ACLU: Second Amendment ‘Racist’

| August 1, 2021

Colion Noir

Revisionist history never sleeps. Colion Noir disagrees with the ACLU’s accusation.

Colion Noir blasts ACLU for declaring the Second Amendment ‘Racist’: ‘Disgusting’ to use racism

Gun control may be racist, but gun rights are not, Colion Noir argued

By Charles Creitz

Attorney and gun rights activist Colion Noir ripped the American Civil Liberties Union for declaring the liberties enshrined in the Second Amendment “racist” Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Racism is foundational to the Second Amendment and its inclusion in the Bill of Rights,” the ACLU claimed in a recent statement.

Noir said that history shows the ACLU is both incorrect and “disgusting” in trying to use the subject of race in an anti-Second Amendment context, given the history of gun rights.

“I think it is kind of disgusting to try to utilize the racial past in this country to get the very people who probably need a gun the most away from the Second Amendment,” Noir added.

Fox News

The race card has lost any impact it once enjoyed. The ACLU fails to note the number of minorities taking advantage of their Second Amendment Rights.

Better put, the ACLU fails.

Law Enforcement Today

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The demoRats were the ones who at one time denied blacks the right to own firearms some fearing their would be an uprising/rebellion. MLK was refused by the demoRat Mayor of his town to own a firearm.


NRA got founded because of that, in case liberals forget.


That’s a very minor detail, irrelevant in the eyes of the left wing. Minor to them, anyway


At one point the NRA said that the ACLU had surprisingly been on their side of more suits than against. Has to be a severely dated statement by now. The ACLU apparently now thinks there are only four amendments in the Bill of Rights.


“The race card has lost any impact it once enjoyed.” Testify! Idiots trying to make EVERYTHING about race. I guess I’m racist cause I bought a white vehicle in ’19 and sold my black vehicle this past May. Maybe not too much, tho. I did paint the walls at COP CRC Timber Ranch off white. Is this web site racist or is it my computer. The background is white, the comment section is kinda gray, and the small letters are black. I guess all the Black Troops that fought with Washington would’ve been nothing but “Uncle Toms” (tho that term wouldn’t come along for a buncha years afterward). Imma ’bout sick of hearing it. I never was a prejudiced person…but a small percentage of a certain percentage are trying really, really hard to make me one. All part of the 8 step program that their mentor Saul Alinsky, set out for them 50 years ago.

They’ll get my firearms when they pry them from that cold, deep lake.


“sold my black”

My Gawd! Such blatant racism! Almost like you are proud of it.

I demand KoB be banned from this site immediately and all his comments deleted!


I AM proud of it Timbo…as proud as any infidel. Sassy was Black and beautiful. Dressed out in full leather, a real spoil’er. Quick and fun to handle son. Rode her hard since ’06, but never put her up wet. She loved how I shifted the stick and kept her revving up high. She had nothing but the finest 100 proof to drink, well lubed, a real Mobil One. Top of the line footwear from Michelin or Pirelli. A real hugger thru any curve that life thru at us.

Got a good price for her too…from another whitey. He bought her for his pregnant wife. Not sure if there will be any wet nursing involved.


Using the race card has become de reguerre as of late because if disagree with these assholes the race card is played. It’s like a comedian who uses the F-Bomb throughout their routine to the point it is no longer funny.


I mean de rigueur.




The ACLU is a crypto-communist organization. It was initially formed to provide lawyers to defend Communists from criminal charges for advocating and plotting the overthrow of the government by revolution. The founder, Roger Baldwin, used to like to remind his lawyers to remember the ACLU’s true goal: a Communist form of government like the USSR. ACLU really stands for American Communist Lawers Union.

A Proud Infidel®™

OR Anti-Christian Litigation Union!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Whatever one-in-a-row “atta boy” the ACLU earned by defending someone’s 1A rights, just got wiped out by this anti-2A “awww shit”. Wadda buncha idjits.

AW1 Rod

Ah, yes! Another “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” attempt to equate “racism” (whatever that means) with [insert arbitrarily selected issue here]. Par for the course, for the American Communist Lawyers’ Union.

I suppose the 1st Amendment is next. Losers.


Freedom of any kind is “Racist!” now.


Freedom is Slavery

Slow Joe

What did Kevin Bacon do?
Is he part of the wokeratee?

Disappointed that the guy who led the best movie ever made is a wokester.

The Stranger

Kevin Bacon isn’t involved in this. Please read the attached:

Based off of the theory of “six degrees of separation.” Just a joke tying everything back to Kevin Bacon. Sort of like how you can tie almost any of the classic hard rock/heavy metal bands to Ritchie Blackmore.


Almost scary to contemplate what Joe would consider the greatest movie ever made. Especially limiting the field to Kevin Bacon projects.


I could see an argument to be made for Tremors, or Animal House.
Or a certain movie with a pool scene…. (this should keep KoB busy for a hot minute)


You know me tooooooo well _Dog. And actually it kept me busy for a little over TWO (2) Hot minutes. Got a cigarette?

Hey! I like girls…I’m not skeered to admit it either.

Slow Joe

Oh come on.
Kevin Bacon is the Greatest!111


A slow roll from Slow Joe.
Well played…well played.


High five, Slow Joe!!

A Proud Infidel®™

The American Communist Litigation Union once again shows that they are little more than a front for the far left that wants to turn the USA into a copy of the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea or any of the other “Worker’s Paradises” run the same way, fuck them one and all.

The Other Whitey

Most of the restrictions placed on people’s 2A rights have been very racist. The majority of gun control laws in American history were very specifically intended to prevent blacks, Indians, and other non-white Americans from bearing arms as guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment. The Amendment’s text has no provision or restriction for race, sex, or religion.

Congratulations, ACLU. You got it completely backwards. Such a complete rejection of objective reality doesn’t happen by accident.


Well said.


Everything is racist now and will be for the foreseeable future, because Not-A-CLU said so.


I practically live on YouTube. I follow a few GunTubers that’re a darker shade of brown. You know how many fks I give about their genetics?
Zero is being generous.
Many, Colion Noir included, realize that they’ve historically been tools of a soulless system, intently or by happenstance, destroying their lives and are taking steps to harden themselves against the faults of that system.
I stand with any American willing to fight against illogic such as this.
Signed, a former contributor to the ACLU and NPR (it turned out, you ain’t Liberals!)

Bill R.

The ACLU rep that said that is a racist. Did he or she, or it do even a modicum of research into why the 2A was written and why it was the 2A instead of the First or the tenth? Is that person even literate??


If the ACLU thinks that the 2A is racist just wait until they learn about the history of gun control and which demographic that it was used against.

Robert Szrama

The ACLU also fails to mention how gun control laws were used to disarm black citizens.


Professional sports buys, sells and trades black athletes all the time – but 2A is racist.

Yep. Got it.


In case you missed it, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Second Amendment does not apply to non-citizens:


In 2015, the Seventh Circuit decided that the Second Amendment did apply to non-citizens in the US.


The 7th Circuit is the outlier here as the 4th, 5th, 8th, and 10th Circuits had all ruled the 2nd Amendment did not apply to non-citizens.

Cases with similar facts and differing opinions from the Circuit Courts are the type of thing that the Supreme Court resolves.




How can the 2nd Amendment be racist? 4 of my guns are black! 1 of MRS D’s is black the other is pink. So, diversity!


All of my guns were black, except for one that was silver, the silver one was the captain of that boat that sank in the lake, right over the quicksand bottom of the lake.