Troops Refusing COVID Vaccine Can Expect…

| August 12, 2021

Lots of noise of late about the military and mandatory COVID vaccination, to no one’s surprise. FDA approval or an Executive Order is required to implement the program. Either will occur soon.

What will happen to troops who still refuse the shot?

A couple articles from AW1 Rod and David showcase the possible ramifications of taking a pass.

AW1 Rod sends a T&P article with some obvious outcomes. Troops refusing the vaccine could face disciplinary action ranging from administrative separation to court-martial. I have heard through sources that waivers will not be issued. That this is the first step in mandatory vaccines for all Government employees hardly needs mentioning. Proof of having received the vaccine will eventually be required for contractors, dependents and retirees to gain base access.

Task and Purpose

David’s offering provides a brief ray of sunshine. Rep. Mark Green’s (R-TN) office is preparing a resolution that would require the military to award honorable discharges to any service member who refuses to get the vaccine for a reason that does not qualify for an exemption, such as religion or a preexisting medical condition.

Yahoo News

So some cross-winds from Rumor Control about possible exemptions- to be expected. Plan for the worst and you’re never disappointed. Thanks, gentlemen.

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OK, I got boosters/vaxxes for all the same things I got vaxxed for when I was a tot, including smalpox, when I went to boot camp, so what is the real problem here?

I get the concern about a bad reaction to the vaxx, and also the desire to be offered a choice, but some people will have a bad reaction to a fall flu shot, too.


“some people will have a bad reaction”
Yeah, but they do not know the longterm complications with the GCI.
And even when ‘approved’ by the FDA in the fall, for reasons, they STILL won’t have a clue for 11 years.

True story.

Almost every real vaccine has had over a decade of study. This one?

Yeah…about that


On the other hand,the only way to get ten years data is to use them.

If the standard is “FDA approval” and that standard is met, they have gone through the approval hoops of any other such product.

Those in service agreed to play by certain rules. Vaccines are one of those rules. Yes, there can negative to that. It is up to us, vets, to make things politically uncomfortable for any who abuse our servicepeeps.

Those on civvy street?Consult your doctor and make your informed choice, and that is your business not mine.

AW1 Rod

Listen to Dr. Simone Gold’s presentation, then as yourself, again, what the real problem is.

USMC Steve

Ex, every single thing you got the jab for back then, was thoroughly tested, approved, and an established item. This is an untested, MRBNA altering, experimental vax with a very high rate of death and serious reactions as compared to any other vax out there. Do a little research on the short lived swine flu vax that was out there being used for a day or two before getting yanked. And the reactions/deaths were significantly less than what this crap has now.



You mean the 400+ people who were paralyzed, 23 people who died who were awarded 365 MILLION in damages, which is one of the main reasons you cannot sue BIG PHARMA for damages accrued from EUO vaccines today?


No argument from me, and I do know that some people back in my 1967 boot camp had bad reactions to what were essentially boosters back then. And it’s possible that those were people who had never had any of the vaxxes that were standard shots in childhood, too.

While I agree that this was rushed into production, it’s also a good idea to remember that there are people who will have a bad reaction to any kind of vaccine, no matter what it is. I have had no issues with my CV19 vaxx and neither has my sister with hers, and we got two different vaccines.

Bad reactions may have something to do with someone’s immune responses, as much as anything else.


Every single one of those things you mentioned have had years (if not decades) of longterm clinical trials and testing, and are FDA approved.


The concern is that it’s not a traditional vaccine. You’re not being injected with a live or dead version of a virus in the classic inoculation. These are totally new technology (within the last couple decades) and the first vaccines to use the technology to see widespread use.

These vaccines (mRNA) are supposed to reprogram your cells to recognize and defend against the spike proteins of COVID. Short term it seems like there’s been enough experimentation study of the vaccines to know that they aren’t terribly risky and they do help (perhaps not with avoiding the COVID but lessening the effects and severity). Long term? Who knows. We’re living an experiment.

Thalidomide was great for morning sickness for a few years until the kids started coming out of the womb all messed up.


AW1Ed wrote:

“Proof of having received the vaccine will eventually be required for contractors, dependents and retirees to gain base access.”

Ed, could you please provide the source for the above statement?

Am aware of the possibility that Federal Contractors may be required to take the vaccine in order to gain access to a Base, but have not heard anything about Military Dependents or Military Retirees having to take it if they want to get on a Military Installation.

What about those Veterans who are not Military Retirees who use Facilities on a Military Installation?

Thank You.



Thank You, Ed!

Sea Dragon

Does that mean that everyone who has been given the mRNA serum is now a GMO?


“such as religion”

And suddenly a large number of troops found Jesus.


Gettin’ f*cked by the big green wienie, that’s what they can expect.


Never forget folks. The ChiComs want us at each other’s throats, not theirs. Those evil despicable treacherous shitbags will play both sides against the other, feeding bullshit and rumor, both sides.


Don’t give the pricks the satisfaction.

Their vaccine for their ChiComCoof FrankenVirus mostly doesn’t work. They want us to delay full deployment of mRNA tech, or anything else we invent, until they can steal it and duplicate it.

Yup. New. Yup. Risks. But it has the potential to be the thing that can make certain viruses -extinct-. If they figure out how to target the non-mutating proteins of Flu, then Flu is -done-. Possibly -any- virus. Possibly -all-.

Yeah “abuses” , yeah “whoops”. Yeah ” learning curve”. But we might just do to other viral illness what we did to polio and smallpox.

Make your informed choice, and let others do likewise.


That’s the way a hardcore commie works. (Even if Brig Gen Ripper said it first.)

Steadfast and loyal

If the vaccine is really effective why are people that did get vaccinated still required to wear a mask?

I was sick with Covid and hospitalized for two weeks. Got the shot three weeks after released (im a volunteer medic/firefighter). I got Covid again last month. Much more mild and only lasted 4 days.

Make your own assumptions but it seems this all a grand gesture instead of any real science.


Military personnel and military dependents have been unwitting guinea pigs for a very long time. At least this time around there are ways to opt out of the experiment.

Such has not always been the case. Some of us are still living with the negative results of what our parents were subjected to without their knowledge or permission many decades ago.


And after forced vaccinations of the military, 10-20 years down the road, when veterans start having issues that can be traced to mRNA vaccines, the VA will claim “it’s not service connected”


Gonna get yelled ate, just like when you don’t “donate” to AER/CFC, lots of weekend duty’s.


Well, blacks are the most resistant group when it comes to getting the jab, if that holds true in the military as well, and they’re insistent on not getting it, I expect the effort to make it mandatory to collapse.