Biden and other democrats were against the COVID vaccines before they were for it

| July 23, 2021

Remember when Joe Biden gave the audience two options… Take the vaccine or continue to wear the mask? It seams like the Democrats are pushing for the vaccines harder than the conservatives are. However, last year during the Presidential campaign, Democrats were singing a different tune. They casted doubt on any COVID vaccine that Trump’s administration was developing. Those, some who openly declared that they won’t take the vaccine, are now openly encouraging people to take the vaccine.

From Just The News:

Harris was not alone. Multiple high-ranking Democrats last year participated in a public push to cast the prospective Operation Warp Speed vaccines as somehow tainted by association with President Trump. Among them was then-candidate Joe Biden, who at a September press conference last year strongly implied that vaccine production under Trump might have somehow been compromised by political opportunism.

“We can’t allow politics to interfere with the vaccine in any way,” he said. “Americans have had to endure President Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty when it comes to testing and personal protective equipment. We can’t afford to repeat those fiascos when it comes to a vaccine.

“I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump. And at this moment, the American people can’t either.”

Around the same time, Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse suggested that even the imprimatur of expert scientists might not be enough to satisfy him that the vaccine was safe. “I would like to say FDA approved and CDC recommended,” he told CNN at the time, “but given how those two agencies have gotten screwed up by President Trump, there is an asterisk by that. Unfortunately, they aren’t the gold standard any longer, so you need to take a slightly closer look.”

Just the News has more information here.

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

Everyone should remember, the fuckers made the entire vaccination work political…and I blame Kamala Harris for playing on the concerns of minority Americans for their reticence to this day to get the vaccine.

I fully understand distrust of the government, and I fully understand distrust of new vaccines and the science that remains incomplete in its proof of safety and reliability….

The politicization of the process though simply due to hatred of Trump has and will continue to cost some high risk people their lives thanks to the actions of these who were naysayers suddenly being pro-vaccine…

Once initial distrust is sown, it’s much harder to gain trust later in the process.

This is also why Fauci finds himself where he does, he stated a lie in the early part of the pandemic when he offered the idea that masks wouldn’t help. The NIH and CDC had a study on their respective web sites since 2009 showing the exact opposite of that statement.

Fauci chose to tell that lie because of concerns over the supply chain behind PPE and what panic buying would do to availability for medical staff. Now he wants to pretend otherwise and finds questioning him on that topic to be an attack.

Fauci is in a political position if he can’t take hard questions he should resign from public life and move into the private sector or retire…otherwise he should shut up, sack up, and answer the fucking questions.


I can at least understand his rationality for saying to skip masks early on due to the supply being limited. If he didn’t want to create a panic, I can appreciate that thought process.

What I can’t forgive is that he has lied about the origins of COVID, that we paid money to the Wuhan lab for gain of function research, and that any criticism of him or his past statements (in which he flip-flops repeatedly) makes you anti-science.

Fauci’s a human being that the left and media (I repeat myself) have deified and put above reproach despite the obvious signs of his fallibility. We pay him better than the POTUS, FFS.


Fauci fucked up the AIDS response in the 80’s and he fucked up the COVID response. If Jaime Gorelick is the Mistress of Disaster, then Fauci is the Master of Disaster.


Their hatred of Trump, and his attempts to drain the swamp and upset their power grab helped forement a deliberate biological attack on the World.

The Swamp and all in it are a Clear and Present Danger to freedom loving people everywhere.

Ready for that rope, torch, and pitchfork yet?


“Ready for that rope, torch, and pitchfork yet?”
Before we engage in such festivities I believe we should look to our history to be the guide, tea in the harbor *should* be worked into the action plan.
Got headdress?


The Trump administration is largely responsible for now this vaccine was developed as quickly as it was. And it was one of the greatest accomplishments in medical science in over at least a decade. However, Trump both helped and hurt the development process, he helped by pressuring partners and agencies to accelerate the timeline and hurt it because he kept meddling in ways that both seemed unethical and also increased mistrust of the process. His explicit desire to have the vaccine developed prior to November 3rd also made his motivation, and thus the process highly politicized. While it is true the left was skeptical of Trump meddling with the development process, and said they would refuse the vaccine UNTIL the science community ruled it was safe even if the Trump administration made assurances it was safe. . Since the scientific community is assuring us it is safe, then is not a reversal for the left to embrace the vaccine. You are using another largely false informations shit right wing source as the basis for your entire narrative. And with galling hypocrisy…the source you used stoked and continues to stoke mistrust of the vaccine, it downplayed the virus, implied it was a hoax, turned common sense science based precautions against a global pandemic into a political controversy and right wing loyalty test. And you and Mason have dutifully spread these right wing propaganda narratives incessantly throughout the entire pandemic. And both of you continue to do so. Narratives that often… Read more »


“Since the scientific community is assuring us it is safe, then is not a reversal for the left to embrace the vaccine”.

Wrong. The left explicitly and in great detail refused the vaccine because it was produced by the Trump administration. Joe and Kamala repeatedly stated that during their campaign.

“And don’t come at me with nonsense about how I wish you would get infected or die…I spent 18 months trying to tell you all to take precautions take the virus seriously, and for the last six months I encouraged you to get vaccinated”.

You are a liar. Your own words prove it. You can’t lie your way out of a lie. You’re a fraud.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, it you were twice as smart as you are now, you’d still be an idiot.

The Other Whitey

Multiply any number by zero and you still get zero, so….

A Proud Infidel®™

Yes indeed, TOW!


“And don’t come at me with nonsense about how I wish you would get infected or die…..” Really Major Dickhead? Not what you posted on March 11th, 2020. (Thankfully it will disproportionally kill off the demographic that most opposes universal healthcare, despite the fact most of them are already on Medicaid or Medicare.) Thankfully?? Go away you worthless piece of loser shit, who never earned a CAB (but thinks he deserves one)!! You contribute nothing to any conversations here, but at least you always succeed in showing everyone what a egotistical fool and fraud you are. I’d ask you to order me a Chinese Happy Family meal before you permanently leave us, but I’m sure you would even screw that up just like everything else you do. Fraud! “Commissar says: March 11, 2020 at 1:32 pm I didn’t support Obamacare. I thought it was a cop out. Giving republicans what they wanted back in the 80s and calling it a win in 2010. We need genuine universal healthcare. And this virus is going to teach us a hard lesson as to why. Thankfully it will disproportionally kill off the demographic that most opposes universal healthcare, despite the fact most of them are already on Medicaid or Medicare. Karma is a bitch.” As Hondo replied back then. “Hondo says: March 11, 2020 at 5:34 pm Really? Then try this – emphasis added below to the quote from a previous comment you made: I am thankful it will impact the generation most… Read more »

The Other Whitey

In other words, don’t call you out when you lie? Yeah, go fuck yourself.


Here is the video of Dementia/Heels Up before the election voicing their doubts in various venues:


By the way, we are a few weeks into a now exponentially growing infection spike of the highly virulent Delta variant.

We can expect deaths to exceed 1000 a day again within five to six weeks and we may reach levels as high as 2000 per day again. With more than a hundred thousand infected a day.

And these infections will overwhelmingly occurs in red states and red counties with much lower vaccination rates.

So, get the vaccine, or get the virus.


And now you’re an expert on pandemic viruses. Will wonders never cease? Is there anything you cannot do? Our hero!

You know what comes next.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hey SFC D, let’s remember how a couple of years ago little old Major Moonbat was screeching about how the Zika Virus was going to be the great apocalypse and yeah, he was full of shit then as well. Major Moonbat is a character straight out of “1984” who is die-hard loyal to “Big Brother”!


That is not what I said.

I said that the greatest national security threat we face is a pandemic.

I used both the Zika virus, and the Ebola outbreak as examples of how regional viruses can become an international concern and that it is just a matter of time before a virulent airborne virus becomes a global threat.

I was not talking about Zika or Ebola themselves being that threat.

Covid-19 is actually on the low end of the risk scale I was talking about but is a perfect example of the inevitability of the math.

I essentially warned you all about Covid-19 a few years before it happened.

Instead of using what I was saying as an opportunity to find common ground on a statistically likely near future threat…you all ridiculed me.

Then years later, half of you pretend I never warned you, the other half pretend I said something different than what I said.

Either way, you are acting in bad faith.

A Proud Infidel®™

Wrong again Major Moonbat, you’re full of shit as usual, and by that I mean you’re even more full of shit than Phildo, PuRplEsUiT41 and John Giduck put together.


Nobody here has to “pretend” what you said. We, unlike you, read for comprehension and don’t redefine words to suit our purpose. You ran around screeching like chicken little, screaming we’re all gonna die from Zika. Then, you hoped that all of us boomers would die of Covid-19. All documented in your own writings. We’re all still here, and you’re still a fraud.


No, just basic math.

None of this is complicated.

The math is clear.


Your math skills are on par with your reading and writing skills.


How is that hypocritical?

I do think people who don’t think people deserve medical care deserve to be the people who suffer and die from the consequences of a lack of access to proper medical care.


Well, look who’s back!! Commie-czar has dropped by to dazzle us all with his expertise in Biology and pandemic analysis. FUCK OFF ZEK. YOU’RE A HYPOCRITE AND A FRAUD.


Just reported “migrant” (aka illegal immigrant) covid cases in the Texas Rio Grand Valley up 900% affecting Border Patrol agents. Recent arrivals include those from Ghana, Gabon and India.

6 additional daily busses added for dispersal of “migrants” but many still waiting for taxpayer paid trips to the interior.

This super spreader event brought to you by President Dementia/VP Heels up/Don’t come.


Aaaaand now we’re admitting the Haitians that were told “don’t come by sea”. They changed tactics, and are now walking in through Mexico after sailing there. They’re only following directions.

The Other Whitey

Remember, Cubans are getting turned around and told “no asylum for you,” but anyone who hasn’t seen communist tyranny firsthand can come on in (and remember to vote democrat).


But the Dems fear that most of those new Cuban immigrants will vote Republican so their fleeing from tyranny isn’t as worthy as those fleeing from tyranny in Ghana, Gabon and India, right?

Hack Stone

Just like the Democrats, to include them Senator Joseph Biden (Democrat Delaware) opposing the influx of Vietnamese refugees fleeing Communism back in the 1970’s.

The Other Whitey

My southeast Asian friends and relations have not forgotten about that. You could say that PedoJoe is less popular amongst them than the clap, but somehow that just doesn’t properly convey how much they despise the son of a bitch. Suffice it to say, I’ve heard him wished dead (usually via cancer and/or fire) in Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese many times.


So LA and NYC have been COVID free safe havens, and will continue to be so in the future with your logic.

Got it.


Actually, the Bay Area has one of the lowest per capita infection and death rates of the entire US despite being a high population concentration area…

I don’t know what the New York data is…

But overall you are far better off being in blue state than red state during this pandemic…..

And if you are wondering where the rest of the blue states are on this chart…click on the “fewest cases” tab…

A Proud Infidel®™

As usual Major Moonbat, you’re full of shit, your Father should have made you a sheet or towel stain.

The Dead Man

I’ve drunk away more on the subject in epidemiology than you’ve ever learned in your life. Stay in your lane you paid shill.


J&J is already taking about ‘boosters’ to their snake oil. Get the jab, don’t get the jab, all that is on you. I’m telling you: I do NOT consent to this waste of time, money, resources and human life known as the Shots Heard Around the World.

I will not pad the pockets of these monsters, and gladly risk injury in doing so.

Squawk Box (@SquawkCNBC) Tweeted:
“I think we’ve got to be very guarded in terms of a test tube study that makes conclusions about one aspect of immunity,” says @JNJNews CFO Joseph Wolk on reports that their vaccine is less effective against the #deltavariant $JNJ


Pfizer’s efficacy 39% against delta and falling fast!
And of course their stock price is up! Bad news is the new good news!!

A Proud Infidel®️™️

Im sure that they’ll be calling for more of the damned shots and now we’re what, day 500-something of the “14 days to flatten the curve”? This is a wet dream come true for power-obsessed politicians and bureaucrats. If you allow Government to step on your rights in an emergency, then said Government will keep inventing “emergencies” to keep trampling!


And, the government is, once again, tossing around the Mask/Don’t Mask riddle. Any bets on which way that coin flip goes if Pedo Joe can remember how to flip a coin?


Don’t take it.


Now that J&J has come out with a warning on their “vaccine” in regards to Guillian Barre (not a surprise at all, but rather late) due to hundreds of cases, there’s one more SCIENTIFIC reason not to get it. ( Especially for those at risk of contracting GB)


I’m not sure if it’s genetic but my brother has lifelong nerve damage, most likely caused by vaccination.
As a kid I remember visiting him in the hospital. Had to learn to walk again using parallel bars, still breaks my heart 25 years later.
To hell with the damn lot of these quack ‘medical professionals’.


Also, you have no integrity…

“but still provides strong protection against severe illness and hospitalization, according to a new report from the country’s Health Ministry”


Those are buzzwords and the halfiests of truths, like without metrics, aka bunk, bka lies.
How about you take my shot(s) for me since you enjoy koolaid, fraud.

And I’m still not talking to you.


And to clarify my charge that the Israeli Health Ministry is full of excrement, this statement:
“However, the two-dose vaccine still works very well in preventing people from getting seriously sick, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against severe illness, according to the Israeli data published Thursday.”
They exclude data from people who were jabbed less than two weeks before hospitalization, because ‘reasons’. Also, if you’d care to look at the “lacking integrity”-type data from THIS VERY REPORT, you can clearly see the rapid decline in imuno-productivity. I mean, if it’s a CHOICE between getting a bad cold, or risking a shot with little protection BUT major health consequences…I’ll have the chicken soup and get an inhaler. Hell, maybe a little HCQ or ivermectin!


And this Lancet report that shows that my age demo is more likely to die from a stubbed toe than Chicomflubro-19. And insofar as the ‘efficacy’ numbers, pure unadulterated trash. They simply have not adjusted numbers based on comorbitites or other contributing factors, to wit:
“Our study has some limitations. In the absence of randomisation, there could have been unmeasured differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated per- sons (eg, different test-seeking behaviours or levels of adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions) which might have confounded our vaccine effectiveness estimates.25 Although we adjusted our estimates for age, sex, and calendar week, the effect of additional covariates
such as location, comorbidities, race or ethnicity, socio- economic status, and likelihood of seeking SARS-CoV-2 testing should be evaluated in future studies.”

But I’m a f**king fraud. (At least I’m a fraud that can read)


Replying to my own post at 2:30pm for refutation of assertions that the data I provided is false or misleading. Quoting Forbes:

It is possible Israel’s findings diverge from other studies in reflection of the fact they have had access to vaccines for longer than most other parts of the world. In other words, it is the most up to date and accurate assessment of the Pfizer shot against Delta. However, the Israel health ministry has not revealed the data behind their results and there are a number of issues in the way the study appears to have been conducted that could create uncertainty. The study did not, for example, take the steps needed to rule out alternative explanations for the lower efficacy, such as bias in who is tested for Covid-19.”

When there is incomplete data there’s a lie. No matter how small, it is still there. Are any data sets perfect? F**k no.
Personal opinion alert, f**khead: I DO NOT TRUST THE NARRATIVE, and the Super Dupper Wuhan Cold Bug of 19 shouldn’t scare the overwhelming majority of the population.

That data is clear as your grey matter, ie absent.


Don’t take it.


The degenerate left gets away with this crap because the average American has the attention span of a 2 year old; they don’t remember what was said 8 minutes ago much less 8 months ago.


More projection.

This entire criticism is in bad faith since you all have been undermining the vaccine since the moment Trump lost the election.

But celebrating the achievement of progress toward the vaccine while he was in office.


Holy crap, Lars, you are truly obsessed with Trump. Everything you post here always has Trump as its underlying, antithetical theme.

You’re sick, boy, truly and thoroughly sickened by Trump Derangement.

Get a life…

Forest Bondurant

No, you insufferable cockfag. People are undermining the vaccine and the whole “crisis” because of the lies, subterfuge, unproven science, and lack of good faith in not only the bureaucrats in DC but also in the very behavior that people like you and your party have done…and you accuse people here of projection.

That’s fucking rich.

There are a lot of bright, articulate and smart people here who have done their own reading and research on the matter…or even have professional experience in the medical field. The “truth” doesn’t mind being questioned. “Lies”, on the other hand, hates being questioned.

You won’t win anyone over because the talking points you spew as gospel have largely been debunked, and of course because you are an outright liar because you’ve been called out for it and with proof on more than one occasion. You come across like you’re some sort of authority, when in reality your a bumbling fool.

Be sure to look both ways before you go fuck yourself.


In one hour I dug, cherrypicked the sh*t out of information (hehe), probably did more scientific study than your average Oaklandistani does in a decade. Believe I’ve earned a shot of bourbon and a 6 hour rest period!

Look on the bright side y’all, someone gets to be a wrongheaded pigf**ker all over again tomorrow!

It ain’t easy be in’ cheesy.