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| June 3, 2021

Men jump on the hood of a police car after a family said a man was shot and killed by law enforcement on Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

The estate of Daunte Wright, the man accidentally shot by police some months back while he resisted arrest in a Minneapolis suburb, is being sued by one of his alleged victims. Twenty-year-old Wright you’ll recall had an active warrant for carrying a weapon and fighting with police, which was why they were trying to arrest him the day he got shot. He also had open armed robbery charges pending.

This was, of course, forgotten at his funeral. According to the New York Times, his “family and friends remembered Mr. Wright for his bright smile and outgoing demeanor, and as a dedicated father to a toddler, Daunte Jr., who was almost 2. As a freshman at Thomas Edison High School, he was voted a ‘class clown.’

“He attended Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis in 2018, said the school principal, Yusuf Abdullah, who said he ‘was just like any other kid.'”

I know a little about Patrick Henry High School and can sadly say that Principal Abdullah is correct and that Mr. Wright is indicative of the type of kid that institution of learning produces.

The Reverend Al Sharpton eulogized the young man he’d never once met with “You thought he was just some kid with an air freshener,” Mr. Sharpton said. “He was a prince, and all of Minneapolis has stopped today to honor the prince of Brooklyn Center.”

Well, it looks like the Prince of Brooklyn Center (©™ Rev. Sharpton) in his violent wheelings and dealings around the Minneapolis metro area may have shot a 16 year old in the head, leaving him with permanent injuries. Now that family wants some of the settlement money that’s sure to come.

KARE 11 reports;

The mother of a teenage boy who was shot in the head and critically injured in 2019 has filed a civil lawsuit claiming the shooter was Daunte Wright – the young man whose name made national headlines last month when he was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center.

Wright’s death sparked days of protests over racial profiling and police use of force.

A newly filed lawsuit claims that Wright shot 16-year-old Caleb Livingston in the head at a Minneapolis gas station on May 14, 2019, leaving him with permanent physical and mental disabilities.

Livingston’s mother is seeking damages from Wright’s estate to help pay for her son’s continuing care.

Although Wright was not criminally charged before his death in connection with Livingston’s shooting, the civil court filings in the case allege that “evidence generated to date reveals that the perpetrator of this crime was Daunte Wright.”

Livingston’s mother also alleges in court documents that Wright was a gang member with a lengthy criminal history.

Gas station shooting

Daunte Wright and Caleb Livingston had been childhood friends, according to a memorandum filed in the lawsuit. In fact, it says Caleb’s “first sleep over as a boy was at Wright’s home.”

As time went on, though, there apparently was a falling out. Court filings say Livingston “beat up” Wright in front of others. That may have been a motive for what the lawsuit claims happened next.

Shortly after 9 o’clock on the night of May 14, 2019, the lawsuit says Livingston was at a gas station/convenience store in the 1800 block of Lowry Avenue in North Minneapolis. It claims Wright was there, too.

It alleges Wright “brandished, pointed, and discharged a firearm” at Livingston, with one bullet striking him in the head.

Weapon found?

Caleb Livingston survived – but with severe and permanent injuries.

At the time, no one was charged in the shooting. But attorneys for Livingston’s mother point to new evidence they say links Wright to the crime.

One year later, in June 2020, Minneapolis police received a report about a man with gun. When they arrived, a criminal complaint alleges that Daunte Wright jumped out of a car and fled on foot. However, officers said they found a loaded black Ruger .45 caliber handgun on the floor of the car where Wright had been sitting.

Wright was charged with fleeing police and carrying a handgun without a permit.

In a recent filing, an attorney for Livingston’s mother told the court “Based on reasonable information and belief, this gun is being compared to the shell casings found at the scene” of the 2019 gas station shooting.

The filing says the Minneapolis Police Department has not released details because their investigation is “active and ongoing.”

Case originally sealed

Attorney Michael Padden filed the case in Hennepin County court on May 4, but originally asked that the case be kept confidential.

He cited the widespread publicity and protests surrounding Wright’s death which occurred during the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

He also argued that making the case public could jeopardize the police investigation and interfere with possible negotiations with lawyers for Wright’s family to settle the case.

A judge recently ruled the court files could be released.

When reached by KARE 11, Padden released this statement: “We had to commence the lawsuit because of the statute of limitations. MN law does not permit a case like this to be or remain sealed. Having said that, the allegations are valid.”

Wright’s estate has not filed a formal response to the lawsuit.

KARE 11 attempted to reach Wright family attorney Ben Crump, but has not heard back.

If true, then Wright was either a new father or expecting his son at the time he was allegedly shooting his friend in the head.

All Wright’s victims should get a taste of what is sure to be a massive settlement. It seems that every settlement gets successively bigger. George Floyd’s family got $27M.

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so he has been a murderous gang member since his early teens?

This is what the left holds up as a role model for POC?

Of course it is. Leftists are so morally blind they can no longer see the difference between thugs and law abiding people and claim that those living peacefully with their fellow citizens are somehow the whole problem.

Makes sense. Politicians have always been morally bankrupt and corrupt and democrats have been at the head of the class in those departments.


But, Daunte was a “good, church-going man” and a “pillar of the community”! Rev. Al said so, so it’s gotta be true!


The community is much better off now that Mr. Wright has been in a church…with his head on a pillow. Have they filled his spot in the choir yet?

Not a fan of lawsuits and lawers myself, but I hope the family of the injured fellow gets 90% of Mr. Wright’s ill gotten monies. Behold my field of phuques for Mr. Wright, it is barren and I have none to give.


I’m with you on that KoB!


Ditto. What a complete fuck-story…


you have the freedom to work to be anything you want to be in this great nation.

But these dipsticks all want to be morons.

I don’t get it.

E4 Mafia 83-87

He should have moved into the Commisar’s house, so they could have deep philosophical discussions about “Orange Man Bad”. Then Commrade Wright could shoot Lars in the head too. That’s what friends are for. He was such a great Dad…ah, hell no!


Seriously ROTFLMAO!!!


Not generally a fan of lawsuits, but this one is very intriguing. At least it may provide a platform for getting real facts before the public.

MI Ranger

Look forward to the Livingston’s getting a sizeable portion of any settlement with the city for Mr. Wright. Hopefully it will embolden any others injured by Mr. Wright to step forward and receive their portion of the settlement. In the end, maybe after the lawyers take theirs it will be just a means of settling his debt with the society that he injured!


No, that can’t be right. The report I heard on CNN and MSNBC was that he was on his way to do neighborhood volunteer service after school (where he was a grade A student, by the way), when the mean racist police officers violently shot him to death for no reason at all.


Dollars to donuts the victim and his family wont see a dime. Black lives only matter if it involves a cop.


Negative. Black Police are all considered Uncle Tom’s and race traitors by BLM.


My only fear is dumbass’ estate won’t have any money left to pay damages.

Hack Stone

Those memorial Mylar balloons and stuffed teddy bears aren’t cheap, you know.


And that’s after all the weed, 40-ounces and other partying he did in life.


Not to mention, the weed and 40’s that were available at his wake.
Must be racist, if he didn’t get 7 wakes, a gold casket and a phalanx of mylar balloons.

A Proud Infidel®™

NONONO hedindonuffin, it be whitey’s fault, it all whitey-fault!!!


Congrats, comrade, that Critical Race Theory training is working.


For a second I thought that photo was showing a bunch of skinnies jumping on CWO3 Michael Durant’s blackhawk.

But instead, it’s here in Lars America.

Hack Stone

They are probably related, it is Minnesota after all.


And not from the movie either:


Ok, that’s funny shit right there!


Had the honor of serving with Mike Durant. We were assigned to the same Dustoff unit in Korea. Great pilot and officer.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Is it wrong to hope no one wins any money?

Seems like a couple of garbage humans received the Karma they both so desperately deserved and that should cost society nothing….


Don’t think of it as “winning money”. That’s too capitalistic. Think of it as “wealth redistribution”. It fits the BLM socialist agenda better.


Some more information regarding teenagers in a halfway house as the “guests” of the facility in what should be a full penal type institution and the effect on the surrounding neighborhood.
If you read the article, not long, you’ll find the reporter attempting to inculcate the readers as kids escaping as no big deal…..
Uh huh…
You’re gonna love this one, “Kitwana McTyler” has a statement regarding the fact that one pair of escapee’s invading a house, stealing guns and getting into a shootout with the long suffering police department.

“Sheriff Chitwood also said that his office has received over 300 calls for disturbances related to that home in the last year including one where a juvenile beat a security guard to death. The president and CEO of the group home, Kitwana McTyer, defended their facility stating, “We are a child welfare facility, not a secure care facility,” and alleged that the shooting is the result of “the system failing our children.”

The little fucks breaking into a house, stealing a gun and then being shot is a “failure of the system, not the group home”…..

You just cannot make this shit up…



As I posted in the other article.

A 14-year-old girl is seriously hurt after she and a 12-year-old boy allegedly armed themselves with stolen guns and opened fire on Florida deputies, June 1, 2021.

I like the “allegedly” part after a 30 minute shootout. Even the most stupid reporter could ask around and verify that story.

“They were coming out to kill cops,” Chitwood told reporters Tuesday night.

The boy said he fired multiple rounds from the AK-47 and had to reload the second magazine, according to the charging affidavit.

After allegedly firing at deputies for about 30 minutes, the 14-year-old girl then came out of the garage and allegedly pointed the shotgun at deputies twice, according to the sheriff’s office.

See and people say that kids today are unmotivated to go out and face the world and that online learning doesn’t work. These little darlings figured out how to operate AK-47’s from playing a video game and were more than happy to try to murder every police officer they came in contact with, just like the video game.


comment image


We’ve left clown world, exited the joker solar system and are entering jester galaxy.
Is there a way to pay nothing to any of them?
My heart goes out BUT it seems all these creatures are culpable for their own shitty decisions.
Especially the honor grad of How to F*ck Up University class of ‘21, Mister Daunte “Wait! Cars are deadly weapons too?! Oh crap!” Wright.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Here’s hoping the 2 year old “Daunte Jr.” fares better in life than his father.


[…] Last week we talked about the estate of Daunte Wright (the man accidentally killed by a Minneapolis-area police officer while he was resisting arrest and fleeing) being sued by one of his alleged victims. Coming in on the tip line was another lawsuit filed against the estate from yet another of Daunte Wright’s alleged victims. The one last week was a former friend of Wrights who had a “falling out” and ended up with a bullet in the back of his head. […]