Army Authorizes Ponytails; Accused of Being ‘Woke’

| May 7, 2021

Relax guys, this is for the ladies.   Men still have to conform, but allowing a man bun may not be too far off.

Army authorizes female soldiers to wear ponytails; critics say branch trying to be ‘woke’

The Army has authorized female soldiers to wear ponytails while in uniform, marking a significant departure from a long-held policy that’s drawing both support and criticism.

The branch approved the move back in February, initially only allowing ponytails to be worn while conducting field or fitness training.

The change was made due to concerns over certain health conditions, including alopecia — a type of hair loss — and to stop hair damage caused by a tight bun.

Yeah, I was wondering when tight buns would be a problem.


A military doctor once told me that women that pull their hair back from their scalp and back into a bun in the back actually cause their hairline to recede backward if they do it over years.  Makes me think that a neat, short cut with a few bangs may be a better style.

Guys like bangs, too.

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Mike W

I don’t see it as “woke” just allowing females to better wear a helmet. As a Corrections Officer when I had a female on my extraction team, I allowed her to put her hair in a pony tail, to allow for the wear of a helmet.


It looks confoundedly sloppy.


Clear gender discrimination if I ever saw it. Soldiers with a penis should be allowed to have pony tails too. Wait, I mean soldiers with a penis that identify as CiS Male who are straight (or not) should be allowed to have pony tails or their tresses in a ringlet or in a tight bun.


“Guys like to bang tight buns too.” Is that what you were trying not to say? The pony tail would give the guy something to hold on to. Just saying. 😛

To conform or not to conform…that is the question.

A Proud Infidel®™

You mean like when you do “The Rodeo”? That’s when you come from behind, grab the ponytail, tell her that her Sister or Best Friend is a better fuck than she is and see if you can stay on for eight seconds or more!


This is *never* not funny.


Um, okay…


I’m sure the first time a woman with her hair styled like in the first picture gets her hair pulled into some running machinery, we won’t hear about it.


many years ago in the dawn of time, I had a soldier who decided to “let her hair down” at work. Got her pony tail wrapped around the bit of a hammer drill while drilling in the ceiling.

Falls off of the scaffold, blood everywhere, ripped her hair out, cut her face and chest open, and broke both wrists in the landing.

When I asked her squad leader why her hair was not up and why she was not wearing a hard hat, her answer was, “it’s hot in here”.

She was also not wearing a bra or t-shirt under her BDU blouse, so there she was, bloody, tits hanging out, crying on the floor.

Spent two days in the hospital and then I recommended both her and the squad leader for NJP.

One SPC becomes a PV1, and one SGT becomes a SPC…because of a ponytail.

Most of the time, no problem, but it will become habit and what becomes habit becomes what is done in work/tactical situations. That is how our troops get hurt or killed.

all of our regulations are written in the blood of the past.

This is why I always felt that ALL soldiers should have a high and tight and just do away with the entire problem.

But, I’m a dinosaur who believes that leaders are responsible to protect soldier welfare, not be trendy or popular.


Have to be in a bun when doing any physical work or outside. Like a hat or protective gear. Period. (If it’s gonna be like that, let’s do it.)

Dennis - not chevy

Let’s not forget all of the WG/WL/WS civilians who are not having accidents due to not having their hair in buns.


I’d imagine the SOP around any equipment will be the same as in MOPP gear. Hair tucked into the blouse.


no, it will become an “issue” and no one will enforce such SOPs…just like we had to retrain the entire force to clean their weapons back in the mid 2000s.

SOPs are just ink on paper without the will to enforce them. And the lack of such will is the real reason for “relaxing” the grooming standards.

After all, an Army that cannot enforce AR 670-1 certainly won’t enforce SOPs and TTPs.


stunning and brave
women are just as capable
gender is a social construct
toxic masculinity
on and on

(sarc off)
One standard for everyone of a certain MOS. No questions asked.

I thank my Creator on the daily that I’m free, would have about 6 months left to 20.


Yup, too many mistake movies for real life today…


Before you go ragging off on Jenette Goldstein, she was the Irish mom with kids in “Titanic” who drowned when the ship sank, and she was in London working out at a gym when she was cast as Vasquez in “Aliens”.

I don’t know what your objection is to women being fit and healthy, but we can’t do it sitting on chairs off to the side. It takes physical work, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Perhaps you should be on the receiving end of your snide remarks.


No argument here. Takes work and many do it, I know.

It ain’t, however, universal. I cite the FOBbit with a borderline tape test, non-coordinated purse worn on the should with the arm through the hand loops in uniform and shoulder holster (with weapon) worn backward and too low because “it’s convenient” in a combat zone. She didn’t and doesn’t want to do the work.


James Cameron has a habit or reusing actors he likes, she was also in Terminator 2 as John Connors foster mother


Word peace is closer.


whirled peas, anyway…

just lurkin

Any occasional reader of Steve Sailer’s blog will know about “world war hair”, which originally seemed to be about how much black women talked about and prioritized their hairdos but now seems to have spread to all women everywhere. Look, we were told that the heads of men who entered service had to be shaved, at least in part, as a means to control lice. Of course women who entered service were never subjected to that because apparently they never have lice.

Ha, ha, no. We all know that women were never subjected to that because that would have been going too far in asking them to surrender an important aspect of their identity. You could never recruit large number of women if they were compelled to shave their heads like men. So let’s dispense with the idea that women will not expect to be accommodated according to their preferences in any organization; they always have and they always will and any misconceptions about “equality” be damned.


The phrase man bun is an oxymoron.
Emphasis on moron.
An oxygen consuming moron.


I don’t the way they look in uniform.

But our founders sported them.

Those that fired the first shots fired in the revolution were sporting them.

A pony tail in uniform is as old as the U.S. Army itself.

And with few exceptions it has no effect on a soldier’s ability to do their job.

The reg change I don’t like is the sparkly earrings in the ACU.

In my opinion nothing shiny or sparkly should be worn with the ACU. Even in garrison.


*I don’t like the way they (ponytails) look in uniform.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Sounds like you’re jealous you couldn’t wear makeup and jewelry in Formation!




And they rocked beards before, during and after the Civil War.

Your point?

A Proud Infidel®™

His hair conceals it.


I’m bald, pinhead.

A Proud Infidel®™️

So then we can honestly say that you have more hair than brains!


Do you have a point?

I expressed my opinion; I don’t like the way they look in uniform but they have a long tradition in the US military and don’t have much impact on a soldier’s ability to function so I don’t have an issue with it.

That was my point.

USMC Steve

They may well have an effect now. Since women may now go into combat arms, due to the relaxation of standards for them in order to be trendy, at some time that would make an outstanding grab handle with which one could dominate that small part of the battle space by twirling the gal around like a baton.


You know what else was popular in the military a long time ago? Cod pieces. The bigger the better. If you weren’t sporting a cod piece the size of large bratwurst you were a nobody. Not sure what that has to do with today but there you have it.


Military uniform regulations ALWAYS consider legacy traditions.

So that is what the hell the precedence of the past has to do with it.

And cod pieces were never a US military tradition.


I’ve had my hair every length from a very short cut after a really, really bad perm, to waist length, which took four hours to dry in the summer and turned into icicles in the winter if I took the trash out to the dumpster while it was still wet. That was fun. When I was skating and teaching kindgergarteners to skate, I had my hair in a bun on the back of my head, which gave me a cushion in case the Tots & Toddlers rushed me after class and pulled me down onto the ice. That was fun! I had my hair that long for 10 years, wore it that way to work and never had any hair fall out or suffered any hair loss. If those AD girls wearing buns were complaining about that, they must have been pulling it too tight. Frankly, long hair is a pain in the ass to wash and dry and takes up to an hour to dry, even with a blow dryer, and sometimes longer as I indicated above. It may look good to you cave men but you aren’t the people who have to take care of it. And a hanging ponytail around any kind of moving machinery? That is just plain stupid braindead idiocy. You guys always slog around with your tongues hanging out when you see photos of some girl with long hair and rifle or archery equipment, but you’ve never had your hair tangle in a bowstring… Read more »


Hoping they still require buns when performing parachute jumps because I can easily see a pony tail getting fouled in a deploying parachute harness or static line and that would be a real bad day for the soldier.

RGR 4-78

Instant bald spot.
An all new static line injury.

Slow Joe

Why can females have ponytails but males cannot grow a beard?


Same reason females are not allowed to grow a beard either.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, have you ever applied for a real job in the Private Sector? Your Resume’ should be a one-liner, a simple “I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING”!

USMC Steve

No, not really. Wimmins would have a very hard job trying to grow a beard because they are wimmins. Genetic thing; except for the fake freaks who want to take hormones to be what they are not.

For men, it is banned because with any sort of beard, you cannot get a proper seal on a gas mask, or an OBA device.


Being a member of the military is supposed to set you apart from the average civilian—in character, attitude, and appearance. You’re supposed to take pride in that. I got my hair cut short before I joined the United States Army and I kept it looking appropriate throughout my 30 years (20 Active, 10 Reserve) service.

Name edited to protect PII.

USMC Steve

The Air Force is doing it now too. I was in the local gun shop and some majorette (female major) came in wearing one.


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