Take a Chill Pill, OK?

| March 29, 2021

And this just in: an updated version of the Declaration of Independence.


It could remind you not to take things too seriously. When you see someone running madly down a hill or toward a railroad crossing with a train coming down the tracks, do you want to try to stop that mad dash, or just get out of the way?

Being less reactive can work quite nicely for you. The emotional screaming displays (of which I have only seen a few) in overgrown children do not do them any credit. Just smile and nod and get out of the way while they follow their own train wreck does work.

There seem to be two new religious orders growing that no one told us about in advance: one is the so-called “green movement”, which is aimed at depleting the coffers of governments that are run by or which employ dimwittted soulless creatures (like the last one who got caught without his mask on a commercial flight). The other seems to be the so-called “woke-ist movement”, in which reality is turned upside down and nothing makes any sense at all.

Fanaticism is not a pretty thing. It can turn on its own.  Please remember that while Roebespierre, who hated anyone even vaguely linked to royalty and sent more than 30,000 souls to the guillotine, was himself sent to that fate by The Committee because they were fed up with his Scheiße. Unfortunately, the only person who could really get rid of the toyals was Napoleon, and he, too, ended his career rather badly.  Stalin outdid him: he demoted and eventually jailed and then executed something on the order of 35,000 to 37,000 officers of the Red Army, because they had participated in the Revolution overthrowing the Czar.

There are lots of changes going on in the world now, and change makes most of us uncomfortable. We don’t see the need for it. Time to grab a cold drink (or hot), turn off the TV and get a good book instead, and put your feet up.

This, too, shall pass. Just get out of their way.

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  1. David says:

    Reading this indicates that of “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” you advocate “get out of the way”. Respectfully, I suggest that trying to lead in a saner direction is preferable now.

  2. KoB says:

    Welp, I could go on and on for pages and pages here, but I won’t. Y’all hear enough from me as it is. I will say this, as I’ve stated before; The politicians started the FIRST (ht 2 Sapper3307) “Civil War” and they are hell bent to start another one. Just so they can increase the level of control and the power that they have over the citizens. I now see some of the reasons the Good Lord had for making me less capable of carrying the fight to the enemy 3 years ago today. David, I would be leading the charge against this insanity that is leading to the destruction of our Republic. What is the old saying about evil can succeed as long as good men do nothing? Imma not gonna take a chill pill, despite being hot about this. I’m already taking 5 other meds a day and when it comes to Black Flag raising and throat slitting time, I have a hill worth dying on. Run up the Red Flag of NO QUARTER and sound the Deguello!

    charles w gonna have that hissy and conniption fit when he finds out you’ve got his stapler. He has a drinking problem you know. He’ll be out of the basement as soon as he graduates from the Joe Biden School of Stair Climbing.

  3. Devtun says:

    Plugs, Legs Up, Blow Dry Nan, Crying Chuck, and the rest of the looney left are counting on it.

  4. ninja says:

    A bunch of us predicted this would happen…

    Folks, those DemoRATs DON’T want our nation to be physically heal of the China Virus…because they would loose control…We all know that…

    How many more years do we have left of that Useless Puppett in DC?”

    “CDC Director Warns of COVID-Induced ‘Impending Doom’ As Cases, Hospitalizations Increase”:


    “Reinstate Coronavirus Mask Mandates, Biden Urges Governors”:


  5. ninja says:


    Thank You for your post!