Tanker Tuesday Again

| June 1, 2021

Well, if things are back to semi-normal, please let me know. I still have the furnace running in my chilly AO, and am glad that I control my own heat and electricity usage…. so I won’t go into that discussion.

But since it is Tanker Tuesday, I have a review of the Churchill tank used by the British Army during World War I. The Tank Museum’s historian discusses the Churchill, Mark IV, a heavy British tank used during World War II.

Tank Chat from the Tank Museum:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-mQlONM1xk


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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Tanks for that nice video of the Churchill series tanks.


Britannia rules the waves.



“…back to semi normal.”? Girl pull-leese, wish I could even get to semi-normal. I’ve been on the precipice of abnormal four-EVAH…and the ledge is crumbling beneath my feet. Oh…you meant weather wise. Kinda sorta, I reckon. Nice and cool in the morning, real frog strangler the other night (Saturday?) but we kicking up into the high 80s and by the weekend highs into the low nineties with 50-60% chance of wet stuff. Very soon now the daily weather report will be the same. Hot and a chance of very humid, scattered afternoon and evening thunder boomers. Kool video on the Brit Tank. I ^LIKED^ the fact that you could get one with a “Howe Wit Sir” Gun. And correct me if I’m wrong, but was that an unplucked chicken hanging on that back at about 9:20? Would that have been a part of their issued rations or some of Roseyvelt’s Lend Lease monies? You know, a tank for every garage and a chicken for every steel pot. Preview for the Thursdays are for Cooking segment? The Army leaned us on pretty good during my semester at the School of Hard Knox for wayward Boys to become tankers. Some of them fellas were looking at it when the Senior DS (3 war Vet) made the comment, “In the Field Artillery, we call tanks, TARGETS!” Papa’s 8″ Howe Wit Sir took out a number of Panzer and Tiger Tanks with direct and indirect fire during the Battle of The Bulge. Would like… Read more »

The Other Whitey

I’ve recently gotten hooked on Bovington Tank Museum’s channel. Some good shit in there. That also led me to The Chieftan’s channel, which also has a ton of good info.