participants to the planning sessions (Operational Planning Teams). Those DoS participants probably made some broad assumptions about how many civilians were there (in reality, they never knew, beyond DoS employees), and didn’t give much thought to an evacuation. Remember, DoS doesn’t actually ‘do’ anything, they just talk about stuff.

Some LTC SAMS or JAWS grad probably said something like ‘hey, State, we’re doing the movement tables for how we are gonna get our guys and all the embassy staff out, but how are we getting the AMCITS and the ‘terps out? isn’t that your job?’

…and they never saw the DoS rep again.

Read Fiasco or Cobra II and learn how DoS never really developed an actual plan for Phase IV in Iraq.


None of them would say “I told the President…” or “I did not tell the President..”

Not under Oath, anyway.

Someone -else- told Biden. (someone expendable?) But they won’t correct anyone who wrongly attributes it to them.

That doesn’t seem like the “integrity” move.

Where are the ones who “..accept full responsibility…” hm? No one was responsible.

Fire every GO/FO. Every last one. Start over with a selection process that emphasizes good decisions and moral courage.

Obviously the current process produces the opposite: politically adroit folks who never, ever piss off superiors, nor even disagree with them.


Or you could just let it go, watch the cascade into Da Stoopid, and guesstimate the consequences. And get out of the way.

Even lemmings are not this stupid.


“Not under Oath, anyway.”

And I’ll bet you won’t find it in writing, either.

They have to save something for their memoirs, after any applicable Statute of Limitations expires.

I sure wish Gen. Schwarzkopf were still alive. I imagine he would have a few choice words to say to his fellow officers.


Those conversations are subject to something akin to executive privilege, and it is designed to ensure that the senior military officers can give unfiltered advice.

The Chairman and the Service Chiefs have a direct line to the president- they actually have an obligation to go to POTUS with their advice, and they do not have to go through their service secretary or SecDef. They will not say exactly what they recommended to protect this concept.


How convenient and unaccountable.

If only they were oathbound to something higher.


Milley followed his oath to the Constitution and obeyed federal
law outlining his role.

He gave his advice. The President didn’t take it- no surprise- and then gave his guidance for the withdrawal. At that point it is lawful US policy, which drivers strategy and operational campaign planning.

Milley commands nothing. His job at that point is to coordinate with the services and CENTCOM and direct the Joint Staff to develop plans to provide the forces CENTCOM need to meet the presidents goals within his intent.


And their testimony before Congress and press? Surely Congress and even the American people also have some right to their advice. That’s why Congressional committees have closed sessions.