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| April 21, 2021

A leaked memo disclosed the existence of the so-called Internet Covert Operations Program, in which the U.S. Postal Service’s law enforcement arm— “monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021.”

The memo states “online inflammatory material has been identified, which suggests potential violence may occur; however there is currently no intelligence to suggest specific threats.”

The two-page document included screenshotted posts from Parler, Facebook and other social media sites.

One example showed Parler users discussing how the World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy would be an opportunity to “fight” and “do serious damage.” The agency also identified a North Carolina Proud Boy member by name as they posted about the rally.

The memo said that analysts were “monitoring these social media channels for any potential threats stemming from the scheduled protests and will disseminate intelligence updates as needed.”

An USPS official stated “as primary law enforcement, crime prevention, and security arm of the U.S. Postal Service,” it is responsible for enforcing “the laws that defend the nation’s mail system from illegal or dangerous use; and ensure public trust in the mail.”

Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along. AW1 Rod sends.

The Postal Service is running a ‘covert operations program’ that monitors Americans’ social media posts

Jana Winter
The law enforcement arm of the U.S. Postal Service has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects Americans’ social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.

The details of the surveillance effort, known as iCOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public. The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document describes as “inflammatory” postings and then sharing that information across government agencies.

“Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021,” says the March 16 government bulletin, marked as “law enforcement sensitive” and distributed through the Department of Homeland Security’s fusion centers. “Locations and times have been identified for these protests, which are being distributed online across multiple social media platforms, to include right-wing leaning Parler and Telegram accounts.”

So now even the Postal Service has a secret police arm monitoring social media for malcontents. And I though they were pretty much insolvent these days. There’s always funding for keeping tabs on private citizens’ on-line activities. Read the entire article here: Yahoo News
Thanks, Rod.

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I don’t feel safe anymore, oh what a mess/
I wonder who’s watching me now, the IRS?


Edward Snowden tried to warn us, too many didn’t listen.

In a just world, Ron Paul would have served 2 years as POTUS and dismantled this sh*tshow. But after the MSM torpedoed Tulsi, the only candidate on the stage for the Dims that was worth a sh*t, it is supremely evident the machine will do anything it takes to prop up its Orwellian hegemony.

Don’t forget to get your shot!! /s


…Ron Paul would have served 2 [terms] as POTUS…
Its MF bedtime

A Proud Infidel®™

Make Orwell fiction again! In the meantime Big Brother is watching.


ALEXA- Do you work for the Post Office?
Plays cricket sounds.


This is why I don’t lick stamps anymore.
Use a sponge instead.


Ummmm…. postage stamps are made with a self-adhesive backing, so that you do not have to lick anything.


No wonder they taste strange.


Lars grins!


Because, if he doesn’t stop, he’ll go blind…

Ex Coelis

Then, here’s a very special greeting for all USPS friends, everywhere!

comment image

Yet another reason for Cash being king…

Ex Coelis

@ KoB – maybe Lars should be introduced to Johnny..?


He knows he’s #1, Johnny Cash would only reinforce that.


The voters of the USA need to wake the hell up.

There are two important questions here.

1. Why the hell does the USPS have ANY police powers?

2. Why is the USPS involved in PSYOPS against the American people.

We won’t ask why there is no governance to prevent this, Cho Bi Den has made his opinion of the people quite clear.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Last I checked, the USPS has NO Police Powers unless it’s over a postal crime and I’m also quite sure that the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is still in effect. I’m curious as to which political party keeps wanting to turn Federal Bureaucracies into replicas of the East German Stasi?


Currently Postal Inspectors are authorized to investigate and arrest for the following offenses (according to the USPS Website):

“These crimes include mail theft, mail fraud, financial fraud, identity theft, robberies and burglaries of postal facilities, assaults and threats on postal employees, investigations of dangerous and prohibited mails, narcotics, cybercrime and much more.”


“Cybercrime”…yes…almost anything can be a “cybercrime” as that term has no legal meaning at this point.

It is a crock, and it stinks.


Political parties mattering,how… quaint.
Same bird, same crap.


False, the USPS does run an armed police force. It has for years. Why is this not part of the FBI? Because the creation of the postal enforcement force was a political move, not a law enforcement move.

This is also why the Social Security Administration has one, the Commerce Dept has one, the VA has one, and the BATF exist.

If the goal was law enforcement, it would be brought under DOJ governance, but it is not.

If you are not asking why politicians would desire this, you are not asking the right question.


All sorts of folks are monitoring social media. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. It’s public space.

Not quite sure why anyone would be surprised that people are watching other people in public places. It’s not really much different than expecting privacy when walking down a public sidewalk.