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| April 7, 2021

Gerber Auto 06

Car owner holds suspects accused of trying to steal catalytic converter at gunpoint

MULTNOMAH COUNTY, OR (KPTV) – Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies say they detained three people in connection with an attempted catalytic converter theft in Maywood Park. The suspects were stopped and held at gunpoint by the car owner.

Deputies say they were called to a home off Northeast Skidmore Street just after 12:20 Monday morning. They say during their response they learned the person armed with a gun had confronted three people accused of trying to steal the catalytic converter from a car.

The car’s owner spoke to FOX 12 on Monday saying he and his partner were inside their home where they heard a noise. Initially they thought it was raccoons. The pair say they have been dealing with the critters who don’t seem to shy away any more.

The man said he grabbed a .22 pistol and headed outside. To his surprise, he says three people were trying to cut the catalytic converter from their car.

“I come out here and I see these guys they’ve got my car jacked up,” he said.

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A .22 in the hand trumps the .45 in the safe. Read the entire article here: KPTV
Another link from our very own Gun Bunny.

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  1. 26Limabeans says:

    I like that shiv. Always carried a Buck folding
    hunter but I can see the 06 in my future.
    Gotta look around for one.
    And check the knife laws in Maine. Or not.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      I love Buck knives. Have several of their hunting knives. They last forever. Not all are made in the USA anymore, you have to check the description.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        The 110 is my favorite for dressing deer and moose
        and the 112 Ranger being a bit smaller makes an
        excellent gift for a youth or just someone you
        want to make happy with a lifetime lasting gift.

  2. KoB says:

    After having to replace the exhaust system on Little Sassy, my Saturn ION Red Line Coupe, several years ago, I understand better the catalyst for steal catalytic converters. When the converter imploded, it took out everything all the way back thru the muffler, sensors, tail pipe, and gaskets. Parts and labor were over 2K. Too bad all of those rare metals were scattered up and down the big road, so there was no precious metal recovery badge points to be had. Friday will be a semi sad day as I plan on signing the title to Sassy over to my nephew’s wife. She really loves that sweet little ride, and being as she has had proper Home Training, she knows how to operate a 5 speed. After 15 years and 144K miles of pure driving pleasure, time to let someone else enjoy her.

    “…accused of trying to steal…”? I think that having the vehicle jacked up and the unit cut loose from the exhaust is pretty much proof that we WERE STEALING the damn thing. Any weapon close to hand is better than an arsenal in a safe.

    That is a darling little baby Auto 06. Just as cute as any dimple face that ever graced a food container. And Lawd halp, there are knives of any configuration you can imagine laying around Firebase Magnolia, from the pen blade on a money clip to a Confederate D Guard Bowie long enough to go thru an enemy’s belly and have enough to hang a slouch hat or kepie on the end sticking out their back. And not a single one that was made in China…or Pakistan…or India. A number of old school straight edge razors too. Imparted my love of cutlery to my Grand Children. Now that they are of an age to care for things, they are getting the more collectable pieces as pre inheritance gifts.

    Got a meeting with “The Ladies” in the little big town today. Not sure if I’ll hit the BBQ Place for some of that Texas Style Beef Beast Brisket, or Ms Thangs Cafe for the porked beast loin and all the trimmings. May stop by both, the brisket keeps and re-heats well and since FOB Elizabeth Place has a new Garrison I don’t get up to the little big town as much. Y’all mind the store and try to BEHAVE yo selves.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      BEHAVE? Moi? Why, whatEVAH do you mean?

      (My motto is, “don’t get caught”.)

  3. David says:

    My constant companion is a Swiss Army knife… carried it so long the cross wore off. A Leek has accompanied it for the last 15 years or so. On the long end of the spectrum it’s hard to beat the old P17 bayonets, almost 2 feet of Wilkinson’s best, but the prettiest has to be an SLR bayonet. The Brits may make ugly handguns, but their bayonets are stellar.

  4. I carried a Swiss Army Knife while I was working which was great for cutting the seals off of currency bags when I was working ground routes (banks) Then when I went over to Air Courier/diamonds, precious metals, I switched over to a pair of 6 inch side cutting pliers which I carried in a leather pliers holder along with my surefire led light, 2 extra .40 mags topped off with the S&W 4046 .40 4 inch barrel on my duty belt. The Swiss Army knife has a little tweezer in out that slides out so during one of the holidays, my night run was cancelled and I slept in my car and went out on an early morning courier run as the guard and sat in the back. We were out in JFK Airport standing by and I had this freekin hair on my chin that was bothering me so I took out the tweezer and got a good purchase on the unruly hair and yanked it out and I can tell you that it looked like a log. I’m glad to share that with you. Now the reason for my comment before going off on a tangent is that I have an H&K/5000SBK Benchmade Mel Pardue 154CM limited edition auto. H&K and Benchmade joined up in making Benchmade knives. Mine came in a soft case with H&K screened on it. I also have the Benchmade Infidel out thru the front auto knife which comes with a belt pouch/case.