Newsome signs bill allowing illegal aliens to serve on county central committees

| September 27, 2021

Flight from blue states. (Reddit)

Governor Gavin Newsom signed bills aimed at improving California’s immigration policies from a humane standpoint. One of the signed bills require illegal aliens to be labeled as ‘noncitizens’ and ‘immigrants’. Another bill allows illegal aliens to serve on county central committees. Proponents of the later bill emphasized DACA as beneficiaries.

From Fox News:

The bill, was one of a number of bills that Newsom’s office described as “expanding the state’s humane immigration policies by protections and support for immigrants” and included a law ending the use of “alien” to describe non-citizens.

Included was a bill that amends California election code to allow what Newsom’s office described as “aspiring citizens” to be appointed and elected members in a county central committee. Proponents have specifically mentioned “DREAMers” or recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) — which protected illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children from deportation.

The bill says it will “permit a person who is not a United States citizen, but who would be eligible to register to vote if the person were a United States citizen, to serve as a member of the committee.”

Those committees are governing bodies of county parties and involves budgetary matters and other business at county level for those parties.

“This is a election that’s on the official ballot that every voter receives, so illegal immigrants’ names will be printed on ballots with all the other offices, all the way from president to school board,” DeMaio said.

He claimed it was part of a bigger push to get illegal immigrants on ballots, and said that in other parts of the state there had been successful pushes to get them on to elections for school boards.

You could read the rest of this story here. This article contains the story involving the requirement to noncitizen rather than illegal alien.

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What bothers me the most about the above photo is that roughly half of the idiots fleeing haven’t learned a thing, and just continue to propagate and further the same nonsense they fled in a new state.


When Democrats don’t want their minions to think, just feel– even if they run away, they’ll still be driven by retarded Leftist BS and emotional appeals to it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The difference between legal and illegal is.
1- Legal is not breaking the law.
2- Illegal is a sick Bird. (ill egal)


I think we need a new border wall, around California.


This x1000.. Most of the people (TOW excluded ) that leave the state vote for the same toxic shit wherever they go, and destroy whatever decent state they move to. Progressivism is a mental disorder!


As soon as the wall is finished in Texas, probably by the state, it needs to go westward, to the border of Kommiefornia, then north to the Canadian border, with Portland and Seattle and their lefty suburbs on the western side of the wall.


And the destruction of America continues. Unabated. So, guv, what you gonna do when all of these non citizens nominate and elect a non-citizen to your job?


Lars? Your paradise of a state still looking like a paradise?

Or do your propagandist handlers at UCB forbid you to dissent?

Commissar Pooper's Narcissism

I am still looking for my brain. I went to a hypnotist to get help remembering where I left my brain. She told me that I needed a brain to go through hypnosis for memory recall. As soon as I find my brain, I am going to make a hypnosis appointment to help me remember where I left it.

AW1 Rod

It seems like each day, assholes like Newscum and his ilk try to outdo one another WRT who can fuck things up the most. Kalifornia holds a commanding lead. What a shithole.


SO, does that drag us down to be a second world shithole? Or can the rest of “decent” America disavow this crap and move along?


It’s my sincere hope that those who disapprove and want their country back will make the government fear the citizens one day, as intended.

Nothing would bring a bigger smile to my face.

AW1 Rod

Unfortunately, the Prisoner’s Dilemma applies.


Are you afraid republicans in California will elect non citizens to Republican planning committees?

If not, then the rest of you all can move on.


I don’t live in KommieFornia so how you people soil yourselves makes me no nevermind.
The fact that you immediately identify R vs D just shows your shallow lack of critical thinking.
I don’t care what the political party is, if you’re a shitbag, you’re a shitbag.
SO, Newsome has shown, he’s a shitbag and not done much to *improve* or bolster the status of California.
It’s a sad state of affairs.
If the Governator, Ahnald, had shitbagged in California, I’d have called him on his shit too. At best, he was “Meh”, IMHO, neither corrupting or enhancing California in any large, significant measure.
He tried to be centerist. Kinda. Cutting the budget and working together. Kinda. ish Sorta. Nothing earth shattering in either way in his two terms.


Dude, the reason I said “R” and “D” is because County planning committees are party committees. Partisan by definition.

They are not public offices.

They are committees within the parties.


That I do understand BUT their participation, defacto, and I quote with my comment in parenthesis “permit a person who is not a United States citizen, but who would be eligible to register to vote if the person were a United States citizen (so they identify as a wanna be citizen, but ILLEGAL, but participating in a political process wherein they can put into position, individuals who will be VOTED UPON, by NON voting citizens.) , to serve as a member of the committee.” I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, it’s ILLEGAL and should not be allowed> I’m going to take over possession of your home because I, were I to be in a position “permit a person who is not a United States citizen the land owner, but who would be eligible to register to vote if the person were a United States citizen the land owner if he purchased the property but didn’t because he had no money, but wants to take possession *anyway*, to serve as a member of the committee. be able to just take your shit because I want to, because, well we’re woke and shit and want to make him feel better about himself, so FUCK Lars/Commissar and his title and deed and mortgage.” Huh, funny, see how that works. Party never comes into it. It’s about considering changing the “rules” (yes it’s political) to appease a demographic group, because you *think* (oh and trust me, it will if it’s allowed, in… Read more »


Oh and just SCREW my closed italics HTML, I bet you voted against that too!! 😀 😀 😀


Please Lars, enlighten us by listing a couple other countries that would allow non-citizens, let alone those in the country illegally to do such a thing.. hell, I’ll be generous, name ONE other country that does that… yeah, I’ll wait..


I think it is reasonable for all residents of a community to be able to participate in local politics. Local politics only.

They still can’t vote in California unless they are US citizens.

They can’t hold elected public office in California.

They can’t vote in any federal elections.

They can’t hold federal public office.

County central committees are not public offices. They are partisan organizations. Party committees.

Political parties are private organizations and can set their own rules unless specifically told by the government through legislation or regulation that they can’t do certain things.

California previously made it illegal for private political parties to appoint or elect non citizens to party committees.

Also, before early 1900s non citizens could vote in many states and could hold public office in many jurisdictions. We even had a German national as mayor while we were at war with Germany.

So this kind of debate about what we should and should not allow non citizens to participate in with respect to politics is pretty old.

It is not some radical leftist agenda.


For once you’re correct, even if accidentally. This is a states’ rights/local issue. If they want to pick a hamster, or random number generator, to make their local decisions, that’s on them.

But once the org distributes or parses fed funds, it’s an issue of fed jurisdiction, this includes voting using the same systems or organized by town halls of municipalities that receive USD from uncle scam.

But now the fed’s will know where the illegal aliens are so they can get rolled up, which is pretty nice.

To the People of California, you have a moral obligation to leave the union.
Signed, America

You want to participate in this country? become a citizen, renounce all others.

You don’t want the fed dictating how and what re your elections? don’t take their cheddar.


If you want to participate in local politics, become a legal citizen or legal resident of the nation. I don’t care about historical precedent. Historical precedent in any matter is not automatically a good thing. Historical precedent is often wrong and completely abhorrent today. And because it’s been proposed by your master Gavin Newsome, it IS a radical leftist agenda.


Don’t tell him the rest of the hep world requires visas for work, especially the ones with extensive social security benefits.

Unless of course, the gov arbitrarily decides the citizens should have non-citizen freeloaders. (see: UK, France, Germany, US of A, etc)


“It is not some radical leftist agenda.”

Yes and you (accidentally) do make valid (OMG BLARF!!!!) points, as do Roh-Dog and SFC D
I don’t care if Saint Reagan himself said “Fuck it, let non-citizens participate and vote “help make decisions which will later be used to establish subjects and individuals on which CITIZENS *WILL* ultimately vote, (regardless of party), I still think it’s bullshit.
Like “D” said, (in a nutshell) ” If you want to participate in … politics, become a legal citizen or legal resident of the nation. (county, city, region, state, reservation etc.)

A Proud Infidel®™

Sez you, Mister Ninnyhammer.


You were only off by about 100 years. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (signed by Clinton) made voting by non-citizens illegal.


No. I wasn’t. The last state to ban voting by non citizens in state and federal elections was Arkansas in 1926.

States manage election within their state. Including federal elections. Again, the last state to allow non citizens to vote in state and federal elections was Arkansas and they banned the practice in 1926.

The 1996 bill only applies to federal elections. And, it merely criminalized what was already not permitted by every single state in the union. Essentially it added federal criminal charges to an act that was already illegal in all 50 states. And it prevented states potentially allowing non citizens to vote in federal elections…but again, at the time none were and hadn’t been allowing it for 80 years.

Some local jurisdictions have began allowing permanent residents who are not yet naturalized citizens to vote in local elections.

But those are only local jurisdictions. And only apply to local elections. Not even state elections.


Except that the “for the people” bill would completely destroy election integrity, and that’s being pushed by which party Lars???

Seriously, is there ANY leftist / communist bullshit idea that you don’t swallow like you do a BBC behind a convenience store dumpster??
We get it, you oppose any and all ideals on which this country was founded, and want to remake it into a marxist “utopia”, and the only thing standing in your way is millions of armed patriots..


“It is not some radical leftist agenda.”

Oh come on, Lars! This is one more example of creeping socialism and the dishonesty commonly employed to accomplish it.

You coastal California fools are hellbent on building an insurmountable voting majority to further your utopian dreams and you don’t care what American laws and institutions you have to undermine or violate to do it.

However, this is one ploy that may well blow up in your fascist faces because those heavily Catholic, anti-abortion Latinos may someday prove to be your nemesis, leaving you with nothing more than a thin coastal toehold in an otherwise Catholic, conservative state.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Commie-fornia can’t sink into the ocean fast enough. Let’s build a fence around the worst state so it can’t infect the rest of the country. Everybody pitches in to give Lars a 1-way ticket bus to his homeland..


In actuality, we need only isolate the effete liberal elites in the thin coastal strip where they are so heavily concentrated. If liberals had to live fifty miles in from the coast, most of ’em wouldn’t be able to get outta that state fast enough.

They don’t love California–they love the coast of California…


To my AMERICAN FAMILY! Our esteemed Brothers and Sisters in New York Chitty have awaken!
Fear not. California soon!

Natural Law is immutable.

Stay thirsty for Liberty, my friends.


Forget Kronkite, Democrats; when you’ve lost NYC, you’ve definitely lost America.


There’s been a large swath of different types at the anti-lockdown/vaxxx/emergency powers/mask rallies I’ve attended.

I hope the mushy middle wakes up and all of us can have an honest conversation about where we’d like to go, and how to get there.


In other news, Sleepy Joe has removed Lee Greenwood from the Arts Council. Apparently it’s bad if you’re proud to be an American.


“God Bless the USA” is hate speech now.




Consider the possibilities, having someone from another country who has lived through the failures of socialism, fascism, communism and a passion for opportunity in life might be refreshing to the rigid inflexibility of Calipornism.