At the Border

| September 27, 2021

These two news videos are from the border where US Border Patrol agents are turning back Haitians, to keep them in Mexico below the US border. That image is a frame taken from the videos shot at the US-Mexico border.

The Border Patrol agents turn back Haitians attempting to illegally cross the US border.  The videos of this action have been deliberately misinterpreted by people in the White House, as these agents are simply doing their job and doing it properly.  The current Texas governor has made it clear he will hire any BP agents who get fired by the US government. The SkyNews video includes Biden’s dysfunctional response to the videos and threats to punish US Border Patrol agents for doing their jobs. The ignorance continuing to come out of the Oval Office is piling up. Buyer’s remorse is showing up online these days, and it’s only the end of September.

The Fox News video and discussion is here:

The SkyNews video is here:

Note that these illegals are Haitians, not Latinos. It seems that Mexico Lindo doesn’t want them, either.

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  1. KoB says:

    Still can’t understand why all the Haitians would want to come here. You’d of thought that all of those billions in aid dollars that a certain Foundation spread around woulda made things more gooder there.

    Can the Commander in Chief be brought up on charges under the UCMJ? You know for like, oh…dereliction of duty? Violation of his oath of office? The list could go on. Teddy Roosevelt weeps.

  2. ChipNASA says:


    Point that out to the Demoncraps and then watch their heads asplode.

  3. rgr769 says:

    First, any experienced horseman(woman) knows that even trying to whip any person on foot with split reins on horseback in not feasible because that rein is attached to the bit. A forceful arm swing would likely pull on the bit causing the horse to react unpredictably. Second, the officer in the pic has a hold on the Haitian’s shirt with his right hand, thus, the left hand is holding the reins to control the horse. Unless the officer has three arms, he doesn’t have a spare one with which to whip anyone.

    Finally, someone in a leadership position ordered those mounted officer to stop those Haitian males from crossing the river. Are we going to order all the mounted LEO’s to stop using horses to control mobs violating our laws? Remember “equity,” Progs. I guess we should give a special exemption to illegal aliens who violate our laws so they don’t have to encounter a mounted CBP officer when they are bum rushing our border.

  4. The guy that took those horse pics said the supreme ruler was lying about the illegals crossing the Mexican border being whipped by the border patrol. I wonder if the wh KGB officers going down to the border will look at the photos. How about the supreme leader and his cohorts just sit down and put the wax on the turntable and listen to Mexico by The Rocketones 1957 on the Melba label

  5. Tallywhagger says:

    Back in the days when a real man was in the White House, the secret service agents would complain when he took off on one of his stallions and nobody could catch him!

    Compare and contrast, pitiful coward, little Joe Biden with an expert horseman, Ronald Reagan.

    I have six horses and the bank account looks like it. We use split reins that are about six feet long because they are long enough to be able to move around the horse, while on the ground.

    Different bridles, different bits, different reins, depends on what you’re wanting to do. Those mounted border agents are working those horses and the tack they are using is well set up for it. The only whipping that needs to get done is Pelosi… well, and a few hundred others but that’s a different context.

    Sometimes, you end up on the ground, faster than you expected. Those extra length reins are just long enough to try and hold on to the horse nee jackass before you get run over or it runs off, on a frolic of its own!

    Ah hell, if one gets away, they all get stupid, just like liberals

    • ChipNASA says:

      “The only whipping that needs to get done is Pelosi… well, and a few hundred others (AOC?!?!?)but that’s a different context.”
      Are you *trying* to give me a boner??

      • David says:

        Anything sexual to do with Pelosi would induce impotence, likely for life. Me, I am very selective and only get it up for human females. Excludes her.

        • rgr769 says:

          She is likely one of those lizard space aliens in “V” but all that Botox didn’t have the desired effect on her humanoid skin.

  6. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    Send them to Lar’s neighborhood. He’s got an open-door policy to his house, right?

  7. Skivvy Stacker says:

    Biden’s remarks revealed how he wants this to go.
    He said; “people will pay. There’s an investigation being conducted”.
    Notice in which order those two sentences were made, and what is missing.
    It should say; “we are conducting an investigation” [that would be fine with me, we want the truth],IF ANY WRONGDOING IS DISCOVERED[there’s the qualifier], the wrong doers will pay a price [which would be a right and just thing to do].”
    But he’s got these guys hung out to dry already. Maximum Waters has them portrayed as “Slave Masters”, and tells us that we are seeing things we haven’t seen in 150 years.
    Maybe SHE saw this shit, but I didn’t; I’m not that fuckin’ old.

  8. Ex-PH2 says:

    Well, as the Texas governor has indicated, he will hire them right away if they are dumped by the inept and idiotic federal so-called government.

    So let’s wait to see what actually does happen.

    I do think that all those Haitians should be sent to live at Dopey’s own house right now. He can support them, because he really does have enough money to do that.

    I have seldom been as disgusted with something as this has made me, but everything going on down there at the border and elsewhere will, like rotten fruit, land on the people who started it all.

    • UpNorth says:

      Just give Joe and Mattressback a few months, Ex, I’m sure they’ll come up with something that will further your disgust. I have faith in the two of them and their ability f**k up anything, even an iron ball.

  9. Old tanker says:

    Those illegals were already transported into the interior of the USA for settlement. It was estimated that there were about 15k there and news already published that 12.5k were admitted and a few hundred were being vetted prior to admission. In short the administration made the concept of a border a non sequitur. All anyone has to do is show up and uncle biden will send you to live in the USA for free.