Minneapolis-area Chiefs of Police cite “cheap firearms” as part of rise in crime

| July 10, 2021

Men jump on the hood of a police car after a family said a man was shot and killed by law enforcement on Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

Some Chiefs of Police in the Minneapolis-area spoke on the dramatic rise in crime in the area, to the tune of a 24% rise county-wide in 2020 over 2019. They mention massive increases in the rates of gun crimes, including running gun battles in the suburbs. The chiefs are all part of the northwest Minneapolis suburbs, in the same area as Brooklyn Center (mostly peaceful protesting pictured above).

One of the chiefs listed as a reason for the increase, “easy access to cheap firearms.” I’d like to know where she has found said cheap firearms, as the last couple of years everything has been well above market rate. Don’t get me started on ammunition. Rolling around the ‘hood popping off 9mm is the ultimate in conspicuous displays of wealth.

“The issue we are facing because of that is the complete lawlessness that’s going on in some of our cities,” [Crystal Police Chief Stephanie] Revering told Fox 8. “We have to figure out a way to combat that.”

Call me old fashioned, but isn’t “complete lawlessness” the whole reason for the police department to exist?

The original article from the local Fox affiliate includes information on some more likely sources of the problem(s);

Brooklyn Park Police tracked 61 recent handgun cases and the majority of suspects got little or no jail time, and many avoided criminal charges altogether.

James Klein is a convicted felon who shot at officers last March when he was caught buying ammunition at a Brooklyn Park WallMart [sic]. A month later he was out of a jail on a signature bond. Three weeks after that he was involved in a shootout with police in Utah.

“A lot of these folks are getting out quickly and committing the same crime again,” said Revering of Crystal. “You talk about carjackings, they get out and commit carjackings again. And then we sit back and ask how this is happening?” she said.

Revering cites one particular case involving a man who shot at police, but a Hennepin County judge was in disbelief that police were the intended target.

Expecting prosecutorial follow-through on criminals is a big ask for a state that has Keith Ellison as the Attorney General. He’s still obsessed with George Floyd and now wants the Judge in that case to change the language of the sentencing order to “acknowledge trauma of children who witnessed Floyd’s death.”


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Next thing ya know they will come up with something like “Saturday Night Special”
Oh, wait….

Hack Stone

Saturday Night Special, That ill fated attempt by Fox to take on Saturday Night Live. Starred Roseanne Barr and Kathy Griffin, lasted only four episodes. Don’t remember much about it, other than it sucked.

Hack Stone

The people of Minnesota voted these politicians into office. Hack Stone recalls someone once saying that elections have consequences. Eventually, the “good citizens” will band together and toss these corrupt officials out of office, or flee to the sanctuary of a red state. And as taxpaying citizens flee, depleting the local governments of revenue, they will increase taxes on those remaining, thereby driving more away. Welcome to Little Somalia.

And for those keeping score at home, as of 10 hours ago, Chicago has already had three shootings, two of which were fatal. Those White Supremacists are taking a toll on the inner cities.


Watched a movie quite awhile back called Tales From The Hood. It told a tale of some gang bangers breaking into a funeral home to rob the place. Out pops the undertaker played by Clarence Williams III from Mod Squad fame.
He spins some tales about gangbanger life and at the end all the gangbangers are dead and the gates of hell open up to take them in.

One of the segments has a hood put in a cell next to a neo-nazi and the guy takes a liking to him. The nazi explains to him he likes him because he kills his own.

They kill their own. That is the Chicago Way And Detroit, LA, Minneapolis, NYC, etc, etc.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Tales From The Hood”, kind of a black version of “Creepshow”!

Hack Stone

Five killed, 18 wounded in Chicago as of 40 minutes ago. Do Black Lives still matter?



Chicago must be like 1970 Da Nang at night. You could sit there in the hills
to the north on guard duty and watch the tracers all night long.
See the Naval guns flash off shore, chug chug chug overhead and splash inland.
Listen to the shot/splash calls on the radio.

They should go live in Chicago with a dedicated cable channel focused on areas
of likely activity with audio/video inputs streamed on line.
I used to watch that shit for free but nowadays there seems to be market for it.


That used to be on TV, on the A&E network, it was called Live PD. But the owners of A&E got all squishy over that drugged up counterfeiter, and took it off the air.

A Proud Infidel®™️

It’s impossible to underestimate the hypocrisy and stupidity of liberals!


And a complete lack of self awareness / critical thinking. As Hack pointed out above, eventually, those that are still productive will pack up and leave. But when they get to red states, they’ll vote for the same stupid shit that ruined their previous homes, and they won’t have a clue why things get bad again.



There’s also a problem where so many of those that are non-productive are excessively re-productive.


Where are they getting these cheap firearms. I need to replace mine that are now at the bottom Wassaw Sound off Tybee Island. Damn boating incidents.


I need to replace the defensive weapons the Cantina lost in the great San Pedro flood of 2013. Flushed the entire arsenal into Naco, Sonora.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Ditto with the A Proud Infidel®™️ Arsenal lost in an accident involving some deep quicksand…


I was too lazy to clean them after use and they rusted out.
Every damn one of them.

A Proud Infidel®™

Aawwwww, MAN!!!

Drag Racing Maniac

There I wuz, canoeing across the Marianas Trench with my personal collection of 50 or so rifles and 10K rounds….


Came here to comment the same. I loves me some cheap gunnz.
Be carful iffin you go looking for ‘em, rumor has it there’s still a quite large thermonuclear weapon in the silt down yonder.
I still can’t believe they use ta trust the Zoomies to fly around with them things.

A Proud Infidel®™

Why do you think the Air Farce went to ICBM’s versus Bombers?

Only Army Mom

Mason, you are old-fashioned. Feel better? Yeah, me neither.

I know it is within the normal cycle of human affairs for the older generation to decry the current state of the world and view the past with nostalgia. But. I’m having a harder and harder time finding evidence that what is going on in our country is not categorically worse than any other time in our history.

Where does it all end? I’m seriously asking.


“I’m having a harder and harder time finding evidence that what is going on in our country is not categorically worse than any other time in our history.”

Well, perhaps the 1860’s, but that is certainly not a comforting thought…


Sure. Inanimate objects, no matter their cost, are the problem. It is sooooo much easier to deal with than the reality that no negative consequences for a willingness to violate the law just might be the problem instead.


The only reason a criminal is armed with a “cheap firearm” is because it was stolen in a burglary by some crack head or heroine addict. When you are a crack head selling the products of your occupation (burglar/thief) that you paid $0 for their acquisition, prices a much lower than MSRP.


That, and if you are stealing guns for money, which do you want to get rid of? The ones that bring the most $$$. You keep the one that costs you least.


Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering and her “We have to figure out a way to combat that” statement speaks volumes.

How about cops enforce the laws made by elected officials? If the IPs dislike this, elect officials to change the laws.

Guess it’s more fun to riot, loot, and make ridiculous demands.

A Proud Infidel®™

Liberal pols always want to cater to the whims of their useful idiots in the mobs that do their bidding.


“Rolling around the ‘hood popping off 9mm is the ultimate in conspicuous displays of wealth.”

This is the best line I have ever read on this site.


Ol’ Poe was impressed by Mason’s wordsmithing as well…


I think it is safe (and sage) to simply note that the modern Democratic Party is the single greatest threat to life and liberty on earth.

Even the CCP is saying “nope” to their BS.

A Proud Infidel®™

EVEN A Young Lady who defected from North Korea has said that college in the USA reminded her of the brainwashing she had in her native country:



It’s those cheap low-value poorly-functioning Cheifs and DAs that cause much of the problem.


Cheap may not be the most apt descriptive as almost all of them are knocking down far higher compensation packages than they’re worth…