Believing that BLM has Marxist objectives “is a sign of extremism”

| July 19, 2021

The guy in the above photo actually said that. This is one reason to why conservatives argue that BLM’s ultimate objective is a communist state. (News Share)

This is according to a report released by Defense One. This contractor looked at searches conducted, from military bases, to identify extremism “red flags”. This is a part of the Defense Department’s initiative to “remove extremism” from its ranks. This contractor is a British one; its founder is associated with the Obama Foundation.

From Fox News:

For “the truth about black lives matter,” the group said: “This search suggests that the BLM movement has nefarious motives, and is a disinformation narrative perpetuated by white supremacist groups to weaponize anti-BLM sentiment.”

It adds: “While the search phrase appears innocuous, several books include it in their title and allege that the BLM movement is ‘joined with Antifa burning and looting.’ These sources echo white supremacist disinformation narratives alleging that BLM protesters are trying to ‘overthrow the republic’ and ‘harm American citizens in a Marxist coup,’ as a means of delegitimizing it. Multiple videos on YouTube also promote these narratives–in particular the criminalization of BLM–using the identical phrase.”

Moonshot did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Neither did the Defense Department.

It’s unclear why the Pentagon chose a U.K.-based company for monitoring purported U.S. extremism. The Center for Security Policy raised concerns about the company in an article last month in which it highlighted how Moonshot CEO Vidhya Ramalingam served as a leader in the Obama Foundation’s Europe program.

She also participated in a panel hosted by the highly controversial Southern Poverty Law Center and has ties to other left-leaning organizations. As the Center for Security Policy notes, she authored a paper that acknowledged financial support from Open Society Foundation, the group founded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

Fox News has the article here.

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But… BLM does have nefarious motives. Marxism. And they’re quite proud of it, even flaunt it. The truth is now extremism.


AuH2O said it best
Those Trojan Jackasses are using our systems against us, weaponizing the Liberal framework and inserting the most vile desires of human conquest into it.
Good thing for us they enjoy pageantry, virtue signaling their ‘wins’.
The normies are waking up.
I want to go on record (for you glowies and Marxists):
I am a Liberty-extremist and will defend the Constitution with my all.



So reading and comprehending the propaganda of BLM that states explicitly their stated objectives of overthrowing our current system and replacing it with a Marxist/Socialist/Communist form of Government is now extremism? Got it! George Orwell’s Novels are now “How To Books” and Mao’s Little Red Book will be required reading by the 5th grade.

Like you, Roh-Dog, I too, am a Liberty Extremist. I am willing to die defending my God and Constitutional Given Rights. The question for them is; are they willing to die trying to take it from me?

A Proud Infidel®️™️

When Enlisting in the Armed Forces of the United States, one is asked “Are you now or have you ever been a member of an organization that espouses the overthrow of the United States Government by violent means or otherwise?” to which a “Yes” answer is to be a disqualification, thus being part of Burn, Loot & Murder should disqualify one from serving!


Amen, Brother!

(Now, do we need “Liberty-extremist” t-shirts to go along with our Gadsden Flag t-shirts?)

When acknowledging reality is labeled “extremist” you can pretty well know that the insane are in charge of the asylum.

Hack Stone

One thing that we can be sure of is that black lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter. Otherwise they would be protesting the daily carnage in Chicago. Or in St. Louis. Or in Atlanta. Or in Washington DC. Or in…


BLM = “Burn, Loot, Murder!!”


Or, for the hard core, Burglary, Larceny, Murder.

The Other Whitey

So you’re an extremist if you believe what they have said about themselves on numerous occasions?

Orwell would’ve shot somebody by now.


Even if they openly admit Marxist motives and that they are such, too.


The Dementia/”Heels Up” Administration Ministry of Truth verifying in 3,2,1….


Comrades, are you goink to beleef vat ve tell you, or your lying eyes?


Remember – when BLM says they’re going to turn the System against us, we know something they don’t – turn about is fair play and let’s face it – we also know this System a helluva LOT better than that brand of fucktard rabble ever will. KoB, if I may? PHUQUE THEEM ONE AND PHUQUE THEEM ALL!!!! Back to the Pine-line for me, cheers to all here.




Thanks Bruv..Me an Molly go waaay back.. Brings back some damn good memories. 👊😎 *bump*


Anybody want some Black Rifle Coffee?


*shrug* Tried it and not to be a dick but wasn’t all that thrilled with it. Read something recently about BRC pissing off a lot of it’s customer-base… But in all fairness, I ordered from their Canukian division – but I wasn’t all that impressed with their service or their product. I tactfully emailed US division and got a response.

>Important Hatchet Fact – Coffee is blood – in every sense of the word(s).

>Important Hatchet History – annoying foolhardy pillocks that have approached a semiconscious technician first thing in the morning without offering him a very tall Americano,, have been known to have become unceremoniously scalped. My war belt hangs heavy..

The Other Whitey

Evan Hafer showed his true colors in his NYT interview, so he can fuck off and die. He also said he would be happy to pay people like us to leave his customer base. To that I say: your terms are acceptable, now where’s my money, motherfucker?


Was so-so, and at $16/lb?

Hard pass. Did it once, that was enough. Will stick with local business not named Starbucks.

MSG Eric

Yes, that is correct. BLM is an extremist organization.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Is anybody surprised? They define “extremism” as whatever they want. Anybody want to guess that they are looking at more than what the military is searching? You know if they are tied to O-Bozo, they have no qualms about searching through everybody and anybody’s computer searches. I notice they aren’t targeting searches for “Rise of Moors”.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

IMHO Burn, Loot & Murder revealed their true colors when they espoused the continuance of communism in Cuba. Also their mob members prove themselves to be useful idiots as the BLM top echelons live in the lap of luxury from “donations” to them.


So is it just me, or is this administration throwing around the “disinformation” card more than they did in the old Soviet Union?

I mean hey, birds of a feather, shit like that. Next thing you know, liberals will be wanting to put political opponents into camps and re-education facilities. Oh, wait.


“The report was initiated under the guidance of General Mark Milley, and his quest to understand White Rage.”


I think.

I hope.


A group who declares openly that they want to kill us if we disagree with their Marxist principles and has the means to destroy us. So, tell me why we should willingly give them the opportunity to do so???

Ignoring a threat from anyone who has the means to carry out that threat is just stupid. Pretending that those who are willing and/or able to defend themselves are the extremists is beyond delusional. Confusing defensive from offensive strategies is just the tip of the willful ignorance iceberg.

Bill R.

Does ANYONE at the Pentagon know how to read? Their stated objectives are quite clear to this retired enlisted swine. Why is this difficult for four stars to understand??


First of all, the chief identifying belief of BLM is a genocidal hatred of white people. Falling back on criticizing their alleged Marxism is a typical act of conservative cowardice. In fact white-hating, genocidal racism defines the entire modern left and calling what they are “cultural Marxism” is a cop out designed by the crooks at the top of Conservatism, Inc. to avoid confrontation on the issue. Conservatism never attacks antifa and never wins because deep down inside it shares the same self-loathing, white-hating racism as antifa and the left. They agree on the main program – whites must be eliminated – they just differ as to how.

Second, is there some point where blogs like this stop encouraging young white people to join a military that belongs to a racist system that hates them and is working to subjugate and then eliminate them? A system that is increasingly totalitarian, un-American, and anti-freedom and Constitution. A system that prohibits criticism of an openly racist movement like BLM. When the First and Second Amendments are gutted, as they soon will be, will you still be licking Master’s hand and calling for his victims to sacrifice for him? Seriously, what is the cut-off point, if any? At what point do you all, subservient as you are, say enough?