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| June 21, 2021

Leo Prinsloo

I had a busy weekend, so I’m just now catching up on all the stuff you all have been sending in. First up is an update on the South African armed courier badass Leo Prinsloo. You’ll recall he was the driver of the cash-in-transit truck that was ambushed and caught on video. We talked about him and the event here. He’s come out since then and described, in his own words, the day here. It’s not a long read, but it’s a good one. You can feel the frustration and sadness of a man watching his country spiral down the drain.

Prinsloo also did an on-video interview with ArmorMax, the company that up-armored the Toyota he was driving that day. Repairs have already started on the truck, but most of the damage is still clearly visible. Fast forward to 9:21 in the video and he casually mentions how when he “About two or three hours later I went to use the toilet…and something dropped onto the floor.” Yeah, your massive titanium balls, dude!

For those wondering, I can save you the time Googling. South Africa, like most Commonwealth countries has very restrictive gun laws.

Amazon dumps Frontline Doctors site for ‘misinformation about vaccines’

Poe sends in this article from WND;

Amazon’s internet hosting service took down the website of the group of doctors known for promoting proven treatments for COVID-19 such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

America’s Frontline Doctors was accused of “hosting misinformation about vaccines and was reported as objectionable content to AWS.”

The Gateway Pundit reported Amazon shut down the site on about May 31. The doctors’ website has since been restored through another host.

Go against the narrative and there will be consequences.

San Francisco Supervisor: ‘We’re Putting More Resources’ into Police Because Police Presence Decreases Crime ‘Dramatically’

Poe sent me this Breitbart article. Apparently “Defund the police” results in out of control crime. Who could possibly have seen this coming?

We’re putting more resources back into our police department to ensure that they have the appropriate staffing levels. Because when we do have police in those areas, the crime drops dramatically.”

He added that the shoplifting sprees are, “in some cases” due to a lack of police.

Well no shit, Dumbass. This guy had his car broken into in front of city hall earlier this year while they were debating the increases in crime.

STUDY: Unemployed Households Can Earn $25/Hour on Welfare in 21 States

Lastly, Poe sent in this article on why it might be that people aren’t looking to go back to work. Headline USA;

The US economy is in a perplexing state of labor market purgatory.

We have 9.3 million unfilled job openings, all while millions of Americans remain on unemployment benefits and millions more are opting out of the labor force entirely.

In short, a labor shortage is throttling the economic recovery. But why?

A new study published by the fiscally-conservative Committee to Unleash Prosperity offers a comprehensive examination of one of the labor shortage’s main causes: lucrative unemployment benefits.

In March 2020, the federal government passed a “temporary” $600/week supplement on top of existing state-level unemployment payouts.

It was reduced to a $300/week supplement in President Biden’s COVID-19 “stimulus” legislation but extended through September 2021.

Many conservative-leaning states have taken the initiative to suspend the excessive benefits early, but they are set to continue throughout the summer in dozens of states with Democratic governors.

This new study finds that under the current benefits regime in conjunction with other welfare programs, households can earn the equivalent of $25/hour (assuming a 40 hour work week) by staying home with neither adult working.

In 19 states, a family of four with two parents who aren’t working can receive benefits roughly equal to a $100,000 annual salary.

Across all 25 “blue” states choosing to leave the benefits in place, the average unemployment payout for a family of four exceeds $72,000, significantly more than the median household income of $68,703.

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AW1 Rod

I shitcanned Amazon and everything having to do with them after they de-platformed Parler.

Jeff Bozos is a abject pus pocket, and with any luck at all the Blue Origin rocket carrying his ass into space next month will either a.) depart controlled flight and disintegrate in a ball of flame, or 2.) leave orbit and hurtle into the sun.


I always did hate the way you would dance around the subject, Rod. Don’t hold it back, man.



Read the write-up.

A guy I want on my side.

I note he has his buddy’s 6 even against the “keyboard warriors” – a man to ride the river with.

Green Thumb

Leo Prinsloo kicks ass.

Where is “Turd” Bolling of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency (both national and international) when you need him?


Prolly still helping “Phildo” work balls at dumpster 3 behind the Flying J.

Leo Prinsloo’s experiences are an idea of what we may face…very soon.

Don’t buy from Amazon neither. They are continuing the destruction of Independent Mom and Pop Stores that Walmart started. Bezos can just bees gone.

SanFran…Sodom by the Bay, Gomorrahfornia. Thank God my niece and her family GTFO of that sh*thole. They are doing quite well now in Northern Montana, Thank you very much. Church coming along nicely and have opened up a Family Ice Cream Shop.

As long as you pay sorry mofos to sit on their sorry azzes, they will continue to sit on their sorry azzes. Get off your ass, stub out your Camel, pick up a shovel, and get to work!


If you’ve seen the video of the couple pulled out of their car in Chicago, and the male being murdered and the female shot in the neck, we’re pretty damn close to what South Africans are facing.
I heard yesterday that the guy who finished #2 at the U.S. Open, Louis Oosthuizen, a S.A. farmer, bought a new farm. In Florida!
Any bets on when Louis moves here permanently?


Saw both of those UpNorth. Louis prolly already got rid of his SA holdings and bought the FL place furnished. The couple were Hispanic and had been to a Puerto Rico Day Celebration. Chiraq had “only” 65 WIA and 10 KIA this weekend. But according to Her DisHonor and the Safety Commissioner, violent crime is down in Chiraq.

My next boat will have a Flex Seal bottom.


How many of those folks are going to be upset come next April when they find out their unemploymnt benefits are taxable as income and they din’t have sufficient state/federal tax witholdings and they have to write a check with their filing.


How many of them pay taxes to begin with?


Take a look at how many times we had discussions on TAH last year about Hydroxychloroquine:

Most of us here took the anti-media position that it is an old, tried and true drug and if it helps save lives, we should be using it.

As could be expected the point man for Marxism on this site sucked down the media Kool Aid and ridiculed us as ignoring the science and only supporting the use of hydroxychloroquine because Trump supported its use.

As usual with Lars, the truth was exactly the opposite of the garbage he was spouting. He was opposed to the use of a perfectly good drug precisely because Trump had encouraged its use. lars was just regurgitating the leftist media narrative he always manages to swallow whole without choking.

Unfortunately, Lars was aided and abetted by LC, who I think is basically a good guy but one who also swallows the media narrative a tad too easily, especially where Trump is involved. I say unfortunately, because LC is a bright guy who knows something about scientific method and medicine and his support only served to encourage Lar’s in his silly rants.

The term “unfortunately” also applies to the fact that we’ll never know how many people’s lives could have been saved had the mendacious media, greedy pharmaceutical companies and corrupt government bureaucrats not prevented the Hydroxychloroquine regimen from being more widely used.

So much for who ignores the science, hmm?


This sums it up pretty well:

comment image?w=571&ssl=1


And this, from a doctor, supports the contention that lives were lost because scientists and others didn’t want to endorse ANYTHING that Trump supported:

USMC Steve

I find the two substantively the same. One can be very intelligent without being very smart. When you pathologically hate someone who is demonstrably efficient at their job as Trump was, that makes you unstable as well. I don’t expect much from Lars, he is what he is, a leftist troll with delusions of grandeur. LC I believe chooses to be the way he is, and I don’t waste my time on delusional people.

MI Ranger

Wait, Lars and LC and Commissar aren’t all the same people?!!! Are you sure?


That ain’t workin. That’s the way to do it. Money for nothin’. Get your checks for free…