A Little Music For You

| May 4, 2021

I haven’t run out of things to gripe about, but there are days when grumbling about political animals becomes more than the outside of enough, already. And this is one of those days.  Everything seems very negative, overgrown children squabble about nothing, and mordant idiocracy seems to be the norm right now… even if it isn’t.

So I found two versions of a Toby Keith song. They’re both good. Somehow, it strikes a common chord with me.

You decide which one you prefer. I can go find the soundtrack version for the Clint Eastwood movie, if you want that, instead.

Joe Wells’ features his dad Frank singing this version:



Military funeral, with two different versions of the song:


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  1. Green Thumb says:

    I saw Toby Keith out in here in the Great NW one time after he performed locally.

    He was i a locals bar with his CMT jacket on and with a few of his crew.

    Dude was a dick.

    He got booed out of the bar.

  2. Who is Toby Keith?????Never heard of him.

    • KoB says:

      Google is your friend Jeff! Think “American Soldier” or “Beer for my Horses.”

      m r ducks!

  3. Thanks KoB, I googled the man and saw he is a modern country singer so one of the reasons I have never heard of him. My C&W starts from the late 1920’s-very early 1960’s, and after that country is considered rock to me.

    • Thunderstixx says:

      I’m with you.
      I paid my way through college playing in a REAL country Western Band around Baraboo WI back in the day.
      We played all the real stuff, Hank, Mel Tillis, Chet, Johnny Cash and the rest.
      Picked up about $200/month doing it back in 82-3. Between that and the $400 VA and my wife’s $400 for working at a liquor store, (how do you think I met her ???) we did pretty damn good for the days.
      Now they play generic Rock and Roll.
      You cannot play Country on a Stratocaster…
      Telecaster’s only !!!