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| September 22, 2021

Colt Walker

UPDATE: One person killed after gunfire exchange with police at Auburn home

One person was found dead inside an Auburn home where police officers encountered gunshots and returned fire during an incident Tuesday morning.

The Auburn Police Department said officers responded to 12 Wheeler St. at 11:20 a.m. after neighbors called in a complaint about shots being fired.

“Upon arriving on Wheeler (Street), officers were met with gunfire that appeared to be coming from the residence,” the APD said in a press release. “Officers were forced to return fire as they were establishing a perimeter around the location.”

A massive law enforcement response then followed, with police attempting to establish contact with anyone inside the residence, which is part of a two-unit duplex. Several hours later, police entered the home.

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Link thanks to our Gun Bunny.

Not a true FGS, but entertaing in its own way.
Springfield, MA Buyback Yielded Whopping 38 Guns

By Tom Knighton
Gun buybacks are a joke.

First, they don’t take guns out of criminal hands for the most part. Most who show up are people looking to get rid of a gun who don’t know how else to sell one. Others are people looking to take advantage of the “no questions asked” policy to drop guns used in crimes and pick up a few bucks more than dumping them in a river.

Then there’s the fact that so many of them seem poorly attended when you consider a community’s size.

Take this one in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Saturday’s gun buy-back event yielded 38 firearms turned into police.

The event, held at the Raymond M. Sullivan Safety Complex, offered members of the public a $50 Big Y Gift Card for every turned in firearm. The Springfield Police Department partnered with the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department and Springfield City Councilors Melvin Edwards and Jesse Lederman to host the event.

Now, the police will look and see if any were used in criminal acts, which won’t matter because they don’t have a name to put with the gun in the first place.

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For context, Springfield, MA has a population of some 150,000. Thanks to our Poetrooper for the link.

The power of the state is measured by the power that men surrender to it. — Felix Morley

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    If these gun buy back programs are so successful, why don’t they expand the program? Looking forward to a Narcotics Buy Back event.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      I’d love to be just outside the area, with my own table, offering $200 to buy guns in good condition.

    • AW1Ed says:

      The roadsides in Southern MD are choked with ditch-weed, really low grade hemp. If the occasion as you suggest arises, a small investment in plant shears and some trash bags would pay off handsomely.

      Hell, they pay top dollar for green cardboard tubes, after all.

  2. Sapper3307 says:

    Found this gem, The Hamburg Syndrome (1979) it looks like current year.

  3. KoB says:

    Was digging real deep for FGS, with no joy, when I finally ran into the Auburn story. News feeds were full of the “horrific” stories of the poor oppressed free shit army volunteers being mercilessly whipped by the Border Patrol Cavalry. The one less dirtbag removed from the gene pool in Auburn will be replaced by the hordes of modern day Barbarians pouring into the Republic.

    Where are the two (2) Samuels (Captain Walker and “Colonel” Colt) when we need them? Instead of buying back POS gunz, we should be issuing them to Patriots and deputizing same to get rid of the trash and riff raff.

    Interesting article on the two (2) Sams. Was well familiar with the story. Noticed in the comments of the article that some were thinking the Mex/Am War was just another land grab by the Gringos. Revisionist history is not just a modern American school thing. Most don’t talk about the fact that Santa Ana was a true tyrant and that there were many Mexican/Tejanos that were in revolt against him. Liked the reference to Eli Whitney Jr. He and his father were using the “assembly line” process long before Henry Ford was.

    Had a chance to get a matched pair of Colt Walkers back in ’88 at Gettysburg (repros) NIB as pictured above for $300. Wifey wanted a new outfit and I only had enough cash on me to get the outfit or the pistols. Plenty of cash in the car a ten minute walk away. She insisted she get the outfit FIRST (ht 2 Sparks) tho there was no one beating the door down to get the outfit. By the time I got back from the car with the money the pistols were sold. When I finally jumped over the dog fence in ’94, leaving that bitch for good, the outfit, with the $275 price tag attached was still hanging, unworn, in the closet.

    • David says:

      Henry Ford was the first to use the standard-parts assembly line for cars. Whitney’s assembly line (called the “American” line!) ws in fairly common use before that; just not for cars.